Today’s Monopoly Game


What the hell is going on?

“The young driver of the other car did not have insurance and the police did not prosecute him.”

Oh, just the new monopoly game today…

by Colin Beadon

On Friday October 7th, we saw in the Advocate that the Barbados Road Safety Association would like Government to set up a fund for those families of road accident victims. The reason being, as from Mr Richard Cox the public relations officer, is that there have been several instances where road users lost their lives in accidents where the car owner’s vehicles were not insured.

“In any civilized country, driving an uninsured car, is a serious criminal offence, like owning an unlicensed firearm. But not in Barbados where driving an uninsured vehicle these days, seems to be almost above board, and common place.”

Well I’m mad about it, since a couple years ago we were hit by an uninsured driver near Bath Beach, and the police arriving on the scene tried to make out we were wrong. The youth had sprung out from a minor road, not stopped at the stop sign, and come sweeping across the road to hit us on the other side.

I had all the photographs I needed of what happened, and I made sure the policeman was in them too. The young driver of the other car did not have insurance and the police did not prosecute him. We had to pay all our damages and replace a back door on our car, in order to retain our no claim insurance premiums which would have cost us more than paying for our car repair ourselves.

Extra tax because our society doesn’t hold individuals responsible

Now, I don’t see why we have to start paying extra tax, because the police won’t do their duty and trap people driving without insurance, and the government is not enforcing driving without insurance as a crime instead of a traffic offense.

Instead, government is wanting to bail out Clico, for a 150 odd million, so that Clico can turn around and repeat what they have already done to Barbados (besides destruct Sam Lords Castle that should have been included in our Heritage sites), while nobody responsible ended up in jail.

This is the sort of puke, we tax payers are all up against, and why people in New York have seen the light of such things, and are striking back.

Meanwhile, nobody passed GO, and nobody goes to jail. That is the new Monopoly game today. Politicians are becoming overweight slobs because of it, millions of normal people are finding themselves without jobs and countries are becoming bankrupt.

* The photo is used for illustrative purposes only and is not the accident referred to by Mr. Beadon.


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13 responses to “Today’s Monopoly Game

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    I believe that this has gone on far too long and he insurance companies have an obligation to do something. We have been effected TWICE with two boy racers (with no insurance) hitting and writing off one of our vehicles and another knocking down and killing our chef’s son (on a bike) by a driver without insurance. Despite knowing who the driver was the Police did not prosecute. A simple system where a colour coded disc showing valid insurance HAS to be displayed in the windscreen. If it not, the Police have a right (and a duty) to stop the vehicle and charge the driver.

  2. Kammie Holder

    Had a nephew who was killed by a drunk driver who had a night of partying on a cruise he attended by one of the rum manufacturers. Driver was charged 7 years ago and still continues to drive today, the investigating officer died and the case files cannot be found. Only in Barbados, if you want justice stay away from Coleridge Street as some lives are insignificant and does some people are more equal than others!

    The majority of politicians in Barbados are self serving and only think about their political survival as well as the next election. Its hard for them to think of the next generation.

  3. millertheanunnaki

    You have to be joking! Both the Licensing Authority and the Police would see this as the most difficult thing on earth. All kinds of reasons would be proffered as to why this rocket science project cannot be implemented. Lack of resources (money and human and technological), Bajans motorists wouldn’t go for it, and the list goes on!

    A Bajan politician will build a spacecraft and travel to Mars and back before Cabinet instructs the MTW to implement such a workable system in order to reduce the dangerous risks posed by untaxed, and by extension, uninsured vehicles.

  4. Junior

    If you would lose your no claim discount for a not at fault claim, you should be looking for a new insurance company to take your business to, not posting drivel online.

    Also did you sue the at fault driver for damages ?
    This is what the insurance company would have done, had you bothered to submit a claim rather than whining about losing your no claim discount.

  5. rasta man

    @Junior:Are you for real? But typical of the mentality today.

  6. Junior

    Hi rasta man, for sure take your business else where when they try to unfair you.

    And secondly yes, he had police on the scene, he thinks the other fella was at fault, pay de $50 ( well last time I pay it was $50) for a copy of the police accident report and go and file against de other driver. If de police in help he and de insurance in help he, dont let that stop he from helping heself.

  7. Yes.Yes Junior. You ever tried to sue a young man who has less than peanuts ? What a joker you are. Would you be around to pay the lawyers for me, or my increased car Insurance fees ? You should go and help youself to your nex accident. But don’t call me, ya hear ?

  8. Green Monkey

    This gives me an idea. Why not do away with any penalties for breaking the law and make it voluntary for everyone to decide whether or not he/she wants to obey any particular law in Barbados? It seems we’re almost at that stage already anyway. As Junior says, if you feel someone has unfaired you, you can always sue. The poor, out of work Bajan lawyers struggling to make two coppers to rub together will be glad for the work.

  9. Junior

    I brought action twice due to road accidents. The first time it was quite disconcerting. It took almost 3 years to be resolved. The other party was found liable and paid my lawyer. At least I assume he did, if he did not that was my lawyer problem. The lawyer gave me a cheque that did not bounce for more money than I had expected as I was expecting what I had spent only.

    The second occasion, I just backed off and did not really follow the progress due to my previous experience. One day, 3 years later out of the blue, the lawyer called and told me to come and see him at his office. I went and he presented with a great cheque.

    But you are right I suppose. I got off my behind and took action and got compensated for what I spent on repairs and then some extra money both times. That makes me a joker. A serious fella would just post online singing woe is me. That will do plenty of good to balance the situation and offer redress.

    I never had my premium increased as a result of either accident. I really do not know why you think that would happen. If it is the case however, find somewhere else to take your business.

  10. Recent news from England, I’m told. Your insurance gets increased if you just report that you had an accident to them, though you are not looking for reclaim. All you need to do it just call, and say like, ‘Look, I just get my car scratch by a fallen bough.” And that is enough for you to have the insurance company increase your premium. Wonder if local insurance agencies will catch on to that ?

  11. Junior

    Well dem fellas in England does even break their own rules. I read last week how people were getting their premiums increased there for using winter tyres in winter no less. The reason given was that they were changing the vehicle from the manufacturer specifications. Well it hit the fan and eventually the insurance companies looked like (to coin popular Bajan vernacular) c*nts and then were embarrassed and set about doing the correct thing.

    I see what you are saying about how it could happen though. It is what scares me the most about Bim, how quickly and readily it copies the worse practices of the developed world.

  12. millertheanunnaki

    It seems that calling the relevant agency to the scene of an accident not involving serious injuries is a waste of time.

    Even if the driver of any of the vehicles involved is driving without a valid licence or the vehicle is uninsured or untaxed no further action is taken against the driver/owner other than the taking of details.

    The farce of the matter is that the offending driver is allowed to drive away the said vehicle (if it is mechanically functioning). Generally, no further action is taken unless a serious injury is involved and the injured party pursues a legal course of action (hire a competent lawyer) and sue for damages.

    The effort required to bring the offending driver/ owner before the court is viewed as waste of time and no body cares about the law.

    Allowing an unlicensed driver to get back behind of the wheel of an uninsured vehicle can be likened to a drunken driver is stopped for speeding, cautioned and allowed to drive home and told:
    “Man, when ya get home, give we a call and let we know ya get home safe, alright”.

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