Irene Sandiford-Garner: Queen of the double standard

“One of the Senator’s own DLP Government Ministers has probably been more responsible for the denigration and debasing of women than any other Bajan politician, but Sandiford-Garner won’t mention this inconvenient truth.”

by “Sweetcakes ‘n Bare Sport”

DLP Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner

Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner says “dismissive” and “openly disrespectful behavior” towards women politicians in the Caribbean is deterring women from entering politics. She is probably correct.

In the current issue of, the DLP Senator comes to the defense of former Opposition leader Mia Mottley, T&T PM Persad-Bissessar and Jamaica’s Portia Simpson  – saying that these women politicians have been treated far more disrespectfully than men would be, even in the rough and tumble world of politics.

The issue of disrespect for Caribbean women is not confined to politics. Senator Sandiford-Garner’s complaint about women politicians not being shown respect is only a part of the larger picture. All women in the Caribbean are the recipients of this “dismissive” and “openly disrespectful behavior” whether in politics or not. It is a part of the Bajan and pan-Caribbean culture that needs changing.

Double Standard

The Senator zeros in on the anti-women attitude of the Barbados Labour Party leaders and their attacks on Mia Mottley, but this shows the Senator’s double standard.

One of the Senator’s own DLP Government Ministers has probably been more responsible for the denigration and debasing of women than any other Bajan politician, but Sandiford-Garner won’t mention this inconvenient truth.

I am talking about Minister of Health Donville Inniss, whose name has been synonymous with online pornography companies and websites for almost ten years.

It is ironic that one of Donville’s female DLP colleagues should be talking about disrespect for women and the abuse of Mia Mottley in particular. Mia Mottley was the first politician, male or female, to call public attention to Donville Inniss’ involvement in the internet pornography industry.

Mia Mottley called out Inniss for engaging in a business that regularly denigrates women, and as we’ve seen in a series of posts at BFP, Inniss doesn’t care if the women are teenagers, pregnant, black or located in the Caribbean. All women are welcome to perform public sex acts at websites associated with Mr. Inniss. No one can complain that Donville Inniss is prejudiced: he is truly an equal-opportunity denigrator of all women no matter their race, creed, religion or nationality.

If the female Democratic Labour Party Senator is complaining about the BLP’s lack of respect for women, she would be better to sweep off her own porch before she tells her neighbour to clean house.

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10 responses to “Irene Sandiford-Garner: Queen of the double standard

  1. Liberal

    What more do you expect from Irene Sandiford-Garner?The BLP has been more favourable to female polititians than any DLP administration has ever been.Tell Irene to check with how for example Errol Barrow dealt with Gertz Eastmond.But then again Irene was not politically engaged at the time,was she? I am so amused at these lately come DLP polititians they remind me of the most recent of West Indies teams.Not a clu about their past.Owen Arthur assembled a cabinate and Senate with a greater ratio of women to men than at any time in our history.

  2. So Sad

    Why won’t the press call Inniss to account? It is all there on the internet. This silence would be impossible in the UK or America. Inniss is a PORN KING. Good God, he makes money from pregnant women and 18 year olds. It is all on the internet and his name is all over it. What the h*** is going on that the Nation won’t cover the story?

  3. Woof! Woof!

    Bow Wow!

    I received the BFP alert about ANIMAL SEX that was an error so I know what is coming. Donville Inniss has something to do with an ANIMAL SEX website. Is the website about animals having sex? Is the website about ‘interfering wid animals?” I think I hear that train coming down de track! Woo! Woo!

    (or is it “Woof Woof” that I hear?) LOL


  4. what will they think of next

    Sandra Husbands you are not going to make any political capital out of this, trust me.

  5. Truthman Burton

    Dornville appears to be hoping that this damning “ball and chain” around his neck will go away, and better before elections. The evidence of involvement is on the internet despite obvious efforts to sanitize the thing.

    Why don’t you address this Irene. You are under him at the ministry,aren’t you? You feel good working under such a man, without asking a single question for clarification? Maybe I am expecting too much from you, the Queen of The Double-Standard! I also consider you to the Queen of Gimickry.

  6. millertheanunnaki

    @ Truthman Burton:

    Irene (Currants) can never work (up) under the Don. With those big cocky eyes, he likes to see what he is receiving.

    What you should be doing is to establish a business link between the Don’s lowly beginnings as a junior officer in the BIDC NY bureaucratic outpost and his sudden rise to become a multi-millionaire with nothing to point to as a result of his hard work and business acumen. The likes of COW, Bizzy, the Jada boys, Banny the 10% man for your Godfather, even Leroy the leper can be associated with business relics in Bim. But what about the Don? The international business underworld is replete with enclaves for any sort of nefarious activities including those of a XXX –rated nature. Some very well known personage over the years, e.g. Gordan Price and the proprietor of the old Harry’s nitery, have made millions from the World’s oldest profession. Even today, the people who run strip clubs by importing exotic dancers working in their birthday suits from the other Caricom places and even from far-flung places, make so much dough as to be able to financially impress the authorities to facilitate the trade both at the airport and by a look-away approach by the law enforcement guards. Myrie happened to be unlucky where her intended employer failed to get the necessary upfront clearance and to pay the relevant fees.

    But your man Don is a modern business smart ass and technologically savvy. From his attachment in the Big Apple, and having to survive as a result of being thrown to the wolves by your party’s operatives when they were in power he realized that the porn industry had huge potential and could be a growth sector on the Barbados IBC scene where an “entrepreneur” by setting up a locally registered international business company can provide a tax and legal facade for those involved in the video sex trade. The financial returns accruing from such a venture can make a man with no scruples and morally indifferent a very rich guy and allow him t opursue his political ambitions on a scale that would put other professionals (doctors, lawyers -like the truthman) to shame.

    Follow that lead and you will be able to expose the DLP godfather who can impact on your chances of winning the adjoining riding by buying votes in your marginal patches.

    Leroy no longer has access to the CLICO suckers money so the likes of the Don and nouveau riche Lashley will be expected to make major offerings in the campaign collection plate.

    Get my drift!

  7. millertheanunnaki

    @ Truthman Burton:

    I notice you washed your mouth on Currants! But this could happen to anyone.
    It has started to hit home. You will now hear how the politicians intend to nip this rise in crime in the bud. But will AB sing a different song about crime under control and the statistics (just like the CBB figures) support this contention? If that had happened to an ordinary black person a different approach and outcome to this robbery and attempted murder might have played out.

    I saw your man in a photo attending a recent funeral in the North where the most popular Bajan was present. They say a picture can say a thousand words.

    The look on the face portray the man who can move heaven and earth coming to grips with his own mortality and is awaiting the arrival of the grim reaper to deliver a travel ticket and documents to join his precursors; giving the” like it or lump it man” the last laugh and bringing up the rear in the passing parade.

  8. Truthman Burton

    But Miller, why should I have to remind you about the deceitfulness of LOOKS? Haven’t you learned this lesson from the one about to be ENTOMBED? A certain steadfastness to milk the man’s death for all it’s worth tells me this is not the end. So what’s next for Thompson? BEATIFICATION?

    WITH ALL DUE RESPECT Miller, did you not see how speedily he went from fat, promising, and bubbly to emaciated and departed? Was not he the one who spoke so confidently and scornfully as well, about another’s “EXPIRED SHELF LIFE?”

    It’s a sign of great maturity for “my man” as you call him, to come to grips with his own mortality. Too many people FAIL to see it as a necessary attribute for one’s TRUE peace of mind, and instead they foolishly gloat about others’ mortality, even more foolishly unaware of the imminence of their own miserable demise.

    But on that face of “my man” I see a determination, and a seriousness to fight to regain the reigns of leadership out of the hands of this possee of imcompetence, to get this country back on track, AND RESTORE THE CONFIDENCE AND RESPECTABILITY Barbados once enjoyed. Our people deserve it. Surely, you would agree with me that we can do much much better.

    I am not defensive at all Miller; people are free to think I am who they think I am! It has brought me no end of hilarity,and indeed humility, the number of outstanding personages others have presumed me to be! I have actually begun to admire the quality of ( not all but) several of your blog contributions. I therefore sometimes wish there was a way that I could meet with you personally and relieve you of your badly mistaken and laughable notion that I am that LAWYER you think I am, when in fact, I am just a simple, but interested citizen.

    It’s funny that the “like it or lump it guy,” whose real legacy was: (1) Bringing the Barbados Economy to its knees and: (2) Turning around ADMIRAL NELSON so that NELSON could bare his backside towards our City’s main thoroughfare, Broad Street” now languishes in far east splendour and comfort with nary a thing to do!

    Owen Arthur, who fought with great success to clean up the mess Erskine Sandiford & CO. left behind, is again in the wings, waiting with eagerness and the ability, to do an encore, On this accasion, the mess to be cleaned up will be bequeathed to him by a wet-behind-the-ears probationer in Chris Sinckler, also the former personal assistant of the very same “like it or lump it guy.” History is about to repeat itself!

  9. Truthman Burton

    As far as Pornville is concerned, thanks for your suggestions MILLER, but if you read the several threads that BFP have produced on this same issue, you will see that all those elements have been pursued. We have all been there and done all of that.

    The rags-to-riches Porn Millionaire Family Man, has no moral restraint, and he appears to be fearless. Time will tell!

  10. millertheanunnaki

    @ Truthman Burton:
    I like your pieces above. As you realize, I am a bit new to the scene (new boy on the block and a bit wet behind the ears). First let me apologise for putting you in that category of sinners. Remember that your friend Jesus denounced lawyers for their love of burdening their fellow man instead of reducing the load (Luke 11:46). But there are always exceptions to the rule and if you are one of the exceptions, good for you!

    Don’t get me wrong! I like your man too! I believe that it was during his tenure at the helm that Barbados saw its glory days as far as economic and social prosperity is concerned.
    But as you said, we all have to face our own mortality whether in a physical form or in a metaphysical (intellectual) sense. Fourteen years of total sacrifice to a fickle electorate can take its toll on gods far less mortal human beings. There is a saying that could be adopted to the life cycle of politicians: “Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful memory!”. Your friend DT could have taken this to heart but carried it to the bitter end, allowing it to overspill to his mortal physical realm.

    Unless ‘your man’ is able to get his sidekick Robin (aka Clydie) in the lower but more powerful house of deals (remember the chancellor of the exchequer must be an elected member of the club) he will not be able to offload the many burdens that come with that post onto the shoulders of a younger, more energetic, enthusiastic and ambitious journeyman whose reputation has been viciously and unfairly tarnished by a “pretend god” who flew too close to the Sun. The journeyman has a point to prove and a reputation to reinstate. He deserves a second chance at the title of “King of the Finance and Economics Ring”. The question is: How is your man going to fulfill this promise to his protégé?
    I hope you are capable of advising your man in his quest of finding the golden fleece. But then again, lawyers are not known to be outstandingly smart and creative in thought. But you can seek my advice, being a person of the obeah cloth.