New car for CLICO crook Leroy Parris?

By now I think that everybody on the island has heard the rumour that CLICO’s Leroy Parris purchased a brand new Jaguar XJ. Nice car!

One thing I don’t understand though: where did Leroy get the time to shop for a new auto? I thought he’d be spending all his free moments looking for those hundreds of millions of dollars of missing CLICO assets.

Oh Dear! Barbadians know that Parris will never be held accountable for the missing assets because it probably involved former Prime Minister David Thompson who was CLICO’s lawyer for the decade when they broke the law and failed to file annual accounts.

Freundel Stuart’s DLP Government doesn’t want to touch that situation at all.

You know, as a CLICO policy holder I think I at least deserved dinner, a show and a couple of drinks from Leroy before he did what he did to me. At least with dinner and a show I’d be able to say I got something out of the relationship.

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34 responses to “New car for CLICO crook Leroy Parris?

  1. Serious Doubt

    Something is seriously wrong when a government steps in to defend an individual at the expense of all of those whose financial future has been put at risk.

  2. FearPlay

    If true, one would have to ask “Has this man no shame or even veneer of decency?” Company accused of the worst financial shenanigans ever in this country and a new car? A Jaguar? As I say if true, may the day of reckoning arrive soon.
    I am not in favor of the mind-set that keeps repeating that “nothing will come of this”. Nothing will come of this if that is what we want and are prepared to settle for. Keep repeating it and sooner than later you will begin to believe it.

  3. rasta man

    Wonder if he paid DUTY on it ?.

  4. 5

    all dese ppl r theifs. dat is y our country is in such a state in which normal barbadians dnt even recognise. (and btw , dnt comment on how i wrote, cus ppl will want to start judging the english here, and go off da topic on hand, dis is called short writing) da country is in such a state dat i am not even in da mood of writing in standard english

  5. millertheanunnaki

    @ FearPlay:

    “Nothing will come of this if that is what we want and are prepared to settle for.”
    I don’t think fair-minded Bajans would want to see this skullduggery swept under the carpet. But the authorities who are entrusted with the power to clean up the mess and initiate the process to bring about justice to the aggrieved have made it very clear that they are not following that path of righteousness and justice.

    By their actions (and inaction), prevarication, delay, high sounding character references for the crook and openly flaunting their personal “buddy” relationship through stage-managed PR “opps”, one can only conclude that the crook has already stuck a deal with the investigators.

  6. 162

    Why doesn’t the people of Barbados have a march up to Government House and this demand this perpetrators be held accountable, it makes no sense just writing on blogs and hope to get honest answers

  7. millertheanunnaki

    @ Anonymous:

    Because the “powers that be” will call out the law enforcement services (no pun intended) to bludgeon us back into submission.

    Alternatively, we can follow a path familiar to Bajans and prayer for divine intervention as they did last year. Remember the adage of a man who stored up treasures (material riches) lost his soul (died) in the interim and subsequently the moth made full use of these material possessions!

    But I take your point that we should show our utter disgust with the CLICO state of affairs.

    This is a damned good piece of advice to the BIPA bandwagon. Let them show their mettle by orchestrating such a move to influence the Administration into taking their concerns seriously! But don’t hold your breath because the people at the vocal forefront of this lobby group is just after publicity and renown with the hope that they can jump to the front of the queue in any underhand payout arrangement. You wait and see what I talking about!

  8. Serious Doubt

    @millertheanunnaki & anonymous

    The ruling party in Jamaica liked to hobnob with the gangsters, but in the end had to take action. In Barbados, those ministers hobnobbing with Parris are really getting their “Dudus” moment. We don’t need to march – there’s an election soon and we will make them pay if they don’t suddenly see the light.

  9. millertheanunnaki

    @ Serious Doubt:

    We just hope so! Or our faith in fair play will evaporate and cause our wealth of confidence in the system will dissipate or go up in smoke similar to the money of those that consumed Dudus Coke’s white powder.

    But Bajans, when compared to Jamaicans are a bunch of docile sheep- easily led and duped into believing hogwash spewed forth from the political crooks. Come elections time, you will hear all kinds of promises to compensate the CLICO scam victims and how much LP is being maligned because he is a poor Bajan black man who has climbed the ladder of success through diligence and hard work and now being pulled down by fellow blacks; and that it is the international recession and the Trinidadians that created the mess.

  10. I wonder if de man wid de jag getting worry an looking over he shoulder?
    Y’know, Bajans can get real ignarant!! De people want dere money back so look out!

  11. Ooops

    Yeah man I see he in it de udduh day pon de highway !! It real real nice. It is one of the poshest if not the poshest car on the road. Looks better than any Mercedes Benz. Wow living the sweet good life and rubbing in wunnuh foolish investors faces. Tek dah.

  12. Realist_to_the MAX

    Wanna really think that anything is going to happen to the Government’s diplomatic and Regional ambassador at large, The Right & Left Honorable Sir Leroy Parris, I bet your last frigging dollars and pensions he is knighted soon as well, probably even erect a statue in his honor for sucking the life out of countless Barbadians investors and of course he can walk around Barbados with a broad smile, bank account heavily laden with CLICO money and saying to himself, “those dumb-asses, they really know who I (Leroy Parris) is I big bout hey, damn small shit f**k**s. So when he sport he new Jaguar wanna just look and admire cause that is most of CLICO policy holder’s investment. Best thing for BARP to do is hope he get older real soon so that he can join and be a rich member with wanna so that wanna could at least get a ride in your money worth of car.
    Ah yes and of course he has many ministers in his pocket wanna can offer campaign money or nuff food at his exclusive parties unless wanna prepared to work or hopefully cater which will never happen. So like TRUE bajans just tek the fact that wanna money gone and NO-ONE especially Mr. Parris will pay or be prosecuted the man has HIGH friends like Fondle Stroke wanna mekking sport.

  13. millertheanunnaki

    @ Hocus Pocus:

    “Y’know, Bajans can get real ignarant!! ”
    Yea! Real ignorant for true! With a lot of long talk and then shut up and take it up the r**r end from L P and his pals in high places..
    Realist to the Max has spot on!

  14. @ millertheanunnaki

    I do not disagree with you. Many CLICO/BAICO policyholders just do not appear to understand “united we stand” etc. and dwell in victim-consciousness … very, very sad indeed.
    However, if poked at enough, even the most placid dog can get “real ignorant” when his “food” is threatened – so, keep on provoking the policyholders out of their complacency! June Fowler et al at The BIPA are going to keep on making noise and will do whatever must be done, so watch that space! Softly, softly, catchee monkey!!!! You sound as though you’d like to see real “just desserts” served to the jag person – wanna do something about it, mate?

  15. millertheanunnaki

    @ Hocus Pocus:
    BIPA is a “toothless tiger’ movement led by 2 social sycophants whose primary objective in to be at the front of the queue if any payout settlement materializes. But it won’t happen unless taxpayers / NIS funds are pumped into the hog trough.

    BIPA and BARP should band together and put tremendous political pressure on the current Administration.
    Until this done LP and his pals including OJ will continue to laugh at the BIPA circus.

  16. I think you should be a stirrer on behalf of The BIPA, so please come out of the woodwork and climb on board.
    Well said indeed!!!!

  17. @ millertheanunnaki
    The previous comment is for you.
    Keep up the good work, my friend!

  18. millertheanunnaki

    @ Hocus Pocus:
    I don’t have the basic requirement to join BIPA. I am neither a policyholder nor an investor.
    I have known Greenverbs since the 1980’s and even back then he or any of his con agents could entice me into the CLICO ponzi. I would prefer to buy ice from an Eskimo and invest in an igloo housing project in the Arctic than buy a policy from any CLICO agent hired by LP.

    I do my part by advising you to tell the BIPA lot to get serious on this matter. The forensic audit is just a distraction to allow the effluxion of time to sap the energies of the cheerleaders and numb the memories of the rank and file and supportive members of the public.
    Ask BIPA if there were an estimate of the cost of the forensic audit. When you engage the services of a professional you should be given some idea of the cost, albeit provisionally.
    BIPA members will be shocked out of their minds when the are confronted with the bill and no recommendations to call in the Police and DPP.

    PS: Thanks , magician!

  19. harry

    he driving a car invented and made by white people.
    a true bajan black mentality.

  20. watcher

    but Jaguar is owned by Indian people….and what the hell diference does it make. We one world

  21. Just want to know

    It doesn’t matter who made the car, this man should be in jail, and his assets taken away, so that the people who put their money with CLICO can get something back, not our tax or NIS money.

  22. millertheanunnaki

    @ harry:
    The car was invented by white people, also the aeroplane!

  23. Analyzer

    harry like he does lick tar and don’t fly no where

  24. Analyzer

    sorry I meant…..
    harry like he does slap tar and don’t fly no where
    I was getting mixed up with the saying ‘lick of the tar brush’
    which I have but I does still drive a motor car and I like to fly away
    off de island for a little get away every now and then

  25. Patient Bajan

    This is not a problem I was a CLICO policyholder, I know I will not get my money back. But one thing I do have is an ‘X’ and I cannot wait until it is time to use it. Nuff said

    Sweet talking days are done.

  26. Anonymous

    And left to govt intervention wif an enquiry etc spending more of hard earned bajan $$$$$ he will most likely take up his old posting or something similiar within the $$$ range under the Clico heading………
    Lord these parasitcal parasites really need your kindly intervention …………..
    The powers that be protect,hide,make dubious statements,etc.,,,,all in an effort to delay time,,,,,so seemingly that the problem will go away and all will be as normal again,,,hopefully,,,,,,,….Thank God I am not a policy holder….

  27. FearPlay

    BBC online today – insider trading earns Raj Rajaratnam eleven year conviction. His take is estimated at a mere 85 Million Dollars. Wonder how much some of our local scam artists made through insider trading or other means and how much time they will serve? Oh, I forgot they own people in high places. How sickening.

  28. dbain

    So wait, he got rid of the S Class? hmmmm

  29. Newbie

    If the Government had any morals whatsoever Mr Parris would be working hard to repair the damage that he helped to cause for fear of ending up in jail. However Mr Parris is so confident that nothing will be done about his involvement in the whole sordid affair that he can afford to rub it the faces of the Bajan policyholders.
    To the bajan public: keep allowing politicians, other public figures, criminals and wrongdoers to hide behind the above phrases.

    By the way does Mr Parris happen to be a lawyer, (Just asking) because in my view this country is controlled by lawyers.

  30. millertheanunnaki

    @ Newbie;
    No Mr. P is not a lawyer. Greenverbs left school at 14 years but was, and still, able to control all kinds of fools from the universities’ graduate and post graduate programmes. Assets come in various forms!

  31. I am not promoting violence, but it is time that Bajans start talking less and acting more or everyone will p on them. Look at Libya and Egypt where the people had enough of their governments and took matters in their own hands. The people should not fear the governments. It is the governments that should fear the people. Barbados got a legal system not a justice system.

  32. @analizer
    I know harry been more places than most and drives a very nice car and has bigger passports too , little island mentality , i went Ameruca and I gots a american accent now after a over night in Ney York !

  33. Leroy Parris is a nasty piece of work !
    Had the misfortune of him glaring out at me from he big house in Dayrell’s cause he though my dog had shite pun he little piece a land , he then threatened to cut off y legs cause i walk pun he land ! There was no sign nor fence , but because i am a lighter shade than he ! Ya know only a lick of de tar brush , I en fall in it !! :LOL

  34. As far as I know Jaguar is made in England , but yeh de Indians and Pakis like dem tecking over as well as certain parts of Canada .
    Yup but the engineering is Anglo as well as the Mercedes and BMW !
    And it does matter beeive you me ! Or it would be a Lada or Fiat Or KIA !! lOL