Maldives vacation paradise: Moderate Muslims jail Catholic for bible, rosary

Why Barbados is better than Maldives: Reason #257

Maldives Police raid home: find Catholic Bible, rosary, Christian prayers, photo of Mary on computer.

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The Maldives are often compared with Barbados as a vacation and retirement destination. Reading the magazine articles and watching the Travel Channel, you’d think that the Maldives is some sort of paradise for those two staples of the travel industry: “newlyweds and nearly-deads” (Retired people).

Maldives jails Christian for possessing bible, photo of Mary, rosary beads

If you’re thinking about a vacation or retirement in the Maldives though, you might want to consider that non-Muslim religious books, prayers, videos, photos and other non-Muslim religious items are prohibited. As in all Muslim-majority countries, there is no freedom of religion.

One Catholic teacher just discovered that the moderate tolerant Muslims of the Maldives will report you for having a photo of Mother Mary. Then the police will search your home and drag you away to jail for a couple of weeks. Call it ‘Islam in action’ or ‘Reality under Islam’.

Maldives Vacation Tip: Don’t get caught in your hotel room or on the beach praying to Jesus, Mary, Buddha or Brahman. Things will go very badly for you.

If you want to get married in the Maldives, unless you are a Muslim you could end up in jail. Not to forget that the Maldives Constitution prohibits anyone except Muslims from becoming citizens.

Why would any Christian, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist even consider vacationing, retiring or working in the Maldives? That’s like vacationing in Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia.

Barbados is Better

Come to Barbados where you can swim, surf, party, relax and enjoy life: whatever your religious belief. Whether you pray on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (or any other day for that matter!) you’ll always find a congregation that will welcome you.

And if you want to sit on the beach and pray or read your Bible, Koran, Buddhist chants or any other religious book – feel free to enjoy your time without the worry that you’ll be arrested.

We have freedom of religion in Barbados.

Catholic jailed in the Maldives over a Bible and a rosary

by Nirmala Carvalho,

October 7, 2011

Shijo Kokkattu, a 30-year-old teacher, was betrayed by his colleagues because he accidentally left a picture of Our Lady and some Marian songs on a school computer. Islam is state religion in the Maldives, where there is no freedom of worship. For Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians, religious intolerance and injustice are the “worst form of persecution”.

Mumbai (AsiaNews) – Shijo Kokkattu, an Indian Catholic from Kerala, has been languishing in a Maldives prison for more than a week because he had a Bible and a rosary at his home. Both items are banned on the archipelago.

“The lack of justice and the degree of religious intolerance” on the islands “are reflected by the actions of the Maldives government,” said Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC). “This is the worst form of religious persecution. The Indian government should demand an apology for the shabby treatment inflicted on one of its citizens.”

Islam is state religion in the Maldives. There is no freedom of worship. In 2008, a constitutional amendment denied non-Muslims the right to obtain Maldivian citizenship.

Shijo, 30, has taught at Raafainu School on Raa Atoll for the past two years. Recently, whilst transferring some data from his pen drive to the school laptop, he accidentally copied Marian songs and a picture of Mother Mary into the system. Some teachers reported the matter to the police who raided his home and found a Bible and a rosary in his possession.

Shijo Kokkattu’s case shows the paradox of the Maldives, a nation that “claims to be a major tourist destination, yet arrests innocent people,” George said. “This shows its intolerance and discrimination towards non-Muslims as well as its restrictions on freedom of conscience and religion.”

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12 responses to “Maldives vacation paradise: Moderate Muslims jail Catholic for bible, rosary

  1. Anonymous

    As one recently dead Islamic terrorist made clear, “Islam” means submission, not peace. How long will it take before people accept the reality right under their noses, and realize that these Islamic regimes are dead set on having all of us submit to their antiquated, hateful strictures?

  2. just want to know

    And when they are in trouble or in need, who are the first people to lend a helping hand, the The Christians, bible holding people. America, England Europe are the first to lend a hand. God help me I’ll leave them to rot in hell.

  3. Real Islam Right Now

    This is the reality of life under Islam. This is not about “radicals” or violent bombings and shootings. It is simply a snapshot of what happens when Muslims become the majority and enforce their Sharia laws.

  4. Freelance

    I dunno…but the whole story sounds fishy! Massive number of visitors are going there for vacation and never heard anything like this…BFP please double check.

  5. Ha ha

    @ Just want to know: that is true the muslims do not even help one another Somalia, Pakistan etc.
    Look see this Arab spring foolishness it is not about toppling dictators i believe it is about fundamentalists / extremist finally getting the power they want. the money hungry dictators cared nothing about fundamentalism and had lifestyles that contradicted Islam and were too friendly with the West. check it bare crap is to come from Egypt, Syria and Libya when the new frauds take over. Destroy Jews and the west will be all their cry.

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  8. David Nasan

    Maldives is considered as a ‘must see place’ by the German tourist industry but they are unaware that religious freedom is unknown there. The Maldivians like the leach suck our our money calling us Christian infidels! It was only a few years back that a Swiss couple who wanted to re enact their marriage in a Maldivian resort were badly insulted by the resort people. Think; why should we do a gate crash there spend our Euros on a people who hate us!

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