Greg Cozier sidesteps Vaucluse Raceway lawbreaking

NO PERMIT WAS ISSUED but Crozier and his friends said “Piss on the law, we’ll build anyway.” and that is exactly what they did.

Damage Control over Bizzy Williams telling the truth!

Dear Barbados Free Press,

You haven’t written about Greg Cozier’s reply to your Bizzy Williams’ “piss on the law” story. Did you miss it in Barbados Today?

“Anyone reading … [timeline of events regarding Vaucluse Raceway] would immediately see that, on one hand, branches of the Government of Barbados supported the creation of Vaucluse Raceway while, on the other hand, other branches of Government opposed it,”

Greg Crozier quoted in Barbados Today Blame Gov’t for conflict

Mr. Cozier is one of the principals behind the Vaucluse Raceway and it looks to me like he tried to do some damage control after Bizzy Williams pointed out that Crozier and his friends broke the law by building the racetrack. (Bizzy also admitted that he didn’t obey the law either when he built Bushy Park track.)

Cry “Government Red Tape” for public sympathy

Barbados Today says “Greg Cozier clears air regarding bureaucratic red tape with Vaucluse” but there’s no “air clearing” that I can see. Mr. Crozier attempts to justify his lawbreaking by blaming “government red tape”. He ducks and weaves all around the truth: When he and his partners couldn’t get their own way, like Bizzy Williams they said “Piss on the law” and just went ahead anyway.

It is true that some government departments (like Industry) supported Vaucluse, but it is also true that many more in government oppose the raceway including the local MP. After a study the Ministry of the Environment was dead against it and refused to issue permits and the Ministry go ahead. Agriculture is against it.

Thousands of people in the area and on the access routes are dead against the project because we put up with HELL whenever there is an event at Vaucluse Raceway: noise, garbage, traffic congestion, drunks and bad behaviour and that is when the crowds head in before the racing starts!

At night the sound of the engines carries so far and it is LOUD. We have one of the highest population densities in the world and we don’t need more noise.

Most at the Barbados Tourism Authority are luke warm to Vaucluse at best because they recognize that we have so much willy-nilly development on the island that we are in danger of losing the beauty and feel of Barbados. This is more willy-nilly development because there was no plan at any stage. Vaucluse started as a dirt track with no approvals or permits. Crozier and his friends just did what they wanted to do and to HELL with the rest of the community especially the nearby residents.

Don’t be fooled by the Barbados Today interview and article. Crozier will either get away with breaking the law, or he won’t. Whatever happens to him will be an example to everyone else.

The “red tape” that Crozier is talking about are LAWS that he and his friends didn’t comply with. The “red tape” is our government saying “NO” based upon the rules and standards we have in Barbados.

NO PERMIT WAS ISSUED but Crozier and his friends said “Piss on the law, we’ll build anyway.” and that is exactly what they did.

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9 responses to “Greg Cozier sidesteps Vaucluse Raceway lawbreaking

  1. skipperv

    dem rally boys and racing drivers (so they think!) want shutting down,, if they want to race and keep noise and pollute and destroy the Eco system for agriculture dem should do it in their won back yards!!

  2. reving engines

    “Skipperv”, ya idiot, de man did build d track in he back yard! he family own vaulcuse, and mota car racing is a big deal in BIM the majority of people love it so to hell wid you! it hear to stay!

  3. Peltdownman

    One of the principles of democracy is the protection of individual rights. Just because many (not necessarily the majority) Bajans like motor racing, it does not give them the right to interfere with other citízens’ rights without going theorugh the proper process, reving (sic) engines, ya idiot!

  4. Energy Star

    For all we know it is the same bizzy body who “put a spoke in the wheels of Cozier”, truth or fiction?

  5. BadBob

    Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

  6. 55

    The biggest pisser on the Law is Government….with an example like that why wouldn’t everybody else break the Law too?

  7. With his arrogant disposition I am not surprised at his actions.

  8. @revingengines
    Who you calling an Idiot, BOY! I mean he own back yard not on he father land ! In BY he own HOUSE inside a gate or fence , NO_WHERE IN BIM is a rich man’s back yard unless it is fenced gated and a sign put up ! Just Like de beach ..If He own the land then he still needs permission! He can bribe his way though . So few own so much land , Buy hey DEM GOT a lot MORE TO lose , Time will Tell!

  9. rastaman

    Talking about rallies,the Barbados Rally Club held an event yesterday which proved that only the rich and famous should take part in that Club. They succeeded in damaging about six cars