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Mia Mottley – and licking honey from the razor’s edge

Owen Arthur’s Opportunism

by “Name Withheld” (NO WONDER!)

September may be the month to remember but October will always be, ‘the month very few will ever forget,’ especially if you are talking about October 2010. From great leadership, Barbadians saw politics fall to its lowest. But last October would have started painfully for some and nicely for others.

Take Mia Mottley for example!

I kid you not, when I say that as a new, energetic and visionary Leader of the Opposition, Mia Mottley had already given two remarkable speeches, one at the BLP’ Annual Conferences, held in 2008 and the other speech at its Conference in 2009. Those remarkable presentations captured the imagination of the people: they were new; fresh, inspiring and innovative. By 2009, the BLP was having public meetings and community meetings, which were very well attended, and it was obvious why DLP supporters were beginning to get worried.

By September 29th 2010, when she gave a well-reasoned presentation at the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and outlined a new path and a new development model for Barbados, some might have felt that she had to be removed then because their time was running out. And, with the health of our Comrade Leader, David – deteriorating rapidly, ‘the politics of opportunism’ kicked-in and Barbadians say the worst of Bajan politics, as the “Gang of 5” made their secret plot public and they made ‘a raw and opportunistic grab’ for power.

“I have seen political parties and leaders operate and I can say that as Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley flew the flag and genuinely offered to help and to work with the new; relatively inexperienced Government, in the national interest.”

That was a new politics and something Barbadians had not seen before. What I can also say for her is that Mia Mottley did not wait until the people expressed concern about an issue to jump-on-it. It was often Mia Mottley who sounded the alarm on issues, like: the Government’s petroleum policy, its Immigration Policy; Clico, the economy, NHC and the government’s housing policy. Continue reading


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