Rihanna explains to Vogue readers how Bajans normally call each other “C_NT”

“Being raised in Barbados apparently left Rihanna clueless about the offensive nature of the word “c**t”.”

… Ace ShowBiz Mag

Will somebody, anybody – BTA, PM Stuart – please fire the girl?

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Rihanna wore her CUNT necklace in a Chapel in Brazil

Barbados is an upscale tourism and offshore investment destination. Our potential tourists and investment clients will surely realise that we’re a classy place because – according to Barbados Tourism Authority spokesperson Rihanna –  we normally address each other using the “C” word.

As in (and I quote Rihanna) “Hey Cunt, get over here.”

We at Barbados Free Press always thought that Rihanna was the wrong choice for a Barbados Tourism Authority representative because the demographic that appreciates her music and public persona is not the upscale demographic we hope to attract to Barbados. Our country (or is that “cuntry”?) can’t be competitive in mass-market tourism and Rihanna as our spokesperson doesn’t resonate with the folks who have money… or class. Do we really need more proof?

We get all excited that Rihanna is doing the cover for British Vogue, and then she uses the “C” word in one of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines and makes it worse by saying that “cunt” is representative of how Bajans normally address folks in classy Barbados.

Black Bajans speak that way, according to Rihanna. She says that whites want to see her behave as a role model, while most black Bajans are happy to call each other cunts.

Classy, Rihanna – but count me out and, I suspect, count out the majority of other black Bajans too.

Rihanna also has a “cunt” necklace that she wears to chapel (above), and she’s been known to tweet the word to her 3 million social network followers. That’s our Barbados Tourism Authority girl!

Please. Mr. Prime Minister, Barbados Tourism Authority… it’s time. Please.

The sooner the better.

Rihanna announces she doesn’t want to be a role model. Then why did she agree to be our BTA spokesperson and Culture and Youth Ambassador?

Being raised in Barbados apparently left Rihanna clueless about the offensive nature of the word “c**t”. Addressing her use of the foul word in the November issue of British Vogue, the “Only Girl (In the World)” hitmaker defended herself as saying, “That word is so offensive to everyone in the world except for Bajans.”

“You know African-Americans use the n-word to their brothers? Well, that’s the way we use the c-word,” the 23-year-old singer continued to explain. “When I first came here, I was saying it like it was nothing, like, ‘Hey, c-nt,’ until my make-up artist finally had to tell me to stop. I just never know.”

In the interview, Riri also said that being a role model was never part of her plan. “See, people – especially white people – they want me to be a role model just because of the life I lead,” she complained. “The things I say in my songs, they expect it of me and [being a role model] became more of my job than I wanted it to be. But no, I just want to make music. That’s it.”

… from the Ace ShowBiz article Rihanna Defends Use of C-Word, Claims It’s Common in Barbados


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97 responses to “Rihanna explains to Vogue readers how Bajans normally call each other “C_NT”

  1. Bad Bob

    Well, no doubt about it. She is one Classy C**t! Her language skills are superb for a Bajan C**t and she should be applauded and praised by all of the other C**ts in BIM. I also have to say that I would suspect that her C**t is one of the prettiest on the island & I can only dream that one day we’ll all get to see that delightful C**t. Meanwhile, fellow Bajans, be proud of Rihanna [Queen of C**t], teach your children the “C” word, and look for that day when she comes back to visit our lovely C**try.

  2. Bath in sheba girl

    Rihanna, that was a terrible message to deliver to the world about Barbados. IT’S NOT TRUE.

  3. Spinelli

    I knew she was a bad choice from the beginning. Tell me, ws she so ignorant and illiterate not to know that the C word was degrading and belittling. Ladies don’t use those words. You representing Beautiful Barbados? You have done so much damage to this country. I pray and hope that those business folks will ignore your sayings, because girl you made yourself look like a complete jackass and you disgrace you folks from your neighborhood. It is an offence now to even call the N word even if you are referring to your own brother. It is derogatory and that’s a class for the uneducated. GROW UP REHANNA YOU LEFT BARBADOS TOO LONG.

  4. barbadian

    She like she has lost touch with REALITY ! Money and fame corrupts , this attitude is IGNORANT , While as a bajan i understand what she is saying , it is not really that way ..She Is Exasperating this as she exaggerated herself image and look !! Ya CANT!!!While friends and close buddies say this in among-st themselves it should not be broadcast to the world as they cannot understand Bajan culture !

  5. Bad Bob

    I do hope all of my friends will forgive my 1st post which was meant to show how vacuous this girl really is. Of course, we can expect that she will eventually come out with an explanation: “I was only joking! You know I’m not like that…”
    Anyone read about the video she was making and her topless trick?
    I would expect this behavior and language, from some of our classier ladies, that roam certain parts of Bridgetown.

  6. Anonymous

    I always knew she was not the best choice to represent Barbados and the girl is not uneducated she went to Combermere David Thompson alma mater, so one can see where the ignorance come in.

  7. Bad Bob

    My friend, Rib Bone, says that he’d pay her $10 US/hour to talk dirty to him. Reading it in Vogue just ain’t the same.
    Time for this trashy tramp to go.
    If she represents Barbados [and our women], Sweet Jesus! Where did we go wrong?

  8. X

    Who are you jackasses trying to fool other than yourselves. That word is very much a part of the Bajan vernacular and this is the case among both white and black Bajans – more so among the young than the old.

    Good tase would suggest she not broadcast that as it is the worst of the worst in north america but he job is to be provocative in order to garner and maintain attention. But to suggest that what she said is incorrect is simply ignorant.

  9. Anonymous

    What the C**t i hearing from X, you trying to convince us and all other Bajans that the “mirror image’ we shall give the world is that we are a bunch of “C**ts” and it is a part of our Bajan vernacular? I just would like to know which part of Barbados you live in cause right now bear c**ts is what we are looking like now to the outside world

  10. rc

    Sigh, Where are all the Rhinna lovers and supporters now? You know the ones who always preach that she can do no wrong, she is good for Barbados and to leave her alone, let her be. Well in the space of two weeks she manage to disgrace her self on two continents waving the banner of Barbados. Ok is this all a part of the act? Is she supposed to be doing this Mr. Elcock and Mr. Sealy? Are we on track with this type of promotion? if we are Tell us what is yet to come, what is the next stunt or gimmick she has in store for promoting Barbados to the world.

  11. wanna

    People and BFP are often chided for judging her. So then how far is too far for her to go before someone speaks to her. This was poor judgement on the part of the Barbados Government and tourism people but we are so desparate for product we had to grab something to boost image.

  12. X

    Hey I agree that it is in bad taste to send that message to the world but you cannot deny that it is a part of our culture. Rarely a day goes by without hearing it. The girl is just being honest.

  13. X

    Bad bob, I’ll tell you exactly where we went wrong. It is the way that we speak to our children. It shocks me to hear how rough people, mothers and father alike, carry on with their kids. I see it on the street, in the supermarket and even among some parts of my family.

    The course manner in which many of us speak to our children lays a base on which crassness turns to crudeness and eventually leads to people calling one another cu~ts.

  14. Micah

    Rihanna has been wearing that necklace with that word on it for some time now, and I am sure that word is probably now a normal part of her conversation. But it is not part of mine, nor the people I know in Barbados. I have heard its use when people are cussin’ one another. If it is spoken in certain groups as a term of endearment, I don’t believe it is as widespread as Rihanna would want people to believe. I have to believe that Rihanna was being provocative with that comment, and trying to get to drum up some controversy to sell the magazine. She may have been trying to justify wearing that necklace in public which she has done in that chapel in Brazil, and around young children who are her fans. Unfortunately it is not a flattering thing to say about Barbados or Barbadians, and would have been better left unsaid. And it just increases the seedy-and-tramp perception that has become her image.

  15. devil in the details

    @rc those in a position are” still working out the details” on the promotion contract..and will always be. Until the financial details of the barbados concert is fully revealed, i will view with much skepticism.

  16. watcher

    Just another bad decision by BTA. Do you really think that this person has the ability to sell Barbados to tourists. The reality is that most of the people who she may connect with could not afford to come to Barbados. They all head to the Dominican, Mexcio, Cuba where the cost of all inclusive vacations is about the same price as a airplane ticket to Barbados. She has done more damage than good. Send her packing. If it is high end we are trying to promote, the tourist has a choice of many exotic 5 star locations for a similiar price as Barbados…..so exactly why and who thought it would be a great ideal to have this indiviudal represent Barbados…dumb dumb move.

  17. lol, rihanna getting exactly what she want from that interview. wunna cant keep she name off wunna lips.

    wen wunna realise that everything a celeb does is calculated and is the means to and end is when wunna realise that these on and offstage shenanigans are part of the money making machine called rihanna(R)

  18. Ize a Bajan

    She is quite right – C*nt is common term of endearment in Bajan parlance and I encourage all the English tourists reading this blog to try it out on their next trip to Barbados.

    You can start by hailing the redcaps at the airport (“Get my bags, you c*nt) and then try it on the immigration officer. (“I’m here on vacation, c*nt.”)
    Talking to us locals in our local dialect is a great way to get to know us better and I’m sure you all are going to make a lot of new friends following Rihanna’s excellent advice. 😉

    Charles F Broome -> Cawmwew -> The Sewer

  19. daphne

    Oh my God, this really is the worse possible advertisement for Barbados, and especially coming at a time when everybody is chasing after the same tourist dollar in selling their particular destination. Rihanna has given the impression that most Bajans are just foul mouthed and curse and swear in their everyday talk to everybody else. I have already fended off questions from clients about their fears of their children being exposed to this sort of obscene language if they were to book a holiday to Barbados, and a fellow travel agent has experienced 2 cancellations directly related to Rihanna’s interview. Perhaps the powers that be should remove the star studded blinkers from their eyes and treat Rihanna as simply what she is – a Bajan girl that has left the Caribbean and moved to the USA and made a career. Successful, yes. Rich, yes. Classy, No. Beneficial to Barbados. No. And if she didnt want to be a role model and ambassador for Barbados, why accept the honours? I want to end by stating categorically that both my husband and I have cursed each other many times in out lives, but we certainly dont go out and make out to the whole world that everybody in our country talks like that on a regular basis without any shame or embarrassment.

  20. J. Payne

    This from the party that wanted to bring Vybz Cartel and all of them to Barbados to be role models for children in schools. You see this leadership Barbados has now? Barbados is in SERIOUS trouble! Hear? When I hear that I knew this party was ‘talking bear c_nt.’

  21. J. Payne

    opps. bear = bare

  22. millertheanunnaki

    I want to support “X” on this one. I constantly hear Bajans refer to each other as cu*ts. The same way some women refer to men as dogs. In order to find out what really is a cunt, I consulted the Concise Oxford English Dictionary only to find out the word means in vulgar slang (1) a woman’s genitals ; (2) an unpleasant or stupid person.

    Maybe Rihanna is referring to the second interpretation to describe the average Bajan. A person who is uncouth, a litterbug and easily conned by the CLICO gangsters who have PALS in government to protect them from prosecution, BL&P & C&W exploiters and now the rapists of the NIS.

  23. blue heffner

    i like rih as a bajan living abroad i had my friends looking at me like they expected me to drop the c word in every sentence. lol……….i had to explain rih is just being a tad bit dramatic i don’t know anyone that uses that vulgar word.

  24. Mervin

    Months after the concert we are back to normal. Rhianna has to learn when to say something and when to hold back and just keep quiet. If she must say something, don’t paint all Bajans with the same brush. First we walking about the place naked. Now we call each other c__ts.

    Somebody, please educate that foolish c__t.

  25. Unabashed

    Rihanna generalizing her behaviour to that of all “Bajans” is like the rapper Lil Kim generalizing her image as that of all “Americans” to everyone outside America, except that if Lil Kim tried that she would very easily be exposed as either a liar or ignorant because American culture and diversity is visible enough to speak for itself. Her ego is such that she has inflated her self-image to being synonymous with that of “Bajans” because it makes her seem exotic to her international market who don’t know better, rather than the individual from a particular community within Barbados that she is. I’m black, I’m bajan and I don’t not use words like that in my everyday vernacular and I’m offended that she would tell lies on me and my country like that. She has a tendency of explaining her behaviour as “We in Barbados don’t…” this or “we bajans always…” that. In a recent interview she was asked if she ever played Battleship growing up and her answer was “we don’t play that in Barbados” and I know for a fact that I did as a child.

    Rihanna is not educated about what Barbadian culture is outside of her own sphere of experience as a child many years ago and I wish she would either learn more about it if she’s going to be an ambassador or stop being so egotistical in her portrayal of it.

  26. Bad Bob

    Ize a Bajan!
    You are a genius. One slight problem. I went to my local hot spot in Holetown for a few drinks tonight-with my fellow reprobates. When I told the waitress, “Hey, C**T, We’ll have rum and soda, and “swamp” for me, “C**T.” She seemed to take offense. The barman came over, slapped the S**t out of me, threw me out and barred me for two years. What’s the story on that!? Then, she, the “C**T,” threw an empty rum bottle at me and I needed to go to hospital for the cut on my head. Jazus! And me just thinkin’ I was gettin’ with the vernacular.
    I shall try it at my bank, and with my solicitors secretary when we talk tomorrow about my injury. “C**T” can’t get away with that.

  27. brad

    Will she ito s getting paid by the magazine to talk crap , what would she say next? Barbados have lots of gays..? just saying

  28. Mirror Image

    We have to know time and place, this was neither the time nor place to use this word. Even when we are angry we must rememeber this and the “R” word are curse words.

    This is a mistake and she is in a phase of her life that she will make more, hopefully like all of us who have made mistakes she will learn from them as she goes along.

    I would like to see the person that tries this on a Police officer and see his response. We Bajans know that vein on the officer’s head will start to pump and you will find yourself charged and in court.!

    This is not acceptable behaviour, she may been seen as some as an Ambassador but to get Role Model status that has to be earned and boy she has a Longgggggggggg way to go.

    This is certainly an embarassment to the BTA who sought to align a high-level brand with a well known performer but little knowledge of where and when.

    I now understand why a certain official and senior too not a young person wanted to bring Cartel to Barbados, we have lost our morals and it is anything goes from the Parliamentarians down so what do you expect some children to do? They are doing exactly what the adults do and then we want to come down hard when they do it, check yourself. If you don’t cuss, drink, swear, steal, fornicate, cheat, lie, do drugs fantastic. If you do you too have made mistakes, time to clean up Barbados start with the man in the mirror.

  29. Are you tellin me cunt?

    What has riri dun wrong here? Apart from in my eyes talk the truth in a way that people can sit down and read what she has said and discuss it.

    I’m from england and have been to barbados quite a few times and as an outsider I have to say the word I here used most is cunt, “its raining hard like cunt” “its hot like cunt” “de man run hard as cunt” “he was talkin cunt to me” “are you talkin cunt” “mikey yuh cunt, wha gine on?” It is a word used for everything with no offence attached to it, even the mighty “wha de rasshole cunt she be tellin me” and personally I think it is good that riri has explained this to the world, because if someone arrived from over seas where that word is deemed offensive and had a taxi driver ask them “are you tellin me cunt?” They, not noing, may have tuck offence. So I do think it is a bit bad and a bit immoral of every one on here to try and chastize riri for something that in my eyes is part n parcel of barbados and even worse to try and say its untrue!

    Now, as for riri been the guiding light over seas for barbados, I think she has done a very good job so far. Again as I mentioned before I’m from england and let me tell you before riri burst on the scene, if you asked the average brit where barbados is? You would of most the time been met with a blank face or “its in jamaica”! Barbados was never really spoke of up-un till riri came about, now its on our tv’s all the time (and yes only for good things) and your starting to see bajan flags around the place, before riri you never….. So as much as you wanna cuss the girl, she has done more for the promotion of barbados than I think any of you realize and she at least deserves respect for that!

  30. Freelance

    Rihanna just reflects the actual status of this island.
    Cursing each other has became a disturbing habit here in Bim and if you go on Browne’s Beach on a Sunday, for example, you can understand what I am talking about: young ones in particular are cursing each other continuosly, “fuck you, you cunt, rasshole” etc. and the visitors are there watching and listening…and judging. But now seems that a new phenomena is growing in Bim: cursing visitors! I heard something very disturbing happened down town and on west coast recently.
    I dunno if you realize, Bajans are putting themself in a hole and Rihanna with her remarks on that c^*t word is just confirming the level Barbados has reached and where is heading.

  31. 211

    I would like Rhianna to take the “Youth Ambassador” title and tell bajans to shove it! The woman is a 23 year old rock star,who has helped other barbadian youth to realize that anything is possible if you work hard enough and follow you dreams. And bajans need to stop using this “ambassador” thing against her,if you all are looking for role models for your children TAKE THEM TO CHURCH and leave the woman alone.Why don’t they highlight the great things she does with her charity?…. Rather her than me,because …my foot in her shoes I would tell many more people ‘carry da c*unt’ in a very serious way.
    And coming from a predominately WHITE bajan family. NO BLACK PERSON in Barbados can curse worst that a bajan white, classy or not…… Ever went to polo and heard Buzzy Willaims when his brother team is loosing? I mean come on… let not pretend to be saints here.you’ve called somebody a cunt at some point in time!

  32. PAW

    All this c**t talk got me real, real horny! 🙂 :()

  33. Anonymous

    Where are the supporters now. I have told people that she was bad news but now you are beginning to see the mainfestation. She is a real sweet hear isn’t she.

  34. I told you so

    She’s a real sweet heart isn’t she.

  35. Charlie Aspin

    Rhianna ‘ she will reap what she sow’

  36. Human

    In which part of Barbados did she grow up in that she doesnt know this is a cuss word she grow up in -westbury- really even children know its a cuss word used to tell off somebody and insult that person.

    However I will be real here now yes I have heard it used among friends mostly the young people but most people know from the tone of voice used and the proceeding conversation if they are being serious or just joking.
    I think what she needs to do is think before she speaks and stop generalising Barbadians not every bajan uses the word and she should not lead people to believe that bajans dont know that it a bad word because we know alright.

    This girl is making me start to believe that she like some politicians have a uncureable case of cant-think syndrome which leads to foot-in-mouth disease which may have deadly consequences for Barbados.

  37. Human

    ^^^i meant to type This girl is making ME start to…….

  38. millertheanunnaki

    @ merko:

    What you are saying about Rihanna’s significant contribution to raising the profile of Bim in the UK is quite true! Prior to Rihann’a mercurial appearance on the UK celebrity scene Barbados was not known among the average Brit. When ask the question :”where are you from?” And you replied “Barbados”. You will get the response: Oh! is that in Jamaica?
    For goodness sake, leave the c**tie Rihanna alone! She has done more for this little island’s tourism in terms of promotion and publicity than the BTA or its predecessors has achieved despite the billions of dollars spent in adverting and promotion.

  39. Seeker

    @ Brad…

    But…Barbados DOES have a lot of gays…per square mile at least…

    What…people don’t like to hear the truth? Rihanna IS a reflection of the society in Barbados, no matter how many people want to say otherwise! Most of them are hypocrites to even deny this! Instead of shooting the messenger, we should cut that bad part of ourselves out, and become a better society!

    It starts with US!

  40. Foggie

    I know wanna ain’t serious about this word and Barbados culture… First look at your government full of C..ts… And who says that word more than English people??? Maybe she shouldn’t have advertised it like that but the word is use everyday by majority of Bajans and other people, in all sorts of race and cultures… It is not a bajan word, it is in the dictionary, just like f..k… Look it up…

  41. Responder

    Rihanna, have you lost your mind. I don’t talk like that nor most people i know. You are one silly C..t for truth.

  42. watcher


    Perhaps in use by the majority of Bajans but certainly not “other people” . Frankly, i don’t hear it used very often anywhere I travel, but in Barbados I do hear it used now and then but I am pretty sure most of the people who use it are clueness as to how offensive it sounds. There is not a chance the majorithy of people anywhere use the word as part of their daily communications.

  43. millertheanunnaki

    @ Foggie:
    Bajans are really c**ts for sure. Every day they are being f**k by the likes of Greenverbs and his c**t protectors in very high places. To use Jones’ line of reasoning: These boys in power- and some of the previous lot- are full of demons because they have sold their souls to the Devil on the altar of the Almighty Dollar (their god)! We should not speak ill of the dead!

  44. Using foul language has nothing to do with rich or poor, black or white but has to do with having class or not. Money won’t get you class, neither does hanging with the rich and famous. Class can’t be bought, you either have it or not.

  45. reality

    @ Meko that is stupid and a lie. Many Brits have heard if Barbados as it is an aspirational destination for many there. The ones who don’t know are uneducated and they don’t matter cause they likely could not afford to come here. Also really all the beaches, heritage, cuisine, villas, safety that Barbados offers the ONLY thing she could alighn us with is a curse word? That is what we must be known for. Meko, your kind of thinking is what is pulling everything down. Stop thinking so low.

  46. millertheanunnaki

    @ reality:

    What you say about Barbados being an “aspirational destination” might have been true among the more ‘sophisticated’ Brits a few years ago. But this reputation is rapidly slipping downhill. Barbados is rapidly seen as an expensive long-haul destination where value for money is not on the cards. For the well-off Brits this might not be a problem but the average Brit visiting Barbados finds Bim over-priced without a commensurate receipt of value for money spent. Harassment of visitors- on the beaches, on the streets, especially in Bridgetown, and a growing menace at Oistins on Friday nights-is a big turn-off to Brits. The poor (and at times rude) attitude of shop assistants and service providers does not go down well with Brits. Driving on the roads, especially using PSV’s or walking the streets with no proper pavements (the South Coast immediately comes to mind) can be a nightmare for many of them.

    Barbados needs to critically examine itself and must significantly improve its product if it is stave off competition from upcoming destinations such as Cuba and some Central American destinations. Not only do these “newer” destinations offer real value for money but they are also seen as “exotic” with more to offer in terms of attractions in an unspoilt environment where eco-tourism has much potential and the sea, & sand is not the foremost attraction, especially with climate change having a deleterious effect on our coral coastline and beaches.

  47. watcher


    if the starting of a critical examination produced the arrangement with Rhianna that will tell you how far off the mark the examination was or is. The young generation are not coming to Barbados…….they can’t get value for money in Barbados. Before you can build and improve you have to stop the decline. The competition is out flanking Barbados in almost every instance from price to service. Big tune up is needed.

  48. Don

    Now I understand why the former Dean of St. Michael’s Cathedral, the Very Revd. Harold Crichlow, urged Barbadians to pray for the young “lady” when she first became an international star.

  49. iiigcw@walla.com

    Differently I know when people got a name on dem chain so, it does normally be dem name or a name dat suit dem.

  50. Colonel Buggy

    Rihanna has her 4 letter words mix up, it should have been the “F” word. Daily we hear in in Broad Street, Swan Street, at every market, on the ZR’s and Minibuses and their terminals . In church yards during funerals,and on our beaches. It has now become part of many a Bajan people everyday vocabulary. Oh and I forgot the school children.

  51. rasta man

    @Colonel buggy:
    And what about the R…hole and the G.. blind me .?

  52. millertheanunnaki

    There is no other people that can cuss as “stink or as bad” as a Bajan. Jamaicans use a few colourful phrases just like the Brits and Americans. But a Bajan has at his disposal an arsenal of choice words than can rival any dictionary in number. A Bajan can ladder you in cuss employing more than 20 profanities in less than a second!

  53. Colonel Buggy

    @rasta man ……….The R and G users, do not even seem to think that they are cussing, but would readily condemn the C and F brigade.BTW,and this is true, A Sgt Major during a church parade cautioned his men, “I don’t want to hear any F******** swearing in this church from you lot.”

  54. Colonel Buggy

    So true Miller,. A favourite one is when they command the Lord to take away your sight, and reverse the process if birth.

  55. Mervin

    A child looks at the pendant and asks her mother what does C_U_N_T mean.?

    Story for story, why does a Rhianna story generate so many responses?

  56. Sandra Brewster

    You doing bare c–t!….. you’s a c–thole!…. wanna is a bunch of f–king c–ts. this is the normal speach pattern of bajans, i have heard it all my life and so have you. because Ri Ri air wanna dirty laundry in public everyone jump up to deny it. wanna is a bunch of hipocrates. we say cunt all the time, own it. eat it. I posting my whole name, i stand behind my comments!

  57. Sandra Brewster

    Let me also add my two cents worth on this Role Model thing. when did Ri Ri fill out an apliction for that job? if she don’t want it she don’t want it. She is a singer/pop star. you tryin to force her to be your children role model, so you can tell her, what to do, what to say, who to date, and how to live her life. in the meantime, you slep with who and how many people you want, get drunk, cuss and party how you like; infront of your children….but that is alright. Ri Ri is their role model…….Isn’t that suppose to be your job. She’s the “pop” star…she’s suppose to get drunk, and take a drug overdose, sleep aroundand behave bad. that’s what pop stars do. Amy, Christina. madonna, Britney,….need i go on!!!!!!

  58. millertheanunnaki

    @ Sandra Brewster:

    I love it, girl!! A bunch of hypocrites in all aspects of their lives. From religion to sex and politics. Let the truth be told!
    This exposure can only act as a catharsis for the moral sickness of the society.

  59. Artaxerxes

    @ Sandra Brewster

    Eat it???

  60. millertheanunnaki

    @ Artaxerexes:

    Sandra is right! Yes, most Bajan men (and a growing number of women) eat C**t. Although they vociferously deny it but inadvertently declare their taste pork c**t (not me, that salty thing reply!)

  61. JustSayingBajan

    Sandra Brewster,

    you asked when did Rihanna fill out an application to be a role model. I can tell you two occasions on which she did. Do you recall that big celebration deceased PM Thompson hosted for her in Bridgetown? He proclaimed her an ambassador for youth and culture. That is an official title. She accepted it. She could have refused it. An ambassador for youth and culture is supposed to be a role model.

    Shortly after she accepted the role of ambassador for youth and culture, I saw her on the “Today” show in the U.S. She incorrectly told the host, Matt Lauer, that she was an ambassador for cultural youth in Barbados. She, of course, should have said she was an ambassador for youth and culture. At the celebration, she was presented with expensive gifts like a piece of land and an SUV.

    A few weeks ago, she signed a three year agreement to exclusively promote Barbados. You are supposed to behave like a role model when you are promoting a country, otherwise you will cause people to not want to visit, which is what is probably happening now.

    Long before Rihanna signed the three year deal to promote Barbados, she said she did not want to be a role model, so she should have refused the offer. She can go to government officials on Monday and tell them she does not want to be an ambassador for or promoter of Barbados. She accepted the roles, now she has an obligation to behave appropriately or tell the people she doesn’t want the roles.

  62. JustSayingBajan

    For those of you who are tired of the growing number of semiliterates and idiots in Barbados and want to remember the good old days, I have posted links to videos that include patriotic songs. Close your eyes and remember better times. Forget about Rihanna until the next scandal.

  63. millertheanunnaki

    @ JustSayingBajan:

    Your arguments are logical and conclusions reasonable.

    If, in your assessment, Rihanna is doing tremendous harm to the Barbados tourism brand why wait for her to tell the Authorities to sod off! With her saying, “I don’t intend to play your wind-up doll role of cultural and youth ambassador anymore”.

    The GoB can, by fait accompli, revoke the appointment and cancel all promotional contacts with Rihanna and associates.

    Why don’t you dare them to do that and stop expecting Rihanna to behave herself and fit into the mould you have design for her?

    Even before Rihanna became a superstar, way back in 2005/06 she was promoting Barbados free of cost on British tele and in magazines without one red cent of sponsorship from the GoB who was plying millions of dollars in advertising and promotional dollars with limited success.

    Fire her if you wish (as if she cares!) But leave the girl alone ! She is not lying on Bajans in regard of the “C” word!

  64. JustSayingBajan


    Good night! I am listening to the patriotic songs and thinking of a time when there were more intelligent people in Barbados.

  65. millertheanunnaki

    @ JustSayingBajan:

    Good Morning! When were there ever more intelligent people in Bimshire? In 1811when blacks were mostly slaves.? Are you saying that your generation passed on bad genes to your offspring in the form of Rihanna or I am I going to hear some racist response about Guyanese ancestry?

    Attack what I posited about getting your government to be proactive and fire Rhinnna, if they dare do such as thing!

    Stop living in the past and deal with the present!

  66. An Ambassador for who /whom ? the child spent Three years In Third Form
    What can She Possibly Do For The Nation ?
    Let It be She’s An Icon..Nothing Else

  67. JustSayingBajan

    Norm Harvey,

    I agree with you. Unfortunately, we currently have a clueless government that seems to think that just because someone is famous he or she should be able to drive up tourist arrivals. Until we get more competent people working in the tourism promotion area, we will continue to have debacles like this Rihanna situation.

  68. millertheanunnaki

    Norm Harvey:
    I don’t get the link between the 3 years in 3rd form and contribution to the Nation?

    I might be wrong but are you implying that only those with high academic achievement can make meaningful and outstanding contributions to the so-called Nation?

    As far as I know the RT. Excellent Sir Garfield St. A. Sobers did not go to any so-called high school and might have possibly left school at the tender age of 14; a normal occurrence in those days. No academic success but the No. 1 Bajan ( in my book) with an international reputation and admiration far exceeding those with their degrees and paper talents.

  69. 224

    you keep sayin she “suppose” to do this and that as ambassador of youth and culture, i beg to differ, she got this job on the strength of her singing career, and the hopes that she will bring a number of her rich friends; who will posibly spend alot of money here; to visit barbados. its about the friends and other stars she can invite to come her. Big spenders. and hopefully the newspapers will follow them here, and give us some much loved publicity. Even the idiots know this…….and not because they want her to be a role model,…….as you “suppose”.

  70. 224

    its called “riding on her skirt tail” using her fame to permote Barbados. She don’t need us, we “the barbados government” are using her. it in bad taste to bite the hand that may feed you.

    I’m just sayin!!

  71. Sandra Brewster

    Still asking,,,,whem did she apply???????? they offered it to her, she accepted. she does her job. In august when she came home for kadooment a boatload of photographers followed her here. people who rented hotel rooms and spent money. It was the talk of the world! on TV and the net. Priceless Publicity. She’s done her JOB!!!! The job she was hired…not applied for. Who will come here because of you????? no-one. who came to take a picture of her. Ha Ha stop supposing, that aint in her job discription.

  72. millertheanunnaki

    What has Rihanna done to deserve this kind of vicious attacks that are laced with envy? The young lady has done more in promoting Barbados among the international youth than all the millions of dollars the BTA could ever spend. Barbados is a mature (aging) tourist destination with little to offer the youth except music which Rihanna has successfully promoted. Both Anonymous & Sandra Brewster have made telling contributions in this regard. When the old British tourists who have patronized Barbados over the years die out or can longer travel because of frailty (and Barbados is NOT a user-friendly destination for wheel-chair users or for people with physical challenges) who will fill the void?

    Let us thank Rihanna for promoting the name Barbados among the youth who under other circumstance might think it is some sleepy boring overpriced town in Jamaica not worthy of their interest.

  73. Colonel Buggy

    There is a time and a place, and the young lady, judging from her pic in todays news paper attending a funeral ,appear to know when to hold them, and know when to fold them.

  74. Colonel Buggy

    October 9, 2011 at 10:53 pm
    When the old British tourists who have patronized Barbados over the years die out or can longer travel because of frailty (and Barbados is NOT a user-friendly destination for wheel-chair users or for people with physical challenges) who will fill the void?
    Have you pass through or visited St Lawrence Gap/Dover recently? . I see lots of young British visitors there,and all along the South Coast.

  75. millertheanunnaki

    @ Colonel Buggy:

    This maybe so (probably because of the Rihanna effect, just hoping)!
    But this is the low season in Barbados and you can get some very cheap deals form the UK.
    The scheduled air carriers prefer not to fly below a certain load factor.
    What is more important is their spending in the local economy. It’s Ok to have loads of young people visiting our shores (certainly, never in the numbers seen on any summer day in Venice) but more mature Brits visiting us in the Winter (high season) with greater disposable income have a much greater impact on our economy.

    Nothing is wrong with young Brits coming in droves in the summer and enjoying our beaches and night life. But it is the big spenders that we have to woo, offer value for money, protect from harassment and uncouth street urchins so they will be pleased to return and continue to patronize our industry.

  76. Can't do it

    stuuuupse – http://www.simplybajan.com had an interesting take on it as well!

  77. Oddly enough, A Game Of Thrones uses it quite often – however, while I am fairly free-spirited… Wearing the vulgar expression for female pudenda into a Church borders into apostasy, using a BFP example could a Rihanna even in a Hijab, enter a Mosque with “BHOSRO CHODI” on a pendant? Ask any Bajan Islamic what that expression means…

  78. Pearl

    Reb’l Fleur
    ‘I love the way you lie’
    Be careful if you do ‘S&M’ in a ‘California King Bed’
    You might have to use an ‘Umbrella’ to protect yourself
    ‘SOS’ and don’t be ‘Unfaithful’ to Barbados and Bajans
    ‘Te Amo’ and I don’t ‘Hate that way I love you’
    We sometimes wonder if you need to check into ‘Rehab’
    ‘Live your Life’ and don’t play ‘Russian Roullet’
    ‘If it’s Lovin that you want’ leave out the ‘Rude Boy’
    ‘Cheers I’ll drink to that!’
    We don’t need ‘Disturbia’ or a ‘Man Down’
    Then the police will ask you ‘What’s ya Name’
    I hope you find someone who thinks you are the ‘Only girl in the World’
    So ‘Please don’t stop the music’
    We want to hear all your songs ‘Pon de Replay’
    Especially the ‘Music of the Sun’

  79. Pearl

    typo: and I don’t ‘Hate the way I love you’

  80. seeker

    @ Ian Bourne

    IAN! Cuhdear! That’s not NICE!

    Straight up tho…

  81. Lending Support

    I think Rhianna plays well to the ‘Rude Boy” crowd. They are her fans. To the more mature audience, she is seen as “trash”. Eluding to the fact that she has put Barbados on the map – certainly. However, as a person who has lived overseas, I can see where and how the generalizations come in. When strangers ask a person of what they consider an ‘exotic’ country about life there, they expect the person they are asking to speak for “all the country and its natives. Rihanna is yet young and may not be able to fend off the pressure that the fans, press, papporazzi … may constanly place on her for ready responses to their questions. So, the first thing on her mind falls out of her mouth. She has to learn how to ‘pause’ before she speaks and come to grips with the fact that everything she says, and even some she does not say, will get aired or published. It is a tough job. Maybe that is why she says that she does not want to be a role model. I don’t know.

    Until we have walked a mile in her shoes, we really shouldn’t judge her so harshly. How many of you can do what she is doing? She may act like she is having fun — and maybe she is some of the time, but what she is doing is a lot of hard work under pressure. May the “c” word expressed helps her to relax under the pressure. At the same time she should be careful to tell the world that Barbadians use this word as part of their every day vernacular. Not all of us speak in those terms everyday, but if we were to be placed inthe same pressure cooker that she finds herself, it may be amazing what some of us will embarrasingly utter.

    I don’t believe in the disrespect for other cultures and the derogatory necklace. May she is trting to keep people off her. i don’t know. Always remember, it is the pressure of the business and the fans. It takes great strength to face those crowds. However we look at it, she has put the Barbados brand on the world map. She is a force to reckon with. As a people, I think we should support her.

  82. @seeker – No it isn’t nice, but glad you understood!

  83. Luc

    It’s embarrassing to see what she said, but she’s telling the truth as she saw it. Even if it is in common use and does not trigger a bad reaction in the person whose self-esteem is so low as to not respond appropriately; it is still an offensive term. This way of speaking is obviously done for impact, but perhaps because of a general lack of diction and good manners, it is grossly overused. Every generation has it’s anti-social habits. And she just happened to be part of this one.

  84. Pearl

    So how do you explain her behavior at a strip club in London”
    repeatedly touching the strippers, ignoring all warnings from the bouncers
    and she thrust her head between one of the dancers legs.
    That’s classy!

  85. anonymous

    Say what you will Rihanna keeps herself front and center of world attention ,most celebrities would give an arm to attract the attention she does. One may cringe at some the things she says having said that the c… word is very popular in Bdos among the block youth whose disrespect and use of the filthiest language is sickening.The Guyanese have creatively morphed the c word into skunt. The country where the c word is most used must be Trinidad with the incessant “haul you mother c..t. .

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  87. Kiana

    Stop Being Stupid… Cunt Is No Worse Than Saying “Nigger” . You Dusty Traditional Relics Need To Stop Trying To Be A Vice On The New Vernacular Of 2012’s Youth . The World Is Changing . Women Can VOTE ! Rihanna Is Doing Something Great . Just As The Blacks Took Power From The Word “nigger” Buy Saying It– Rihanna Too Is Taking Power From Those Whol Feel They Can Socially Degrade A Woman By Calling Her A “cunt” . Stop Being So Simple Minded & Stuck In 1940 . Ancient Bastards . #MAJAHH

  88. KKiana? I’d be tempted to call YOU a c*nt except the real thing has warmth & depth…

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  90. Grantley

    Wow! Now I’m a white fella, and even I didn’t get called a C**T while in Barbados- the worst I got was some professional Chupsing (sucking of teeth). I do feel sorry for the people of Barbados, both Black (chupsing ones or not), and White, and the other colours in between. I never heard anyone talking to each other using that word casually like it was ‘nothing’.

  91. Grantley

    Words like c**t, n****r, f**k, s**t etc used to be sung by Punk bands like the Sex Pistols in the 1970’s. They were usually used just for shock purposes, and suited scruffy looking angry teenage yobs with big attitude problems. This kind of language is disgraceful, and does nothing to grace the beautiful Island of Barbados, or the beauty of Rhianna. All anyone does when using language like this is to denegrate themselves. As the Bible says: ‘it is not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out of his mouth’.

  92. Annette

    WOW!, HMMMM!!, REALLY?????Who Bajans is she talking about???? Which Rum Shop or Fish Market did she grow up in? You can’t even use the word ASS without people looking at you crosseyed, that’s where the word RASS came from, because ASS is considered a curse word in Barbados. You can’t even play a song on Barbados Radio Stations with little dirty words, it gets edited or banned. Shaggy’s song “It wasn’t me” was banned in Barbados. Bajans suck their teeth a lot, use the word rass sometimes or jackass, but to say “Come over here c**t??? ha! that is a bold faced, get a reaction lie.

  93. Annette

    After reading all the comments to this article, everybody is correct in their views. As in every culture some people are BROUGHT UP and some people are DRAGGED UP.That C word is not used loosely in Barbados. I am 51yrs. old and I can count on one hand the amount of times in my lifetime that I have heard that word used in Barbados. People are products of their environments..English people use that word more than anyone in this entire world, but to say that Bajans do is a lie. I was highly offendened that Rihanna was being discussed on the talk show called “THE TALK” about tweeting a picture of marijuana and Sharon Osbourne made this comment. “Where is she from? Barbados? Oh they all smoke that stuff down there all the time. Oh well I have no idea who she has been hanging with but not all Bajans use the word C**t or smoke weed.

  94. Wednesday

    Being from Canada I agree that it’s annoying when you have one person from your country who becomes famous and makes stupid generalizations about your culture…. Justin Bieber for us, ha ha! But I think most people won’t take Rihanna at face value about this…I haven’t heard anyone believing what she says about the C word… Having spent some time in Barbados, I certainly never heard it used casually… and I haven’t heard (thankfully) anyone from outside of Barbados talking about it. So I think, thankfully, her comments haven’t been taken seriously.

  95. Excellent enthusiastic synthetic attention pertaining to fine detail and can anticipate issues just
    before these people happen.

  96. To bad to see her go like this , You bajan woman gotta correct her !
    Grettings from Sweden the land of Free sex & less moral 🙂