Victor Stewart on Sam Lord’s Castle and how CLICO pillaged our island

As part of the family that owned Sam Lord’s Castle before the Marriotts, and as a current landowner at Castle Close, I find the whole CLICO subject to be somewhat ridiculous.

Isn’t it obvious what is going on??? CLICO came into Barbados with the support of powerful people in government, and proceeded to pillage our fair Island.

One of the obvious and terrible casualties was my family home (and what our family had raised to equal status with then-nacent Sandy Lane in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a premier resort hotel) that was part of our national heritage. Apparently nobody cares about tradition any more, but Barbados has a long and honoured tradition of respecting the rule of law and more particularly English common law and equity principles of how to conduct business with the people in your community. All of this has been apparently lost in the fight for political power, but I will make a prediction that sooner or later the people of Barbados will rise up and demand an explanation for what has been done in their name.

I can only pray that the burned-out shell that used to be my family’s and this Island’s delight might one day be reconstituted, unlike the sad arson memorial that is Farley Hill. Only time will tell.

Victor E. Stewart
Castle Close, St. Philip

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8 responses to “Victor Stewart on Sam Lord’s Castle and how CLICO pillaged our island

  1. Tartared Sauce

    I hate it how David Thompson protected and covered for his friend Parris long after he should have been thinking about Barbados and CLICO’s victims as his priority. What did he do instead? He gave P:arris the boss job at the CBC so he could control the news.

    I’m happy Thompson died becuase if he was still PM he would be getting done every day. Clico was his fault as much as Parris.

  2. Charlie Aspin

    The tragedies of Farley Hill , Sam Lords Castle and (‘Rihanna’) are premonitors of the economic and cultural decline of Barbados as our leaders increasingly come under the sway and greed of overseas grifters who promise much but deliver little to our easily manipulated politicians

  3. St George's Dragon

    What happened to the furniture? Is it true that it was stolen or did Clico have it.

  4. Dey so!

    The tragedy is that we have little history and historical buildings left on this island. What makes us different and better than other Caribbean islands? Barbados is not lush and green like some other islands, so what did we have? We had our history and our culture. Both are long gone if you ask me.

  5. Beefcake

    Rise up? Demand an explanation? This is Barbados, where apathy and talk reign supreme. The most you will get is discussion in blogs and forums where the topic will eventually be replaced by the next issue. Newspapers have lost their credibility – they do not question authority, they bow down and worship the politicians. The Opposition will make token noise on issues, but they will not use powers that they have to audit or investigate. No one will rise up because at the end of the day because it doesn’t affect anyone directly – all of the corruption in parliament and wasted money affects someone else. When one person does stand up against the system, they are ridiculed by the media and the politicians. People have too much to lose and enjoy the shelter of their humble acceptance; people will only rise up when they have nothing left to lose.

  6. And now I see in the Advocate, we want to bail out Clico again. Robbing Barbados once, was obviously not enough. They ruined Sam Lords. They don’t deserve to be in Barbados at all,. And nobody responsible for what Clico did, has ended up in jail, or will ever pay one cent. The tax payer will pay all, just like taxpayers throughout all our islands have to pay for the misdeeds of Island politicians.
    And so, quite rightly. why shouldn’t they repeat the whole rip off over again ?


    I can see that many others know what went on and going on , All this time no one would stood up and took point on the mission.

    CLICO CLICO has its Fraud in all we do on this island .. Just need to get them out and be done.Nothing good has come of this company for Barbados , All the other Islands seem to make move for the good of the people or try to , As BARBADOS holds on to the sweet taste of Fraud ,, The BLP and the DLP will keep CLICO on life support,, till they drain it dry of blood of the People and their Funds

  8. I`ve Heard about this allthheway to Sweden , We had a similar crisis in the 90’s when korupta politicians allowed the rogue finance people run riot freely ended up utlänska investors began speculating against the currency’s credibility before the people reluctantly had to empty out their pension funds and lend to the Swedish government to save the country from bankruptcy. The size of the Swedish pensioners received set with opp was roughly in order of Detroit’s bankruptcy 15 times. Even today, the Swedish politicians and banks have not begun to pay back the loan attributed glorious times by them but, you really do not know now where foreign exchange is digital and not at all beserad on the gold reserve of a country. This theft from Swedish pension funds has led to a pension brake has stopped our basic pensions that otherwise would have been 4-5 times higher than today while the politicians raise their salaries 20-30% every year.

    Btw; I lived in Barbados beatween 1980 – 1983 I`l be back 2017 when I`m 64