Should Down’s people be killed? Hitler said “Yes”

Hitler, Jews, abortion, God, Neo-Nazis, Racists: “180” has it all

Dear Barbados Free Press

They showed this movie today at adult bible class and it was all people could talk about for the rest of the day. I cannot say that I ‘enjoyed’ the movie, but I couldn’t turn away.

Watch it and you might consider posting a link.

Frederick C.

BFP SAYS: CAUTION – mature theme, horrible images of Holocaust, abortion etc. Made me think though.


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5 responses to “Should Down’s people be killed? Hitler said “Yes”

  1. RLL

    A well done documentary. It did make me think and I was surprised at all the people who didn’t know who Adolf Hitler was!

  2. Colonel Buggy

    Where was the world? someone asked towards the end of the clip. The rest of the world were more interested in saving its own skin,and some looking forward to the extra lands promised by Hitler after he conquered, to be sidetracked by the Jewish extermination. They all knew what was taking place in Germany.
    I had the honour of visiting Bergen-Belsen in the then West Germany, and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Israel,and one of the things that really struck me is seeing Ethiopean Jewish women ,visiting the site, breaking down in tears at the sight of some exhibits.
    The world is not yet, or will ever be free of those with the Adolph Hilter mentality,as ably portrayed by the White Supremacist in the clip. Those very countries in the former Soviet Union, which Hitler overran, are today the cradle of rampant racism, Russia, Bulgaria etc etc.


    This video should be required viewing in our schools. Fat chance on that while Barbados Planned Parenthood his pushing the delights of do what you want without consequences to you or others.

  4. Eto'o

    My name is Samuekl Eto’o. I am an African, plus i have the honour and privilege of being the highest paid football player in the world. I work in Russia, where I intend to cure the monkey chants of the football supporters in th stands at black players.
    My employers and I both agree that it is best for all of us, and for the sake of the country, to suffer the indignities of their racism for the sake of educating the younger generation.

    Good day to one and all

  5. BFP

    Dear Eto’o

    You’re a lying scum who is drunk and posting from Wildey. Have a nice day!