The morning after strikes Cliverton – slowly…

I think I saw a friend and his wife at Oistins last night. At least I think it was his wife – if it wasn’t he’s in trouble now!

Truth is I’m not sure about much at Oistins on Friday night. For some reason I’m a little slow this morning and my head hurts so bad. I didn’t drive so doan worry about that but I did overindulge a bit. Ok, more than a bit. Didn’t see any pink elephants or a talking Lizard King but there was a big girl at the next table that kept smiling at me. She’s not here this morning so that worked out better than it could have. Oh… my head. Coffeeeeee. Must drink more coffee.

No way I’m going to make it to service today. Auntie Moses has given up on me I know but she loves my anyway. Cruising the net on this Saturday morning and let’s see what we can see…

Police Brutality

In The Nation we have Damien Randolph saying that the police stamped on his toe for the offense of giving advice to a minibus driver. He doesn’t want to complain through the Police Complaints Authority and who can blame him? No sense wasting your time Damien.

Here’s a question: Have the Police Complaints Authority ever found against an officer? Don’t know, just asking!

Joe’s River Lives!

Then we have Ian Bourne reporting another incidence of Police heavy hand when an officer stopped journalist Bourne from taking photographs at a serious accident scene. Says Ian…

“On my way home from Oistins came across a huge accident on Bay Street outside Shell Banyan’s, took a few pic’s – will develop and acquire full details, but had to race home, as Police tried to stop me from taking photos, LOL!

Joe’s River lives, eh?”

Yup. That’s the RBPF for you. They don’t believe in freedom of the press and they hate being held accountable for anything. That organisational culture comes right from the top. I didn’t see Ian at Oistins last night, but again I don’t remember too much at all so I could have seen him, but he wouldn’t recognize me. Shame, really but that is reality ‘pon de rock.

Ian put up a post at The Bajan Reporter: BREAKING NEWS – Barbados Cops try to stop Bajan Reporter from revealing early hour Bay Street accident

Row for Freedom – Against Human Trafficking

I see that six women are about to row to Barbados from the Canary Islands to raise money and awareness about Human Trafficking.

Good for them! I wonder if Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss will be on hand to meet and congratulate the team when they arrive? Minister Inniss profited from online porn websites and exploitation of young women for years so he’s well aware of the issue.

And speaking about online pornography – next week we’ve got another installment in the Donville Inniss porn king story and it’s pretty bad. How bad could it be after we showed that Inniss profited from teen pornography and pregnant women pornography? Let’s put it this way… “woof, woof.”

That’s it for my folks. Going back to bed. Will never drink again. Honest.


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5 responses to “The morning after strikes Cliverton – slowly…

  1. FearPlay

    What I would recommend is for Ian and other photographers to keep an extra roll of film (if anyone still uses film) or a extra memory card and if approached by our very over-zealous police, turn it over without protest (or just a liitle to lend creditability to the act of submission) and walk away. It’s also about time that someone tests this macho behaviour by our law enforcement officers. While I don’t condone a
    free-for-all at the scene of an accident or a crime scene, legitimate news gatherers should
    not be prevented from doing their job…..unless of course, someone is afraid that a camera records them bullying a member of the public!

  2. Say it isn't so, Inniss

    Inniss got money from “woof, woof” ????

    Oh no! Not that. Anything but that.

    Say it isn’t so, Minister Inniss. Say it isn’t so.

    Oh oh oh oh oh.

  3. I was at Hercules bar, sang Mona Lisa and El Paso City, you cannot miss my Brother in Law 6’3″ and frizzy hair with hoops in each ear, modern day Pirates of the Caribbean, LOL

    About to update Police story with accident details… I like the spare chip theory, but my Camera is Nikon Coolpix L20 and it cost me 230USD 😦

  4. Anonymous

    Ian , just be careful with those jokers in uniform.

  5. I took tow Oddball pics that night, they’re on the Front Page dedicated to you oh Cliverton, LOL (Just be careful you not dead of Cirrhosis before you 30 eh?))