Meet our new Magistrate: Priest, lawyer, ex-cop Graveney Bannister

Which one will be the magistrate?

Priest, lawyer, ex-police officer – it sounds to us that Graveney Bannister knows human failings and compassion (Priest), knows the law (Lawyer) and looks at everything with a hard-nosed cynicism (Police officer).

Furthermore, Mr. Bannister has spent most of the last two decades away from Barbados so he is unlikely to be indebted or loyal to any political party or business group. Like our new Chief Justice Marston Gibson, it looks to us like Magistrate Bannister is as independent and untouched by corrupt power cartels as is possible in a small country like ours.

Yup, Magistrate Bannister might be just what Barbados needs.

Now if we could only get the MPs to pass some modern laws and fund the justice system well enough to make trials happen within a minimum time of, say, five years for a start. Pathetic when five years would be an improvement, isn’t it?

Welcome back to Bim, Magistrate Bannister!

Popular priest and lawyer returns to native Barbados

Bermuda Sun, September 30, 2011

Popular Anglican priest and lawyer Graveney Bannister is leaving Bermuda. Mr Bannister is set to return to his homeland Barbados today to pursue a career opportunity with the church.

He has also been appointed a magistrate and wants to see his eldest daughter through her final years of education.

He told the Bermuda Sun he had “mixed feelings” about leaving the island.

He said: “Bermuda has been like a second home for me. I have made so many great friends here and am very grateful to them all for the love and support they have shown me…”

… Lots more in the Bermuda Sun article here


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5 responses to “Meet our new Magistrate: Priest, lawyer, ex-cop Graveney Bannister

  1. J. Krescalik

    Welcome to the new judge. I hope he can do something about the crooked lawyers and real estate agents and unqualified home builders that plague Barbados.

  2. just want to know

    and don’t forget crooked politicians.

  3. 55

    Most of you making comments don’t seem to understand that a new magistrate replacing other un-retired magistrates is usually related to corrupt judgements by the former magistrates, you replace bad with Good or try to at least. The main problem is most magistrates and some Judges do not believe by practice that they know or care about instituting the laws and Constitution of Barbados which would be Treason through incitement caused, and also Perjury by making false statements in court as well as swearing falsely to uphold the Laws of Barbados whilst refusing to in an effert to rob (Theft Act) the Crown.

    So what is really going on if you check is the retirement of a lot of person and replacement of a lot of persons working for the Crown due to over 10 years of the most illegal group activity (like Hitlers) in the known history of Barbados, Crimes being commited by Cops, Crimes being committed by Magistrates and Judges, People like the Superintendent of Prisons refusing to step down because the Prison rapes under his governance escalated amongst constant reports which were covered up under him, whether or not it was done by him it is in effect that he had no control of what was happening in the prison.

    The people of Barbados do not want to spend time on remand (till proven innocent) or by sentence under him or any other warden prior to 2005 prison riot which was out of control for a number of years leading up to that time. The prison was burnt down because the persons accused of raping inmates were given roles of governance and responsibility as to freedom and controlling other inmates and left alone with other inmates failing to protect inmates from known rapists and rape was across the Border.

    THe prison was over run but their were only about 30 rapist which meant all they had to do was quarantine the rapist from the rest of the overly populated prison. Their is a system where given the cruelist persons power keeps others in subjection in defiance of Justice. But Justice says the innocent and the guilty cannot be placed together or the entire place will fall.

  4. Newbie

    I hope that Mr Bannister is a trusted friend of Mr Gibson and that he is coming back to Barbados because he has been asked to. The only way Mr Gibson will succeed, if he is determine to change things, will be to surround himself with people he knows and trust. There are probably many honest people in the system right now, we don’t know, but we do know that there is something sadly lacking in the way that our courts and legal system operates. It seems that we live in fear of the laws here in Barbados instead of embracing them. SORRY we meaning all except the lawyers.

  5. John Egan

    Graveney is an old lost friend, a very respectable honest decent man. More people like him would make the world a much better place. Je(Buckingham)