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The morning after strikes Cliverton – slowly…

I think I saw a friend and his wife at Oistins last night. At least I think it was his wife – if it wasn’t he’s in trouble now!

Truth is I’m not sure about much at Oistins on Friday night. For some reason I’m a little slow this morning and my head hurts so bad. I didn’t drive so doan worry about that but I did overindulge a bit. Ok, more than a bit. Didn’t see any pink elephants or a talking Lizard King but there was a big girl at the next table that kept smiling at me. She’s not here this morning so that worked out better than it could have. Oh… my head. Coffeeeeee. Must drink more coffee.

No way I’m going to make it to service today. Auntie Moses has given up on me I know but she loves my anyway. Cruising the net on this Saturday morning and let’s see what we can see…

Police Brutality

In The Nation we have Damien Randolph saying that the police stamped on his toe for the offense of giving advice to a minibus driver. He doesn’t want to complain through the Police Complaints Authority and who can blame him? No sense wasting your time Damien.

Here’s a question: Have the Police Complaints Authority ever found against an officer? Don’t know, just asking!

Joe’s River Lives!

Then we have Ian Bourne reporting another incidence of Police heavy hand when an officer stopped journalist Bourne from taking photographs at a serious accident scene. Says Ian…

“On my way home from Oistins came across a huge accident on Bay Street outside Shell Banyan’s, took a few pic’s – will develop and acquire full details, but had to race home, as Police tried to stop me from taking photos, LOL!

Joe’s River lives, eh?”

Yup. That’s the RBPF for you. They don’t believe in freedom of the press and they hate being held accountable for anything. That organisational culture comes right from the top. I didn’t see Ian at Oistins last night, but again I don’t remember too much at all so I could have seen him, but he wouldn’t recognize me. Shame, really but that is reality ‘pon de rock.

Ian put up a post at The Bajan Reporter: BREAKING NEWS – Barbados Cops try to stop Bajan Reporter from revealing early hour Bay Street accident

Row for Freedom – Against Human Trafficking

I see that six women are about to row to Barbados from the Canary Islands to raise money and awareness about Human Trafficking.

Good for them! I wonder if Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss will be on hand to meet and congratulate the team when they arrive? Minister Inniss profited from online porn websites and exploitation of young women for years so he’s well aware of the issue.

And speaking about online pornography – next week we’ve got another installment in the Donville Inniss porn king story and it’s pretty bad. How bad could it be after we showed that Inniss profited from teen pornography and pregnant women pornography? Let’s put it this way… “woof, woof.”

That’s it for my folks. Going back to bed. Will never drink again. Honest.


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Iran to hang Christian ‘convert’ for apostasy – Barbados supports Iranian human rights violations

There is no freedom of religion or thought under Islam

When asked to “repent” by the judges, Youcef stated, “Repent means to return. What should I return to? To the blasphemy that I had before my faith in Christ?” The judges replied , “To the religion of your ancestors, Islam.” To which he replied, “I cannot.”

… Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani to the Muslim court

Iran can always count on the support of Barbados at the United Nations

“After all its public support over the years for Iran’s evil acts, how can Barbados now criticize the Islamic despots for more of the same?”

Youcef Nadarkhani was born to Muslim parents in Iran, but he never practiced or adopted the Muslim faith. At 19 years old he became a Christian, and later he became a Christian pastor.

That makes him apostate under Islam, and subject to death according to the Koran. Pastor Nadarkhani might well be already executed by the time you read this, or the Iranian barbarians might have ‘annulled’ the sentence due to worldwide pressure in this one case.

The annulment of one death sentence doesn’t change reality though, and the reality is this…

This persecution and trampling of human rights happens all the time in Muslim majority countries around the world. Whether killed by the state or by wild mobs of Muslims – Christians and other infidels are murdered daily by Muslims seeking to impose their ideology, social values and legal system upon the world.

Where is the outcry from so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims over the ongoing murders of non-Muslims to impose Islam? Where was the outcry from vast numbers of ‘moderate’ Muslims when Christian schoolgirls were beheaded as Ramadan trophies in Indonesia and more recently in the Philippines? When hundreds of Christians were hacked to death in Nigeria? Where is the horror of ‘moderate’ Muslims that 100,000 Copt Christians have fled Egypt since “Egyptian Spring”?

Where is the outrage when Muslim mobs burn Christian churches, Buddhist temples and Jewish synagogues throughout the world and Muslim governments deny freedom of religion?

Where is the diplomatic and community outrage in Barbados?

Barbados has a shameful voting record at the United Nations when it comes to human rights. We actually make a habit of siding with evil at the UN. We don’t want to offend any country that might toss a few coins our way.

Barbados loves Iran and we don’t care if they hang 15 year old girls for having sex outside of marriage, hang teenagers for gay sex, or imprison, torture and kill non-Muslims for their religion or stone women to death for adultery. We “abstained” from a UN vote citing Iran for human rights abuses, torture, discrimination and violence against women and then voted to protect Iran from UN sanctions.

After all its public support over the years for Iran’s evil acts, how can Barbados now criticize the Islamic despots for more of the same?

Further Reading

Present Truth Ministries: Full Story of Youcef Nadarkhani

Washington Post: Christian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani faces potential execution

BFP – November 25, 2010: Shame on Barbados: abstains from UN Vote allowing execution for being Gay or Lesbian

BFP – December 23, 2006: Gutless Barbados “Abstains” From UN Vote Citing Iran For Human Rights Abuses, Torture, Discrimination and Violence Against Women – AND THEN VOTES TO PROTECT IRAN!


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Meet our new Magistrate: Priest, lawyer, ex-cop Graveney Bannister

Which one will be the magistrate?

Priest, lawyer, ex-police officer – it sounds to us that Graveney Bannister knows human failings and compassion (Priest), knows the law (Lawyer) and looks at everything with a hard-nosed cynicism (Police officer).

Furthermore, Mr. Bannister has spent most of the last two decades away from Barbados so he is unlikely to be indebted or loyal to any political party or business group. Like our new Chief Justice Marston Gibson, it looks to us like Magistrate Bannister is as independent and untouched by corrupt power cartels as is possible in a small country like ours.

Yup, Magistrate Bannister might be just what Barbados needs.

Now if we could only get the MPs to pass some modern laws and fund the justice system well enough to make trials happen within a minimum time of, say, five years for a start. Pathetic when five years would be an improvement, isn’t it?

Welcome back to Bim, Magistrate Bannister!

Popular priest and lawyer returns to native Barbados

Bermuda Sun, September 30, 2011

Popular Anglican priest and lawyer Graveney Bannister is leaving Bermuda. Mr Bannister is set to return to his homeland Barbados today to pursue a career opportunity with the church.

He has also been appointed a magistrate and wants to see his eldest daughter through her final years of education.

He told the Bermuda Sun he had “mixed feelings” about leaving the island.

He said: “Bermuda has been like a second home for me. I have made so many great friends here and am very grateful to them all for the love and support they have shown me…”

… Lots more in the Bermuda Sun article here


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