Barbados needs a Registered Crime Offenders Program

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Deportees

Dear BFP

How many of THESE guys are Bajans, to be returned home to Bim, to be allowed to go free out of GAIA to kill more people in St. George and elsewhere?

Barbados needs a Registered Crime Offenders Program whereby returned criminals are registered and kept an eye on… Not in Bajan fashion (after they’ve done the crime) but before.

Like how they do it in Big Countries.

We ARE a Big Country now, aren’t we???

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9 responses to “Barbados needs a Registered Crime Offenders Program

  1. barbadian

    I cannot believe that these criminal animals are not put on probation as soon as they arrive back in Barbados, and get a GPS bracelet so COPs know who and where they are .. What crazy Ignorance , If it was my family of friend murdered I would SUE THE GOVERNMENT and COMMISSIONER OF POLICE !!!

  2. what will they think of next

    I can’t imagine why?
    Because America has one?
    Crime there is not any lower.

  3. 142

    This is sad situation for our country. I sit in position where I usually see these individual brought in by ICE before there board the flights to Barbados. I was shocked on a recent trip back home to see one of these said deportees working as a security guard at a gas station. I asked myself the question do we do background checks in Barbados and is the deportees US record incorporated into our Barbados records of these individuals. Shocking!!

  4. 113

    How much we do take for granted! We need a register also for people who have cases before the court for theft or fraud, so that we will not inadvertently fall into the hands of certain professionals whether they be Lawyers or Building Contractors.

  5. The Watcher!

    What Barbados NEEDS and badly is strong Regulatory and Compliance standards for just about everything. Its nice to copy what the US does, but you have to know what you are comping and for what purpose its being copied else it won’t work when transplanted here.
    Too many Masters degrees and too few Masters of their crafts!

  6. Seeker

    Ummm…no, we’re not a big country. Not in size, not in influence, not in ANYTHING!

    Work with your small size and it will get you farther!

  7. Junior

    What is the point in setting up anything else when we cannot competently operate the few things we have ? Just so some more people can get money for nothing ? In the end, who pays for it ? Said criminals ? No, regular working people via taxes. Is that what you really want ? Higher taxes although what you already pay is not being used appropriately.

  8. RC

    For best results the Registered Crime Offenders list should start at Parliament! 🙂

  9. blue heffner

    the bubados guvment should stop accepting the deportees and let the us drop them in the middle of the ocean.