Bizzy Williams: Forget the law if illegal development makes money.

“The Law? Piss on it… Successful developers should buy their way out after breaking the law”

Vaucluse Raceway was built without permission. The developers thumbed their noses at the law and did what they wanted to do. And, because we are a country where all laws are selectively applied and enforced for reasons of money, family, status and connections, the developers got away with it.

No permissions, no permits, no plans submitted for approval, no environmental study, no traffic plan… and the only input from the community was HELL NO!!!. With support from powerful elites like Bizzy Williams, the government feared to close the place down. Some government officials tried to close it down, but the developers told them to Piss Off and kept working.  Soon the government officials went away. A wise man would guess the government officials were given the word from high up.

And maybe probably there were some “campaign donations” made too.

Vaucluse developers ruined their neighbours’ property values and destroyed the quality of life for hundreds of folks living within the sound of the revving engines and squealing tires. Some folks can’t even get in and out of their gaps on race days.

The Vaucluse developers knew they would have little chance of obtaining permission if they obeyed the law, so they said “Piss on the Law. We’ll handle the law later and Bizzy Williams will give us a hand.”

Bizzy Williams lends a hand to law-breakers

Vaucluse makes money and Bizzy Williams says that’s all that matters. He says the developers should be fined and then allowed to continue. After all, the place is making lots of money and the developers can afford to pay a fine, so fine them and let them continue, says Bizzy.

The fine is a little concession so ordinary people can’t claim the law wasn’t respected. That is a disgusting manipulation but that’s Barbados.

Bizzy even confessed that he didn’t follow the law when he took Bushy Park track so long ago. So, he says, the same should go for the Vaucluse developers.

Sum up Bizzy’s statements like this: “Piss on the law if it pleases me to do so and I can make money.”

Bizzy and the Vaucluse boys show everybody that certain Bajans can do as they please – so long as Bizzy Williams or some other business or political elite supports the law-breaking.

Same old, same old

For ordinary Bajans, there’s nothing new in this story. We’ve heard similar happenings a hundred times. Remember the Turf Club collected $20 million in gate taxes but kept the money. You and I would be in jail for doing the same thing at our little shop.

The government again proved there are two laws in Barbados… One law for THEM, and another law for the rest of us ordinary folk.

Piss on the Law and pay a only small fine when caught, Mr. Williams?

Ok Sir. I’ll follow your example from now on. Thanks.

Further Reading

Here is the Barbados Today article that started this conversation – Flog them and let them go

Please read the article at their website, but as usual we have to print the entire piece here because the Bajan news media often re-writes history.

Flog them and let them go

The Vaucluse raceway must be saved.

Outspoken businessman and motor sport investor Ralph Bizzy Williams wants the long running controversy surrounding the legality of the popular St. Thomas track settled once and for all.

He said while the planned $18 million improvements to the larger, and better known, Bushy Park facility would be a blessing for motor sport and the country, Vaucluse was needed to complete the puzzle.

Questions have been raised in recent years about the legality of the racing facility, but Williams said if it was constructed without necessary permission, rather than shutting it down, those behind it should be fined and allowed to proceed.

The emotional head of Williams Industries, who was moved to tears, told executives attending a Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry luncheon today:

“To be honest with you when I took Bushy Park I didn’t get permission. I didn’t have to go through the rigors of applying for permission and all the rest of it.”

“Another group of guys … have built Vaucluse. They … went ahead and did things in full enthusiasm, lots of energy and they created the Vaucluse amphitheatre as I like to call it, which is rated as one of the best rally springs circuits in the world.”

Williams said once the race track was deemed illegal, fining those responsible and allowing them to remain open was the option he preferred.

“You don’t expel a Barbados scholar the first time he tried to bomb the headmaster, you call him in and cut his backside; straighten him up. Call in (the owner of Vaucluse), put some licks in him and give him the permission to go and develop this thing for the benefit of Barbados,” he said to applause.

“I know there are people sitting in this room who have driven on that circuit and I would love Bush Park to be the be all and end all of everything, but all of us … promoting Barbados as a motor sport venue without Vaucluse is like sending an army into a battle with double barrel shotguns with one barrel plugged up. That is an opportunity that we are wasting in my opinion.”


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20 responses to “Bizzy Williams: Forget the law if illegal development makes money.

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  2. Green Monkey

    Looks like Bizzy believes in the Golden Rule, the one that goes: “them that got the gold does make the rules.”

  3. 226

    I love the the man’s business acumen and care interest in people development… but do not break the law as this will fuel other citizens who may have misguided ideas.
    In the circumstances now, they may wish to follow the rules/regulations. Remember the Belle, Rock Hall St. Philip etc

  4. Ha Ha

    Barbados would be a better place if we enforced the laws but lawbreaking is beyond colour or class. This morning I saw three [3] illegal minivans taking people to town in traffic along Waterford Bottom. They pay no insurance, no permit, two of them had a regular number and one was a ZM. Police for the last two weeks have been stationed at the junction there and these illegals just sail right by. Does Bizzy own these too?

  5. Caswell Franklyn

    I remember digging yams in the field that is now the Vaucluse race track. I also recall seeing truck loads of dirt being removed from the site to make it unsuitable for agriculture.

    Town planning attempted to rectify the situation but they were called off. I wonder who will call them of with respect to the preschool in today’s Nation.

    I am not racist, but you remember Gline Clarke’s comments about the white boys. Is it true and Clarke was the only one with the courage to voice it.

  6. barbadian

    BAN motor SPORTS @!!! Let them race donkey carts !!!
    All the racing BOYS are little Rich Red NECK boys and their black counterparts …They come from de plantations , and all LICK ONE anothers ARSES!!!LOL
    Motor sports is bad for the Environment , NOT NEEDED for Tourism !!
    BAN iT , LET THEM play by themselves!! DON’t SUPPORT iT , BOYCOTT iT !!!

  7. Life in a Bannana Republic without Bannanas

    it is interesting to note that in todays Nation a Pre School is being shut down by Town and Country on the grounds that it is located in a building that is on agricultural land. Residents complained of noise and high traffic and congestion in the areea that was caused by the Pre School. How does this measure up to the noise, traffic and congestion of a race track?

  8. Peltdownman

    What Bizzy is promoting is nothing less than an extension of the ZR culture. “Is we who make the rules! Laws don’t apply to us”. Lets forget for one minute that this is zoned agricultural land that was purchased by a non-farmer who promptly turned it to bush and claimed he couldn’t make money farming it. He was planning housing and golf course. Who had the experience in developing golf courses? Non other than his good friend BIzzy Willaims and his family. Are they not partners in a housing company as well? But the the boom ended and nobody wants to invest in upscale housing now, so the next best thing, “screw the local residents and let’s get on with developing a race track and make a little change.” Vaucluse is in a high rainfall area and is prime agricultural land. How the government handle this will define them forever.

  9. Random Thoughts

    Talking about transparency (Or more correctly the lack of transparency) Barbados does not even get a mention in this global “Right To Information” survey. It looks like we have just the right to be kept in the dark by politicians and their lodge buddies:
    Global Right TO Information country date. Barbados is not mentioned here at all. Antigua is here, St. Vincent, Jamaica, Trinidad, even Zimbabwe

  10. Green Monkey

    Here is a thought experiment for you, Imagine if someone were to move into the property next door to Bizzy and open up a rum shop with a karaoke machine. Imagine that when Bizzy complained about the increased traffic in the neighborhood, the tipsy patrons stumbling outside to pee against his wall, the noise from the karaoke and the slamming car doors etc. the owner confessed, ” Well tell the truth, I didn’t wait to get planning approval to open a shop, because I knew it would take too long, or I figured it was unlikely they would grant me the permission in the first place. So I just went ahead and opened up anyway and will pay whatever fine the law imposes. It would be unfair to shut me down now because this rum shop has the potential to be a successful business employing hard working Bajans and selling nuff Banks Beer, Cockspur rum and puddin an souse on a Saturday, and even the tourises like to come by to cool out and to soak up the authentic Bajan rum shop atmosphere. So all in all, I am making a valuable contribution to the local economy in these troublesome economic times.”

    Hands up those who think Bizzy would still be so in favour of his “damn the torpedos, full speed ahead and to hell with the official channels and bureaucracy” approach.

  11. The application for the Vaucluse track was denied and an order was issued to remove it. Denied 2 days before the last elections.

    That is how it transpired: 2 days before the election.

    Let’s watch this final decision get changed or overturned, prove it to us again, that you are above the law, and let’s watch to see if DLP is as bad as the previous administartion.

    Guess who will fund whom in upcoming elections?

    Clothed in the transparent emperor’s garments, there you stand Mr. Williams, along with the rest of the adoring, blind, illegal entourage; in the garments of abject, unadulterated, naked, uncaring; greed.


  12. Peltdownman

    @ Green Monkey

  13. rasta man

    @green monkey: Maybe it would depend on the colour of the rum shop owner

  14. millertheanunnaki

    @ Green Monkey:
    Outstanding piece of critical comparative analysis. Couldn’t want it better!
    We will watch those responsible for granting formal permission for this business to continue. The PM is the minister responsible for Town & Country Planning affairs. Campaign funding before justice and fair play?

  15. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Classic example of our pathetic system. And yet law goes after the poor man that put up a little shack (without planning permission) to sell a few beers they go after. A woman that doing day care without permission they go after. The civil servant who thief a few dollars they go after. All others who have alot of money go scotch free. Sickening and pathetic is what Barbados is

  16. Anonymous

    Bizzy is a man that I HAD a lot of respect for. He has now exposed his greed for all to see.

  17. rasta man

    @anonymous:Any thing to do with his new wifey?

  18. West Side Davie

    BFP, the Vaucluse Raceway developer was in the paper the other day confirming that they went ahead and broke the law because of government red tape, whatever that means. Look it up and do a post on it because it was as stupid as Bizzy’s statement.

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  20. J. Payne

    So under that reasoning, I should be able to go and get a building code from one of the other islands, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Bermuda or somewhere, bypass Town and Country Planning completely and rush and build myself a nice 3 story bungalow and then tell the government fine me if you want when I done but left meh house dey?

    The Bahamas just moved of Freedom of Info. Bahamas is the new Barbados.

    From their Parliament: “Communication By Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham
    Prime Minister, Anti-Crime Legislation, Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Bill.

    Mr. Speaker:
    I wish to advise of the tabling for First Reading, a number of Bills.

    Mr. Speaker:
    [. . . ]
    Freedom of Information Bill

    I am also pleased to table the Freedom of Information Bill which seeks to grant the public a right to access records held by public authorities, subject to exemption required to balance the right against the public interest in excluding certain governmental, commercial or personal information.

    The Act provides definitions for information to include a written record, map, graph, plan, photograph, disc, tape, sound track or other devise on which data or sounds are embodied.

    The Act does not apply to judicial function of a court or the holder of a judicial office; the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Royal Bahamas Defence Force, the Department of Immigration, Customs or the Financial Intelligence Unit in relation to their strategic or operational intelligence gathering.

    Records will be exempt from disclosure if the disclosure would injure the foreign relations of The Bahamas or reveal other confidential information of Cabinet; trade secrets, and in other specified circumstances

    The Bill makes provision for the creation of the office of the Information Commissioner, who will be appointed by the Governor-General, serve for a five year term and be responsible to Parliament. “