Junior Campbell: Sir Hilary Beckles harming cricket

I’m not sure that I agree with Junior Campbell all the way, but he’s made me stop and think…

“I’m going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, Principle of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill campus has more than a little to do with the difficulties former West Indies cricket team captain and star batsman Chris Gayle is experiencing with the West Indies Cricket Board.

And I will go further. I am suggesting that Professor Beckles, a great lover of West Indies cricket and someone who has done a great deal of good for the game’s development in the Caribbean is also, regrettably, doing the game a considerable amount of harm.

From where I stand, it seems that Sir Hilary and other Caribbean academics, politicians and similar social elites are undermining the very game that they love by their inability or unwillingness to empathise with the persons most critical to West Indies cricket: the players…”

Read the entire article at All Voices: Male bashing in Barbados: Sir Hilary Beckles’ ‘bashment’


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4 responses to “Junior Campbell: Sir Hilary Beckles harming cricket

  1. twice shy

    Cricket used to be about sport and sportsmanship. Those priorities dropped when big money and commercial tv contracts entered the picture. Is Beckles so concerned with money that people are nothing anymore? Or is he trying to restore the glory of old to game, but keep it financially viable.

    I can’t figure Beckles out one way or t’other.,

  2. Salahuddin

    Please tell Mr.Campbell its “Principal” and not “Principle”. Oh man…tsk tsk…

  3. Guy's just a JERK.

    Having twisted the national psyche of Barbados with his black nationalist BS which involves fanning the embers of slavery emotion to keep it alive,
    Hilary now turns his attention to other subversive activities!

    The man suffers from psychological scarring, which probably started when his parent gave him a girl’s name.

    Careful how you name your kids, OK?

  4. rasta man

    @Guy’s just a JERK.: You made my morning.lol