Where does SIR David Simmons get his moral authority?

Re-virginated Barbados Attorney General David Simmons became Chief Justice

Our friend John Glasgow over at TCI Post writes about the Chairman of the Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission, former Barbados Chief Justice SIR David Simmons …

“I love the people of Barbados, they are probably the most hospitable people in the entire Caribbean, after Turks and Caicos Islanders of course!!! The Island of Barbados is absolutely stunning and the food is among the best in the world. Those people could make a fruit punch, it the best I ever drank. I have been to Barbados more times than any other Caribbean country.

However the former Chief Justice of Barbados and now Chairman of the Turks and Caicos Integrity Commission is one bajan I do not have such admiration for…”

Read the rest at TCI Post’s Who or what gives David Simmons the authority to lecture Turks and Caicos Islanders about ethics and integrity?


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  1. Red Lake Lassie

    UMMMMMMMMM: The TCI Post blog sounds an awful lot like the BFP gang. I’m talking about the whole blog, not only this Simmons article.

    Wat up BFP? You doing 2 blogs?

  2. blue heffner

    heehee!! oh snap!!

  3. Not a few White Boys

    It is said that life is charterised by conflict as opposed to compromise. It is also believed that relationships between groups and within groups are tenuous and for that reason, power struggles will often take place, especially if balance is not struck between the compromise to keep things going as there are and has always gone and to support the foundation of the said compromise. As I understand it, in the BLP there are two contending views: (1) change that will make the organization more relevant and responsive to the needs the people vs. (2) the defense of what has been in existence for the past 73 years – long before many of the very people the organization hopes to serve – were alive.

    It is why many accept that President Obama is a breath of fresh air and what politics needed. He has ushered-in new hope, a new passion; a new energy and vitality, as well as a new level of transparency accountability – never before seen in politics. Like President Obama, Mia Mottley is battling to transform ‘the dingy; tribal politics’ long practised in this country and seeks to replace it with a new humane; gentler kinder politics. Through her sound and well-coordinated approach, she has already outlined plans for a new development model, which many are already hailing as: The Mia Mottley Development Model for: “A New, Just and Well-Ordered Society and a Sustainable and Moral, Creative Economy,” inclusive of a new economic sector in the cultural industry and sports.

    What cannot be denied is Mia Mottley’s core-competency: ‘the ability to inspire; motivate; organise, mobilize and execute flawlessly. Barbadians also like her “Team Barbados” ‘Bi-partisan Approach.’ Mia Mottley is demonstrating effortlessly, what could be possible, even during a horrible recession – if Barbadians work together. Obviously, Mia Mottley’s core competencies and her ability to connect effortless with people – seem to be making some people extremely worried. Two Editorial pieces, one Sunday (September 25th 2011) from Albert Brandford and one today (September 28th 2011) from another person! I did not realise “their” problem was so severe and troubling!

    But, never before in the history of Barbados has anyone ever seen a politician on one side of the aisle, ask an entire country to pray for someone on the other side, who was ailing. And, while political parties are in the business of winning elections, people enter public life to serve. Mia Mottley has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate that you do not have to be the Government in order to do things to change the life and circumstance of people.

    Even before David Thompson died and since January 20th 2008 – Mia Mottley, was working extremely hard within the BLP, for the people of Barbados. The dismantled BLP website would have been proof but the people know and agree. The BLP might be occupied since October 18th 2010 and more so since October 28th 2010 – with winning the Government but it seems that Mia Mottley is more concerned with serving the people, as is evident by her having single-handedly championed causes like: Clico; the immigration policy; the government’s housing policy, the economy and so on, on behalf of Barbadians.

    Even now, while some are concentrating on other things, Mia Mottley is working for the people and is doing innovative and remarkable things, like finding creative ways to put money in their pockets, now – when it really matters. While she would not have set out to prove this point, I think Mia Mottley is demonstrating effortlessly, that once there is interest and know-how and with the right leadership – even a political party in Opposition should also be able to do things for people. She is right not to be concerning herself with internal BLP matters (real or perceived) which will only serve as a distraction from her continuing the unmatched work she is doing on behalf of Barbadians. Now seriously: what is the BLP doing? What cause or causes is it championing at this time?

    On the political side: it does not matter from whence a good idea comes – if the people and the society will benefit – then it will receive Mia Mottley’s support. It is not difficult to understand why Mia Mottley hovers high above partisan politics and that unquestionable fact has not escaped even DLP supporters. I think that is what has her very few critics on edge: they cannot get under her skin; rattle her or even force her hand. She is not allowing herself to be pushed and that seems to be their (who-ever they are) tremendous discomfort. Mia Mottley being in the BLP allows the people to see what is and what is possible. What is even more interesting is that the people now making the most noise in the BLP’s name – were nowhere to be seen or heard when David Thompson was in his prime. It was then that Mia Mottley needed assistance but she was on her own, yet did a remarkable job.

    A view has long been expressed that the dependence on official political sources prevents the media (obsolete traditional media that is) from serving as the “watchdog” of political activities. What I have observed is that Mia Mottley said what was necessary for her to have said (in relation to happenings within the BLP) and that is that. She has long moved-on and is focused and attending to the people’s business. She should continue to ignore any and all distractions. Yes! There is a clamour for her and yes, Barbadians find her acceptable so for Heaven sake – leave the woman alone so that she can continue to do what she is doing to put money in the people’s pockets, now!

    Here is something else to ponder: Social Scientists believe that whenever there is a contending power (Mia Mottley being the people’s reality) there is likely to be attempts by the WEAK elements within that relationship, to alter it in order to gain footing within the relationship or the take advantage of it. This they call: “CONFLICT-MOVES.” It is also posited that any such behaviour will naturally result in crime or similar conduct. What was Mia Mottley’s concern again?

  4. Arthur Now Wants to Be Worshipped but Economists still hurting the World

    Owen Arthur is tired but he is not a liberator! He is a reminder of, the global financial crisis, which is the handy-work of Economists as well as a reminder that all across the world, Economists continue to create confusion and cause innocent people serious pain. Week-after-week, you can expect to hear Opposition Leader Owen Arthur criticising Finance Minister Sinckler. You should ignore it because it is intended as a tactic to distract you.

    The intention is to get you to believe that as Minister of Finance, Sinckler is advising himself on economic policy. He is not but there is a good reason why Owen Arthur does not want you to know that! This highlights the selfishness (near unethical behaviour) on the part of some Economists, especially those who are behaving like cult-leaders, hoping the society would worship them. Owen Arthur is one such person!

    To the detriment of the world and society in general, Economists contributed immensely to the global financial crisis, which is still causing you; your family; your neighbour and everyone you know – severe pain and hardship. No two Economists can ever agree on anything but one thing is clear: what works for an Economist – will most certainly work for a non-economist because Economists are known to create more mess than they solve. Anybody who was Minister of Finance during ‘the-glory-days’ Owen Arthur was – would have secured the same or much better results for Barbados because with all of that money floating around, were he a prudent manager, Owen Arthur would never have left so much debt for Minister Sinckler and the DLP to repay.

    It is true that with Thompson as Minister of Finance, the DLP pursued a high-tax-regime. But that was ONLY because the Economists that were advising him, feel that high taxation, as a deliberate economic policy – would depress demand for goods and services, which in-turn, would reduce the pressure on the balance of payments. In Bajan: if you tax a man a lot, he will buy less and since goods are imported, you will not have to spend a lot of your foreign exchange since, with commodity prices on the world market low anyhow (and tourism spend down) you will save foreign exchange. If you see a flaw in that thinking then you understand how Economists are so easily able to screw-up the world. Not everything you buy is imported, but high taxation attaches.

    Essentially, Economists advised Thompson and are now advising Sinckler to pursue a high-tax policy to dampen demand! That approached, as advised by Economists, is clearly not working – but to save face, they are telling the DLP to stay on the current path. And you know what, despite the global financial crisis and a much worst one around the corner – for some strange reason, people still trust Economists, even though they are the ones who are creating the mess all across the globe!

    This is why Owen Arthur feels that you will believe him, even if he tells you crap. So he tells you that it is Sinckler and the DLP (and not the Economists who are advising them) who is responsible for the unnecessary pain you are now feeling.

    My Fellow Barbadians, your pain is not being caused by the present Minister of Finance or the DLP, it is being caused by the “ECONOMISTS” who are advising our Government. Arthur knows this but to tell you that – will make you very angry with Economists and he is one. By blaming Minister Sinckler for the pain you are now feeling, Owen Arthur is protecting himself and his colleagues who are trained Economists and part of an elite club. I know what you are thinking: but Economists advised Owen Arthur too! That is the point! And it explains why Barbados debt rose significantly under the BLP, even when money was floating around. Economists are dangerous and Owen Arthur is one!

  5. Owen Arthur's Witch-hunt

    In an earlier article entitled: ‘Pre-determined Outcome – A Party of Deals,’ I made the point that ‘if you thought last year’s Annual Conference (2010) was the most rowdy and disorganised in the BLP’s 73 year history – then this year’s promises to be the most pre-determined. I added that it will be a political non-event and went on the say that ‘those attending should not expect any buzz or excitement.’

    Nothing has changed and many are still saying that the BLP’s 2011 Conference should really be cancelled, especially since there will be nothing new to report: The BLP does not even have a full slate of candidates; the promised public meetings are yet to get off the ground (despite that party having launched its general election campaign five months ago now; the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) never met and even though the BLP alleges that: “Bees Ready,” that party does not even have a functioning Shadow Cabinet.

    Owen Arthur is old; tired; has not new ideas and really did not remember any of this. In the recent budget, the DLP (through Minister Sealy) reminded the country that the Public Accounts Committee (under Owen Arthur) is yet to meet. Pressured by these facts; running out of time and driven by his own witch-hunt agenda, Owen Arthur has hurriedly arranged a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to throw red-meat to the base of his party (as a distraction tactic) but more so because up to this point – he has nothing to report at his party’s up-coming annual conference. Arthur is simply being blinded by Mia Mottley’s glow and is therefore desperate and dangerous. While he is engaging in political trivia and irrelevance and pulling silly political stunts, Mia is doing remarkable things for the people, while coming-up with innovative ideas, effortlessly.

    The Nation newspaper (now functioning as an executive arm of the BLP) on Sunday (October 2nd 2011) announced that Arthur has selected the Pierhead Project for a probe by the PAC, which he chairs. The question is: should Arthur be allowed to use people’s time and a State entity, to go after people (Bannister & Darcy Boyce) long-time friends and some to whom he has given lucrative government contracts, like the prison and a sweet-heart; multi-million deal to construct an oil storage facility and the Coast Guard facility? Shouldn’t Arthur be the one being investigated?

    Barbadians have not made the error yet and made this man Prime Minister and already he is hunting people whom he believes, have crossed him. In this personal vendetta and one-man-lover’s-quarrel and under the guise of acting in the public’s interest – Arthur is expected to abuse his power as Chairman of the PAC and summon people like Darcy Boyce, Lawrence Bannister; the present Minister of Finance and others, to give evidence and seek to embarrass then.

    Why should such a ‘kangaroo court’ be permitted? Is such a personal vendetta and witch-hunt, using the State apparatus, ethical? Why no inquiry into “hardwood,” or “JAWS?” Why no inquiry into the serious concerns expressed by Rawle Eastmond in 2010 about voter padding and why not a word from him about electoral fraud within the BLP? I feel that somebody should really file an injunction preventing this sort of ‘distraction tactic and political stunt” Owen Arthur is attempting to pull, as regards the Pierhead project announcement.

    Because, as Political Leader of the BLP, who is turning blind-eye to corruption – Owen Arthur has no moral or ethical authority to call no probe into the Pierhead or anything else. Why is there no probe whether he used the office of Prime Minister to raise funds for his wedding or to pay for his divorce? We are talking about a man who made a deal to be Leader of the Opposition and Political leader of the BLP, yah know! He who is seeking equity should come with clean hands – CLEAN-UP THE BLP FIRST!

    Owen Arthur does not realise that government contracts are not his to give, neither should they be given by him with the specific intention to buy permanent affection, worship and social-class acceptance. Why is he so angry that the country is moving forward and people are making it without him, as Bannister and Boyce are showing him? Arthur cannot deal with that! Secondly, using the PAC to investigate the Pierhead Project is an admission that Arthur already knows that he cannot win the next election for the BLP. He is therefore hunting people “NOW” when he is Opposition Leader and Chairman of the PAC.

  6. millertheanunnaki

    @ Owen Arthur Witch-hunt:

    While I agree that Owen needs to focus on repairing the damage he has inflicted on the BLP and has reduced his party’s chances of winning the next general elections I can’t agree that he should let the marina project of the hook. Your thread implies that both men with surnames beginning with B were involved in suspect dealings with Owen when he was in power. So Owen knows the character and proclivity of his former partners in underhand dealings at the expense of poor unwitting taxpayers. Can we assume that such nefarious activities have followed the quisling DB to his present position of the man with the knowledge of how to cover your tracks in fraudulent contract awards and his outside point man doing the dirty business.

    So you want us the stupid taxpayers to put up with this wholesale thieving of our hard earn money we gave the government to use for the betterment of the country and not to be misappropriated by crooks posing as professionals and consultants.

    We want all of them involved to be called before the PAC. We will then get everything out in the open. B & B can then squeal on Owen. We wonder where Dr. Thorne and his colleagues of principle stand in all of this?