Colman Commission secret meeting about Afra Raymond

“Natural Justice is not negotiable.”

From: Afra Raymond
To: judith gonzalez, Colman Commission
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:02 AM
Subject: To the Colman Commission

To – Judith Gonzalez, Secretary to the Colman Commission

Dear Ms. Gonzalez,

I was perturbed to learn, only recently, that the Commission had convened a meeting on Friday 8th July at which one of the items discussed was whether my various submissions should be admitted as evidence and if so, what should be the ‘status’ accorded it.

Here we had the situation of a Public Enquiry into a matter of Public concern, convening a private meeting which discussed as one item of business my inclusion as a witness.  As a participant in the Enquiry, not a party, I was excluded from the discussion as to whether my evidence should be omitted…I was not invited to that meeting and only found about this afterwards, almost in passing. 

I also understand that the various parties are to be given the opportunity to make submissions on those issues on my testimony, on which the Commissioner can make a ruling.

My work on this matter of grave public concern has been a solo exercise, except for the occasional assistance of friends. I am without legal representation at this important forum.

Given the substantial parties involved – all of whom are represented by attorneys – and the limits placed on my input by the Commission’s decision to deny me the status of a party, one can scarcely imagine a more lop-sided scenario than this one. Natural Justice is not negotiable.

All that said, the meeting in question has already taken place, so I am requesting that you give proper consideration to inviting my participation when this matter is next to be discussed.

Thank you for your consideration.

Afra Raymond (


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4 responses to “Colman Commission secret meeting about Afra Raymond

  1. Will never forgive Duprey

    Good job, Mr. Raymond. We’re lucky to have you digging and not putting up with any nonsense. It won’t get me my money back but I’m beyond that. I want to see some people go to jail. i want to see them ruined for what they did as they ruined the lives of others.

  2. just want to know

    Will never forgive Duprey, Put Leroy Parris,& David Thompson in that category as well, too bad David Thompson is dead already, but there is still some minions who need to be locked up as well.

  3. VATaxpayer

    Wasn’t Bajan CLICO supposed to be separate and distinct from Other Caribbean CLICO?
    Was that a lie, all along?

    -and now I hear on CBC-TV the other night,
    that I,The Taxpayer will be funding a bail-out of sorts?
    I’m REALLY happy about that…

  4. Mr.Loverlover

    Clico is a done entity. One needs to find a company to purchase the life insurance and pension portfolio with what assets can be collected, investors in such as the variable annuity lose.

    There is no way anyone previously connected with it should be within a mile of its management now or in the future.

    Certainly a forensic audit needs to be conducted, that would have been better than paying a washpan of money to Deloitte for recommendations which are obvious.

    There is no way that taxpayers can fund this debacle.

    This has ended the DLP’s hopes of a parliamentary return. One must wonder if PM Arthur (in just over a year) will have the forensic audit performed, or will it be business as usual?

    In investing funds, people must be more careful, when banks and other companies were paying 4%, Clico was offering 12% for these variable annuity rubbish.

    Come on, use your heads.

    Now Government is spending 40million on a design for Bridgetown?

    At least the tree cut for 20 thousand and the 400,000 bathroom in Christ Church showed some kind of tangible use.

    40million for a design? What kind of half-wits do they think we are?

    This administration is over. Pension debacle, health services debacle, Clico, now 40million to draw a few plans?

    Goodbye, we gave you a chance, we hoped with heart, we wished for greatness and got, nonsense.