Dwayne Bushell launches eCaribClassifieds.com

Can another “free classifieds” website make it these days?

Not that he has a clue who we are at BFP, but Dwayne Bushell is a friend of a friend so we thought we’d help him out and post the link to his new website right here.

>>>>>>   eCaribClassifieds.com   <<<<<<

We’re sure that Dwayne would appreciate it if you took a minute to visit his eCaribClassifieds.com and checked out the concept and execution.

What do you think, folks? Will you use eCaribClassifieds.com? Have you any suggestions? Would you recommend the website to others?

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7 responses to “Dwayne Bushell launches eCaribClassifieds.com

  1. Free is Good!

    It looks useful to me. Lots of cars for sale but short of the other categories. It should pick up soon because it’s free and free is good.

  2. EXCELLENT IDEA and free to boot ( every body wins)

  3. dbushell

    Thanks for the Link to my Website BFP! Greatly Appreciated.
    I look forward to the comments both good and bad on how I can improve the website to benefit the users of the website. It was only launched approximately a month ago so all FeedBack is welcome.

    Thanks again BFP family

  4. Brad Kelly

    Free is good but only if it works!

    I’m going to post my old portable arc welder at eCarib and see if I get any calls. The website looks good and it will get better with more traffic. I’ll let everyone know how I made out.

  5. dbushell

    @Brad Kelly thanks in advance for posting up your arc welder. Getting traffic to the website is my number one priority right now so I am working extremely hard to get the traffic and content onto the website.

    Thanks again guys, it is really giving me an outside perspective and it is so helpful.

  6. Dan J.

    I have a suggestion for Mr. Bushell. His challenge is to get traffic to his website and that takes some doing because there are many sites like his. He has a good start because it is free, but how can he sustain traffic and generate interest.

    Here is my idea. Mr. Bushell could start a blog at WordPress or Blogger about “Weird things for sale” or “strange things for sale”. Every couple of days find something weird for sale on the internet and do a little post. For instance there is a bomb shelter for sale in England. There is a drug runner’s boat for sale in California by the US Government. Last week there were pieces of a formerly secret weapon used by the US Army to explode land mines etc etc etc. Strange things for sale. It fits in with his website’s purpose of selling things and would draw attention to his website with links and stories. Call it ecarib- blog or ecaribclassified blog and make it in association with the website. Once in a while he could do a post on a strange thing for sale on his website, or a cool car or old car etc.

    That’s my idea to get him more traffic.

  7. dbushell

    @Dan J THANKS!!!! that is a great idea, I was starting a blog today and you just cemented the idea in my head. It is all about getting Traffic to the website and also getting items placed on the website. I want to have items being placed on the website everyday so that persons visiting the website will have something new to see at all times and not be bored of the website.

    The Blog will be up and running today BFP family.
    Keep the feedback coming.