Barbados Labour Party fires back at Mottley – Peter Wickham says BLP making a big mistake

Prime Minister & Government MPs grinning like Cheshire cats

“So we are back to a situation where now across Barbados we understand that there is not a level of harmony at the top because there is clearly not a meeting of the minds and that doesn’t bode very well in terms of the Barbados Labour Party in the next election,

And all I can say is that I think that (Prime Minister) Freundel Stuart is probably quite happy because it essentially means that any major challenge to him is now essentially going to dissipate because there is no unity.

I think the main concern I have is the fact that it is so unfortunate that an individual who is so overwhelmingly popular nationally, and I would say certainly more popular than Dr. Walcott, has essentially been squeezed out of the race and the rationale behind it is one that I am at a loss to understand,”

Political analyst Peter Wickham talks to Barbados Today: BLP making big mistake.

Meanwhile, the BLP fired this press release back at Mottley…

Barbados Labour Party
111 Roebuck Street, Bridgetown
September 19, 2011


It has been reported that charges of disenfranchising party members have been laid against the Barbados Labour Party through the instituting of changes to its Standing Orders for the Party’s upcoming Annual Conference. Such charges are contained in a letter purportedly signed by Ms Mia Mottley, M.P.

The facts are that under the Party’s Constitution, the Conference Arrangements Committee acts as a Standing Orders Committee and formulated new Standing Orders which have been ratified by the National Executive Committee and these together with the party’s Constitution govern the BLP’s procedures.

The new Standing Orders now provide that a member can only be a delegate of a single organ of the Party at the Conference. Under the Party’s Constitution, a person could be a member of the Women’s League, the League of Young Socialists and a constituency branch, all at the same time. That person could in theory also be a delegate for each of these organs simultaneously. Equally, for the purpose of establishing the number of delegates available to each organ, a person could be counted three times. This had the potential to distort the number of people who could vote at the Annual Conference.

The new standing Orders now eliminates the possibility of distortion.

With respect to the number of delegates for St. Thomas and St. Michael East the party has for many years now established a process by which all branches are given an opportunity to resolve any issues with respect to their membership lists and the allocation of delegates. In keeping with this process the number of delegates allocated to those branches remain the same as last year.

The current position on the nominations for offices within the Party are as follows:

Chairman- Dr. Jerome Walcott has been nominated by 19 constituency branches as well as by the Women’s League and the League of Young Socialists; Ms. Mia Mottley Q.C. has been nominated by four branches.

First vice-chairman – Dale Marshall Q.C., nominated by 10 branches; Dr. Maria Agard nominated by three branches;

Second vice-chairman- Dr. Maria Agard, nominated by seven branches; Wendell Callender, nominated by one branch; Anthony Wood, nominated by two branches;

Third vice-chairman, Wendell Cal lender, nominated by five branches; Peter Chase, nominated by three branches;

General Secretary- Ms. Cynthia Forde, M.P., nominated by four branches; George Griffith, nominated by four branches; Tyrone Lovell, nominated by one branch;

Treasurer- Douglas Skeete, nominated by seven branches; Rudy Grant, nominated by three branches.

Peter Phillips
General Secretary


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14 responses to “Barbados Labour Party fires back at Mottley – Peter Wickham says BLP making a big mistake

  1. RLL

    Owen Arthur doesn’t stand a chance next election. With Mottley the BLP could have formed the next government but whatever happens now it’s too late. What a disaster for the BLP!

  2. 13990-32/A-6

    ^ What RLL said ^

  3. Mia can easily form a new Party without those jokers, many businesses would come fwd and help anyone who does not want to support “A FEW WHITE BOYS”

  4. Progressive

    RLL when Mottley was leader of the opposition tey said the BLP did not stand a chance at the next elections that they stood a better chance with Owen.I know Bajans have short memories but that was just over a year ago.If anyone thinks that Stuart would have an easy time at the next election because they see the BLP as being divided tell him to CALL THE ELECTION.!!

  5. Dan J.

    BFP, how did you do that photo where the smile is colour but the rest is B&W?

  6. BFP

    Hello Dan,

    Shona did it with Photoshop. I’ll ask her how when she wakes up in the morning.


  7. RLL

    The BLP are making a big mistake. Voters run from instability in a political party. Once the fight became public there was no hope until one side won. Neither Arthur nor Mottley have won, but the BLP has lost.

  8. just want to know

    Owen Arthus will win the next General Election with or without Mia Mottley.

  9. Already Tampering with Documents and Manipulating Rules: The BLP Gets Practice for Government

    The ongoing fiasco and irreparable rift within the BLP is worthy of serious analysis, if only because it demonstrates how very over-rated those who feel that there have a right to rule Barbados and now hold the BLP hostage (both at the political as well as the administrative level) are. The electorate are able to see that while the DLP is getting on with the people’s business, a power-hungry BLP, under its re-conditioned opportunistic leadership – is trying to eliminate all of the competition, in order to validate Owen Arthur false claim, that there is a clamour in Barbados for him. It is almost laughable that Owen Arthur would feel that he is best suited to rule Barbados, ONLY BECAUSE he was Minister of Finance fourteen years ago when the world was completely different.

    Two years ago, Barbadian hurdler Ryan Braithwaite blew away the best in the world. But at the last championship, he did not even qualify. The simple point I am making is that the game changes, others get better but there are those who live in the past, desperately in need of transitional counselling because there are unable to let go. Owen Arthur is one such character: power-hungry and dangerous. He has no new social or economic plan, no new ideas and while others who do – simply want to serve – he wants to rule Barbados and has even convinced himself that there can be no Barbados without him. This is the source of the problem. To understand the widening rift within the BLP even better, one has to go back to the infamous: “Prior Park Accord,” when the seed of treachery was sown by the “gang of five,” or the “Geriatric Brigade of the BLP.”

    Owen Arthur, George Payne, Ronald Toppin, Gline Clarke and Dale Marshall, as sitting BLP Parliamentarians (some of who had only warmed benches in Parliament for the two-years-seven-months prior or merely went to Parliament to get their names marked) hearing that Prime Minister David Thompson was terminally ill – joined by MEDICAL DOCTOR, Jerome Walcott and others – hurriedly met at BLP’s Chairman George Payne’s, Prior Park house, with the sole intention to take over the BLP. These desperate power-hungry men are hoping to benefit at the ill-health and ultimate death of David Thompson. That is what it was all about then and what it is about now. It is not about any members and supporters of the BLP or even the country, but an unquenchable desire to feed at the trough.

    The deal was that Owen Arthur would become Leader, but George Payne’s demand was that his buddy Dale Marshall would become Owen’s deputy and eventually Prime Minister when Owen Arthur hands over to him. Seeing a way to oust Mia Mottley and a route to Bay Street, Owen Arthur agreed to George’s plot. Meanwhile, George set to work to out-fox Owen Arthur by using the same skills he used against Miss Nola at Orange Hill and in relation to the Standard Cricket Club – to get the candidates he wanted. It would seem that some superiorly intelligent person saw how the games could be played and immediately set to work, manipulating the pieces. That person perhaps knew that – the geriatric brigade was bond to make mistakes and the glue was bond to dry sometime, so why not apply heat and speed-up the process.

    It was at that point that Mia Mottley stated that she was running for the office of Chairman of the BLP on a campaign: “one man one vote,” that her statement might have immediately sent the required signal to Owen and his gang, that they were under attack. George Payne went to work and shocked DLP members who received letters stating that their application for membership within the BLP had been approved. Mia Withdrew and the public got the message. A year later, and now much closer to general elections – Mia again indicated that she was running for the post of Chairman of the BLP. Owen Panic and said that he wants Mascoll. George Payne sprung into action and on this occasion, the BLP’s Standing Orders were tampered with, resulting in the disenfranchisement of the youth and women.

    Secondly, even before nominations for the post were closed or a single vote could be cast by delegates at its October Conference – elements of the ‘gang of five’ – namely Owen Arthur the Political Leader; Dale Marshall the Deputy Political Leader and George Payne the Chairman – were spooked and appeared in a paid BLP advertisement – indicating to the country that Jerome Walcott (said to have been at the meeting when the Prior Part Accord was signed) was: “The Incoming Chairman.” This was a clear statement that ‘rigged democracy’ will take place but it was the confirmation that the public needed, in order to be satisfied that these boys really cannot help themselves. The implications of the ‘gang of five’s’ advertisement was skillfully brought to the public’s attention resulting in it being said that George Payne’s St. Andrew branch was responsible for the ad in the paper. The plan seems to have been working but George’s shocking revelation shows just how silly he really is. With Arthur already calling for Clyde Mascoll and with Jerome Walcott now as the Chairman, the arena is therefore prepared for the BLP’s war games to intensify.

    All that is needed is to stroke the fire and playoff Jerome; Arthur and Mascoll (on the one part) against George and Dale (on the other) by highlighting the fact that Owen has out-foxed George and don’t need Dale, once he has Mascoll. Again, statement having been made to the public, Mia Mottley withdraws because the ‘gang of five’ and the system had already selected their man: Jerome Walcott as the “Incoming Chairman” and George Payne will hereafter get the justice he deserves for treating Owen Arthur like a little boy and a poppet on a string..

    The point has to be made ‘once and for all’ that George Payne is no strategist or king maker and is even more stupid than he was originally being given credit for. If he had half a brain, he would have worked to ensure that Mia become Party Chairman, which would have kept Owen guessing and Mascoll out, thereby protecting Dale. As is being rumoured, having used his resources to get most of his BLP candidates elected, all he had to do then – was get the BLP home to victory – using Mia’s appeal with the youth as well as nationally. But as it is, George Payne is now just another geriatric wannabe, who – in coming months – will receive the justice he deserve. The only thing that can save him is if a general election is called soon. And that’s what you call: strategy, game plan, checkmate and game over.

  10. Captain America

    “Already Tampering with Documents and Manipulating Rules: The BLP Gets Practice for Government” an excellent break down of the BLP’s gang of five plot I await more of your enlightenment…..

  11. just want to now

    Who have short memories. Look what happened with Mascoll & David Thompson, which made Mascoll walk away from the DLP. When Mia was head of the BLP all systems was good, now Owen has taken over how come it is so bad? Ms. Mottley is still young, let her stop running to the press, and work things out with her party, don’t be selfish, stubborn, and high handed, her time will come, let her put the country and her party before self interest. Let her take a leaf out of Dame Billy Miller book, and ask her for some advice.

  12. Commander

    I think some Bajans have been smoking some strong stuff. Ms Mottley was a horrible party leader. She did a poor job in her time and made several political blunders:

    1/ Prancing up and down over an incorrect budget.

    2/ Wrong on the immigration issue.

    3/ Helped make the Clico problem worse.

    4/ Two misguided no confidence motions that saw her parliamentary team get decimated, showing a lack of common sense, political sense and homework.

    5/ I am not even going to get into her lack of political understanding which saw her lose the majority of her BLP political support in such a short space of time. It was most telling during the political coup that members in her camp lined up behind Owen including members that she put as candidates. How could she not realize in her own political maneuvering that she had crossed the line in a big way. She has little strategic political sense, tactical but not strategic.

    Finally she spent her time as opposition leader as a disservice to Barbados because she was constantly handcuffed by the government with corruption allegations against the BLP. Just think back to the few times that she had something sensible to say, something that the DLP should have to answer ………….. then some teefing gets leaked and she had to shut up.

    Both Owen Arthur and David Thompson had no problem whatsoever making Ms. Mottley take her seat and shut up. In fact the only person who could not get her to shut up seems to have been the House Speaker.

    So I take a dim view of this latter day revisionist history of recently past political events. Ms. Mottley would lose the next election just as Mr. Arthur likely will.

  13. The BLP: A Big Political Bully and a Distraction

    Given the events of the past month, it would seem that ‘the indiscipline BLP’ qualifies as one of the local entities, which are susceptible to the alarming degree of deviance and anti-social behaviour taking place within the wider society, in the form of: “bullying.”

    While there is no doubt that the Police have things under control in this country – it does not help when the Barbados Labour Party gets caught in the ‘indiscipline-and-deviant-behaviour-net.’ Clearly, the on-going injustices being meted-out to former Opposition Leader Mia Mottley – has to be regarded as “political bullying,” as well as an unprovoked attack on the Barbadian middle class and the Barbadian woman.

    Many feel that in the same way the Police intervene to restore good order within our society, given the open hostility within the BLP – it may need to do similar there, especially given that the BLP receives an annual subvention from the State. Based on media reports, it is not just “bullying” within the BLP, but vote padding; electoral fraud and electoral corruption – in the form of manipulation of the Standing Orders.

    While some within the BLP may think that the rest of the society is over-acting and that the unacceptable and on-going high levels of electoral corruption taking place within the BLP is none of their business – Barbadians are aware that an opposition, which promotes bad behaviour and turns a blind-eye to bullying, can hardly be said – to be a political party that is fit to lead.

    The crux of the matter is that the BLP is clearly not ready and it is resistant to change. Already long- standing BLP members are so turned-off that they are saying openly on the radio that they will be voting for the DLP next election. It is also not difficult to see why the BLP only scraped 553 votes in the St. John by-election. Even its ‘support-base’ is split; turned-off and dwindling.

    The BLP purports that it wants to rescue Barbados but lacks the will to sort-out its own violent internal squabbles, which is already having a negative impacts on its membership and the wider Barbadian society. Simply put: the BLP is a bad distraction, which Barbados cannot afford at this time.

  14. Commander

    “The BLP: A Big Political Bully and a Distraction”

    I do not take too much solace in the poor state of the BLP as it ultimately decreases the representation we as the public get. Less reason for DLP members to be on their toes.

    But I must take issue with the “to be regarded as “political bullying,” as well as an unprovoked attack on the Barbadian middle class and the Barbadian woman.” statement. Unprovoked …………. really?!

    Revisionist history again. She did not deserve the job thanks to poor performance, it is unfortunately clear that she thinks that she deserves the job no matter how she performs. Sadly some Bajans and some in the regular press seem to think so too.

    Does anyone today comment on the ‘democratic’ way in which she became opposition leader?

    How about how her supporters were moving up the ranks when she was in charge?

    Or how about what she was reportedly plotting to do to Payne et al?

    Mia is and was no sweetbread. She is just getting some of what she had no problem sharing out. I am also tired of hearing this ‘woman’ nonsense. Man or woman, if you want to run a party or country you have to earn it. I get the impression that groups of people with certain ideologies think that this should not apply to her. She should remain in her post because of her sex?

    Again I reiterate that Ms. Mottley does not hold the vote of their own Women’s branch! So lay off of the woman thing. The women in her party have spoken.