Politicians and voters – a visual illustration

Because it’s Monday morning and we all need a smile with our coffee!

“… campaigns once depended on rousing oratory by stump speakers but now feature expensive rallies with musical acts and other entertainment; the political speakers are an annoyance that the audience must endure.”

… from a WikiLeaks US Embassy cable talking about political campaign funding in Barbados.

Our thanks to an old friend for sending us the video!


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3 responses to “Politicians and voters – a visual illustration

  1. Oops!

    I quite like the look of the nice beige one!

  2. 74

    No boy…dat big girl third from left is MINE!
    Doan even look at she den.

    I notice the girls were listening intently, so by no means was this a waste of time.
    Perhaps we cud get out the RBPF Band to play for COW’s cows?
    -or maybe Andy Voss and V.S.O.P.

  3. Misogynist: Pre-Selected Chairman

    Barbadians would have found it bizarre, when on August 28th 2011 and for the second time (thereby confirming that it was not an error) a paid advertisement appeared in one section of the local press – on behalf of the Barbados Labour Party, introducing an individual as: “The Incoming Chairman.”

    Imagine! The introduction of an individual as: “In-Coming Chairman” and with great certainty – even before the date for nomination for the post of Chairman was closed and even before a single vote was cast – raising serious suspicion that something very strange was about to happen.

    Then the news broke and concern expressed – that there might have been some tampering with the BLP Constitution and surprisingly so – before the Annual Conference, where one would naturally expect any such proposals would have been presented; discussed and agreed-to, in a transparent, lawful and disciplined manner.

    If middle-ground Barbadians are beginning to feel and realise that they can no longer afford to trust the BLP or rely on anything it says – they would not have come to that position without good reasons and much effort and persuading on the part of the BLP. For, how could a BLP – which only a few months ago went all across Barbados complaining to anyone who would listen – that the DLP was changing the law to give one man a job – now find itself tampering with its Constitution to make a man: “The Incoming Chairman?”

    Mia Mottley was never going to be able to ‘stamp-out corruption’ (election rigging and vote-padding) within the BLP and she is right not to participate in, thereby validating a process, which middle-ground Barbadians (who are not political) find horrible and highly offensive.

    You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that this latest salvo is a calculated and unprovoked attack on women and ‘the Barbadian middle class’ by a group of men within the BLP, who seem to have reached agreement, that no woman or middle-class Barbadian is ‘acceptable’ to lead them; the BLP or this country. Vote for them – Yes! But lead again – absolutely not! It would therefore seem that someone has been able to get into the head of (what could only be) a vulnerable person within the BLP – perhaps questioning if any such person is going to allow the BLP to end-up in the hands of a woman or a middle-class Barbadian.

    On its chosen destruction path, it would seem that the leadership of BLP is in danger of giving false hope to its membership, who want to win the upcoming election, whereas the leadership seems more concerned with shutting out and ultimately, ridding the party of Mia Mottley, altogether. It does not seem to occur to the BLP membership and the country as a whole – that if it cannot now hold certain people within the Opposition BLP accountable, they will not be able to do so, if those persons were to form Government.

    With the leadership of the BLP now declaring war on the Barbadian middle class and women – the 28,000 employees within the public service should be extremely worried and very afraid. One false move or lapse in judgment on their part and that’s it!