Nigerian Islamic Sharia Court to hack off thieves’ hands – Barbados Muslim says that’s okay!

Why Barbados must fight against Islamic values and laws being taught in local schools

My Lord, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury (obviously not an Islamic court because no women are allowed), I beg to introduce Fact #1…

“An Islamic sharia court in  Zamfara State has sentenced two men to amputation of their right wrists for stealing a bull, with the amputation to be carried out in public if it is given final approval.”

From the September 9, 2011 Vanguard News story: Sharia court sentences two to amputation for theft

And now for Fact #2, courtesy of a 14 year-old female student at Barbados Al-Falah Muslim School…

“Beheading..chopping off your hands, severe beatings,etc. Are strict Islamic rules and these are the things that were done during our prophets time and are continued till this day to follow the tradition, there is nothing wrong in it.”

Quoted in the November 26, 2010 BFP post Barbados Muslim Girls School, 14 year old student: “Nothing wrong with beheading, chopping off your hands, severe beatings”

Remember folks – nothing explains Islam better than ordinary Muslims talking about what they believe and what they are taught to believe.


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19 responses to “Nigerian Islamic Sharia Court to hack off thieves’ hands – Barbados Muslim says that’s okay!

  1. A Limbless Barbadian Society

    If “tiefing” is the measure of protecting society by hacking off a limb under Sharia Law, would there be many parliamentarians in Barbados without prosthetics and would people like Leroy Parris be sitting in a wheelchair without arms and legs?

    Come to think of it???

  2. yawn yawn

    wow. bfp wunna real pathetic though. even with the wikileaks stuff wunna traffic still slow. so wunna revive an old article guaranteed to bring some numbers to the site. and what a better time than around 9/11.

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  4. just want to know

    I believe in freedom of religion, but I disagree totally with these people bringing their religious fanaticism to my country. Not one of us can go to these countries and dress as we please, all who work their have to put on these black or brown long things in the heat when going on the street, why in God’s name our authorities allow them to wear this black thing over their faces, even going into banks, not right. I agree with the French government, and Australia, if you want to live in my country, abide by my countries rules and regulations, or go back to your own. My husband nearly had an accident with two of them driving a car on the highway with these black things over their faces, how can they be allowed to do that! They can’t see properly, and another thing with the windows black as can be,. Black hoodes and black tainted windows, how are they going to see, why aren’t the police doing something about it ?

  5. tweedley dum

    Just about the only thing I like about Islamic religion is the obvious thing needed here (and I figure everywhere else)….If you kill POP YUH NECK fast fast fast ….If yuh teef…Whacks off wif yuh hand….Ef yuh rape …Sliicks….Off with yuh Diggerydoo…… etc.,etc.,….
    Try this for 5 years…if no change in attitude……then let everybody out from de jails…….EFFING IT WUKS THEN>>>>NEXT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Womens Rights

    Would we let the Nazis impose onlly “some” of their values and rules upon our society? Barbados must reject Sharia in all forms.

  7. slider

    Why does Barbados allow children to be taught that subjugation of women and other religions is acceptable?

  8. Eid Al Fitr

    Is BFP willing to state why it appears to have a personal grudge against Muslims or people of such persuasion? You all appear to be kinder against homosexuals, did one of you lose a gay lover in 9/11? I am only asking as you use a response from late last year to try and generate a current article and that to me seems rather poor journalism – I thought ye olde Jack Bowman would be here by now! I’s and T’s locked and loaded, telling everyone why P’s are p’s and Q’s are q’s…

    I am not impressed with the item BFP, it seems like you found a fossilised piece of food in the larder and you tossed it in the Stone Soup to justify having “meaty” content, SMH-SMH-SMH!!

  9. BFP

    Hello Eid Al Fitr

    We don’t have a grudge against Muslims. We have a grudge against the Islamists who think that Islam should subjugate all the world through violence. You know, in the ten years since 9/11 it would have been nice to see the Muslim world take steps to purge the violence from their religiion, but that’s difficult to do seeing as it is right in the Koran. Same thing with women being lesser and not having the same credibility as men when called upon to be a witness. Not to forget that Muslim men can quickly divorce their wives whereas women cannot do the same. And then there is the instruction that husbands can beat their wives. And don’t forget that good old Mohammed took a wife a six and had sex with her when she was nine. He beat her too. Struck her on the chest so it hurt. Check it out!

    So yes, do have a grudge against those Muslims who would try to impose their barbaric values and laws upon us.

    Have a nice day.

  10. DeBagLady (aka Cant Stand Bigots)

    This is a sad state of affairs. BFP, how desperate are we? Diffusing pro-hate messages to drum up activity on your website. I hope reasonable Barbadian citizens are not taken by this ploy. Humanity has a history of violence. Perpetrators have been all shades and sizes, classes and creeds. What about the accounts of those ‘good christian men’ who have beat their wives and killed their fellow men? Isn’t that barbarism too? I think BFP needs to take steps to purge the prejudice and intolerance expressed in its views.

  11. BFP

    Hello DeBagLady,

    You will always find BFP to be prejudiced and intolerant against those who say that a woman’s word is only worth a quarter of a man’s word. You will find us incredibly prejudiced against those who say that all other religions must be subjugated to Islam through violence if necessary.

    Why are you not intolerant of misogyny and violence as promoted by a religion in its “holy” book?

  12. 136

    While the idea of chopping off a hand of a thief as justice is barbaric and foolish because you end up with hand-less people who can’t work but still need to eat – what is the sense in that? A 14 year old has the right to believe it and express it as long as she doesn’t act on her thoughts. Plus she’s young, she will grow up and learn sense the day her ‘strict rules’ clash with something she actually wants to do.
    As for sharia law taking root in Barbados. Is there evidence of this? Muslim women may like parading around Barbados in their get-up but I doubt they feel subjugated, they get attention. I don’t see the difference between that and getting a tattoo. It seems ironic you display modesty by wearing something that makes you extremely conspicuous.
    Here they get educated, work or raise families, are into the trappings of life and are as full of cr*p as everybody else is. I can’t see them giving up their peaceful happy existence to be subject to the whims and fancies of a mullah on a power trip. Islamic or not I really can’t see a Bajan falling for that.

  13. BFP

    Hi 136,

    Suppose it was not Islam, but some other ideology that was taught to our children that had them believing that thieves should be punished by cutting off their hands, that women are property of men and that it is acceptable to beat them on occasion?

    Would these be acceptable values to teach these young children? I think people excuse much because it is Islam – that they would not excuse were it some other named ideology.

  14. 136

    I take it you have a problem with Judaism as well then, eye for an eye and all that. And how do you propose we stop “our children” from learning theses things? Ban Islamic schools? Ban Islam altogether?
    If we decide to nit-pick through the text of every religion we are bound to find an offending phrase, does we ban all religion? That’s assuming that is where they are learning to chop people in the first place. What about movies or music or books or plays that depict violence? Should they all be outlawed lest our precious children ‘learn’ their values?.

    I’m not a fan of Islam but I am a fan of the right to free speech and religious expression as long as they don’t break the law. I would like to think our children are sensible enough not to go around chopping off peoples hands because a 14yr old writes an essay in support of it. If this scares you then we have bigger problems than you imagine.

    As for the way they treat women, I suggest we set an example by clamping down on domestic violence or abuse. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone charged with domestic abuse in the court pages.

  15. BFP

    Hi 136,

    If the Jews taught in their schools that eye for an eye was acceptable behaviour in everyday living, and implemented that philosophy by murdering thousands every year in furtherance of their religious beliefs, I would have a problem with that, yes. But they don’t.

    The difference between the Old Testament and the Koran is that where incidents of violence are told about in the OT, they are in a historical perspective, whereas the Koran commands violence today in furtherance of Islam, and tens or hundreds of millions of Muslims support that violence today. There is also the complete subjugation of other religions that is commanded in the Koran, and of course, the denigration of women.

    And then there is slavery: modern slavery in Muslim nations is endemic and it is so because it is authorized in the Koran. Even recently there were calls in Egypt and Saudi Arabia for the complete legalisation of sex slaves as mandated by the Koran.

    There is no equivalency today between the Koran and the OT and the New Testament or the activities of those who follow each book.

    I have a problem with children being taught destructive values in their schools. As to chopping off hands not happening in Barbados, I would suggest to you that is only because Muslims represent such a small portion of the population. History has taught us that when the percentage of the population reaches various levels of Muslims, certain stages of non-violent and then violent jihad spring forth to further their ideology and legal system of Sharia.

  16. SO easy to "have a personal grudge against islam"

    I do NOT believe in religious freedom, mainly because all religions are stupifying pains-in-the-butt that have held back mankind’s true potential for millenia!

    Mankind sorely needs re-education in this dept.
    in order to come out from under the wet blanket on induced MYTHOLOGY that we are inculcated with, as children, led to believe all sorts shyte, starting with Easter Bunny and Santa Klaus, and ending with “God” and an alleged Afterlife…what a CROCK of crapola…but of dear we do so enjoy it –it makes us feel good.

    What a buncha feeble jerks, the whole religious lot of you…and your dumbas little books
    written by comparative IDIOTS of yesteryear,

    GET REAL, will ya?

    islam is a dangerous social CANCER, and anywhere islam is, that society will eventually have trouble until such time as islam is 100% of that society.

  17. owen's rum glass

    wait, i remember they had a coupe in trinidad and tobago back in the early 90’s and it was lead by goons with snack boxes on their heads, who they were again?…

  18. WTF!

    I sometimes wonder if we would not be better off if thieves had their hands cut off, and rapists had to pee through a straw ect. Instead they spend time in prison, which we paid to build, eat food we pay for, watch cable TV we pay for, learn how to become hardened criminals, and are then released upon society to repeat crimes.

  19. Randy Bridgeman

    It’s nauseating to read the pathetic jottings of these vile, filthy-mouthed fools (one who asserts there’s no God) who visit this website to let off steam. Their rantings and ravings against the Lord GOD Almighty is truly pitiful. They hold the mistaken belief that because they say “it ain’t so” it isn’t, as if the veracity of the Scriptures or the existence of GOD depend upon tthe drivel emanating from their puny,infantile minds. Go ahead, shake that little fist at the Living GOD and see what benefit you will derive. And how does GOD react to your foolish sayings? Read PSALM 37:13 for one of His answers.

    BTW, Sharia law is bankrupt irrespective of how it’s measured. And we don’t want it here. If Bajan Muslims don’t like our laws, they are free to relocate to one of the countries where Sharia law reigns supreme. Nobody is preventing them. And when you have arrived and are settled in your new country, send us some ink letting us know how the Sharia law is working out for you and fellow citizens.

    Jesus is the way… (JOHN 14:6). I gone doh.