BFP’s Opinion: No jail sentence necessary for Johan Bjerkhamn, but larger issues ignored

UPDATED December 21, 2011: Bjerkanm sentenced to 240 hours community service

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As expected, Johan Bjerkhamn will not go to jail over the accidental shooting death of his son. Instead he will do 240 hours of Community Service. That’s fine with BFP, but as we point out in this post, citizens have no answers on the important questions raised by this shooting.

Same old, same old ’bout hey.

Our original story first published Sept 8, 2011…

Bjerkhamn to be sentenced December 21, 2011

The Nation is reporting that Johan Bjerkhamn will probably receive “community service” as his penalty for accidentally shooting and killing his 11 year old son Luke.

No court can impose any penalty that is greater than what he is already under. The larger questions remain unanswered, as we said in the below post originally published on September 8, 2011…

No sentence can exceed the father’s burden

The manslaughter charge against Johan Bjerkhamn was withdrawn last Tuesday by Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock. Bjerkhamn now only faces a charge that he “willfully exposed” his 11 year old son, Luke, “in a manner likely to cause injury to his health.” (Nation article here)

There was supposed to be a continuation of the court hearing today (Thursday September 8th) but I haven’t heard any results. The hearing and sentencing may be over as I write this post.

By all accounts Johan Bjerkhamn accidentally shot his son to death as he was handling a Glock pistol with the boy present. Bjerkhamn violated the first rule of gun handling and pointed the pistol at another human being that he did not intend to shoot. Whether the gun is empty or loaded that is the rule and it’s a good rule for tragically obvious reasons.

The pistol went off and the bullet passed through Mr. Bjerhamn’s hand before striking Luke in the chest.

The published sections of his statement to the police are heart-wrenching. Any father, any mother, can only imagine the horror upon realizing that they killed their son through their own carelessness.

As we commented in a previous post

“Mr. Bjerkhamn should probably be banned for life from owning weapons, but other than that we can’t see anything to be done. No penalty can be worse than the burden he already carries.”

We agree with the DPP’s decision to drop the manslaughter charge, and we are pleased that this is being done in a public court and reported in the local news media. As recently as July 7, 2011, BFP criticized the authorities for failing to be transparent with the public about the Bjerkhamn case. We hope this newly-found will to keep the public informed continues.

Firearm dealer licenses primarily handed out to elites

There is an outstanding issue revealed by Luke’s death that is being ignored. It was rumoured that Johan Bjerkhamn had a firearms dealer license but was not a genuine dealer. Bajans believe that Firearms dealer licenses are primarily handed out to the upper class and political elites as a matter of convenience to allow people to get around the law restricting the number of firearms that one person can own.

Bajans also believe that there is no firearms safety test, demonstration or refresher training administered by the police as a condition of any firearms license.

Bajans also believe that the entire firearms licensing process is arbitrary with no defined standards as to who is afforded the privilege and who is not.

If you’re a somebody, perhaps an elected politician who feels compelled to strap a pistol to your ankle in Parliament, you get a license easily. if you are a friend of the government, or partnered with the government in business like Doctor Alfred Sparman, there is no impediment to obtaining a firearms license even if you have a previous conviction for kidnapping and rape.

On the other hand, if you are an ordinary shop owner who has been robbed three times in the past year while taking the deposit to the bank, it is unlikely you’ll get a gun license through any reasonable process. You’re not a somebody.

Bajan citizens cannot intelligently debate any subject without access to the facts

How many licensed people are there on the island? How many registered firearms? How many “firearms dealers” are there? How many of these so-called “dealers” are legitimate and how many are “dealers” for personal convenience? What standards determine whether a firearms license is issued? Why is no training required?

If the news media won’t ask such questions, and the Commissioner of Police keeps this information from the citizens, how can we as a society discuss firearms and shape the future of our Barbados?

The trouble with Police Commissioner Dottin is that he starts with an old-school Colonial elitist attitude that asks “Why should the police provide this information to ordinary citizens?”

Instead, the standard should be “Why shouldn’t the police provide this information to ordinary citizens?”

If there is no good reason for not making this kind of information available, it should be there for citizens in a free society.

The police need to learn that transparency is not just standing up and giving a press conference once in a while when THEY feel like it. Transparency flows from an attitude and an acknowledgement that the police need to be accountable to the people at all times – not just when Commissioner Dottin thinks we lower citizens should know something.


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53 responses to “BFP’s Opinion: No jail sentence necessary for Johan Bjerkhamn, but larger issues ignored

  1. Junior

    I never heard about this dealer license as a means to own multiple firearms though. I was in 2 clubs there and people used to have 4 and 5 firearms. How much is the quota you are speaking of above which one needs to be a dealer to have, use and carry ?

  2. Adrian Hinds

    The average person on the street long concluded that this guy would walk.

  3. Junior

    @ Adrian Hinds, anything else would be unreasonable.

  4. Norhtern Bajan

    Do you not have different degrees of manslaughter? The fact is there was a death and he was the cause of it period.We have in-voluntary manslaughter here in the states and there is a punishment for that. Does anyone really believe that if his father was not rich, powerful and I hate to say it but white would there be a different outcome? My prayers and sympathy go to the Mother and her family even though it is a year the pain is still there and always will be.

  5. Adrian Hinds

    There was a time in Barbados when manslaughter was the charge brought and sucessfully applied in cases were absolute proof established the accused actions — unintential though it maybe — as the cause of death of another. Every citizen’s right to life gauranteed under the constitution was violated in this case, yet no one will be held to account. The average man knows why; there was a time when only certain people were brought before the law courts on murder charges.

  6. BA88/98

    Surely a moment’s inattention or carelessness is not manslaughter? If you take your eyes off the road for an instant and a child runs in front of your car and dies is that manslaughter? No drinking, no speed, everything fine except for that moment you looked at the radio button instead of keeping your eyes on the road. Is that manslaughter in Barbados?

    When I think of manslaughter I think of a fight where one person falls and strikes their head and dies. The other is convicted of manslaughter because of the sum of his actions in continuing a course of action that he should know could cause harm to the other.

    It sounds like the father was careless for an instant. I can’t see how that is manslaughter. He shot himself before the bullet killed his son. It wasn’t like he was playing pointing the gun at his son or some highly negligent behaviour for a period of time. He was careless for an instant and killed his only son. How can that be manslaughter?

  7. Wake up!

    I think that the point is that the man was cleaning or trying to clear a gun with his 11 year-old son was in the room. The allowing of his son in the room could be considered reckless, or at least careless. If you drive recklessly and kill someone, then the charge should be manslaughter. If you drive carelessly and kill someone, then it could be argued that it is involuntary manslaughter. On that point, if you text on your cell phone while driving, that is reckless and mansalughter should be the verdict. Be warned!

  8. Junior

    It’s amazing to me this nonsense about the child should not be present because a firearm is present and being manipulated.
    Then what of the Barbados Cadet Corps ?
    My school had a shooting range and I like many others used to shoot there, live rounds not blanks. I was 11 years old the first time. It was an accident people. Accidents are a possibility in everything that has human input.

  9. rasta man

    What a pity that this is not the real story. But in Barbados the real story will never be told.

  10. just want to know

    rasta man you said it, the true story will never be told.

  11. 7

    I cannot imagine any hell that would be worse for this man than what he is in already. To have to live with the knowledge that if you had only checked that gun your son would still be alive.

  12. 564-5644/A-4c

    The worst sentence OF ALL has already been self-inflicted!!

    Bjer now has to forever live with the knowledge and image of his dying son, lying on the carpet in a pool of blood, by his own? hand -certainly by his own gun!

    If THAt ain’t a life-sentence I don’t know what is.
    Hopefully he’s been taking psychological therapy ever since that awful day, but you know Bajans…going for counsel?
    people might think I’m mad.
    LOL -like we don’t think that already about you…? lol

  13. watch

    I do not care.

  14. 84

    Racist BFP would always say this about Bjerkhamn.

    Racist BFP would never say this if he had been black.

  15. @ Anonymous/ September 9, 2011 at 11:24 pm
    Racist BFP would always say….
    Racist BFP would never say ….

    I’m surprise you or anyone would refer to BFP as Racist. How could they be when they (BFP) deem others as Racist; but to think of it, it takes one to know one.

    Anonymous, you made me start to think. Thank you.

  16. Carl

    Why would a gun dealer clean a fully loaded gun? Do you get a dealer’s license without knowing basic safety precautions?

  17. BFP

    Hi Carl,

    That is one of the issues we raise in the post. What training, what qualifications, what testing is there to obtain a gun dealer’s license? Answer: none.

  18. 102

    Carl –
    Everyone is entitled to make a mistake. I’m sure that it is standard procedure but even the most simple routines can be forgotten sometimes.
    It is so sad to see that this has happened and why it is about colour I will not understand, surely if it was a black man then everyone would want the same for them. I don’t believe that it would have made a difference.
    Surely he loved his son and he will never forget what has happened, surely he won’t even want to handle a gun again.

  19. just curious

    I would love to know what ballistic tests were done on the firearm. I can’t imagine that you can be the sole owner of a gun and not know that it is loaded. Seems to me that someone else may have loaded that gun for him. Therefore my question would be why and for what purpose?

  20. Can anyone confirm that this man’s firearm’s license has been revoked?

  21. i agree with your opinion entirely particularly with the way fitearm licenses are obtained and how easy the whites and negrocrats can access these licenses as opposed to others who genuinely need licenses for their legitimate use. i remember when i was at school i i could not understand how my white friends could boast of having shot this and that on weekends and later in life having my apllication for a license turned down after the business which i operated in a remote area was burgled not once but twice. but bffp, your comments are generally on the mark? what is the criteria for owning a firearm or having a dealership? it is most likely standing in society or connections. in addition, there is no recourse for appeal. i would rather support persons with a voice or audience like tevor marshall mounting a platform against these present day injustices and discrimmatory practices in society rather than fulminating against lord nelson who no one cares about.

  22. HMG

    @ Adrian Hinds.
    You are misguided in your understanding of the constitutional protection of rights when you assert that the deceased’s right to life guaranteed under the Constitution was violated. This is a very flawed interpretation of rights and their constitutional protection.
    When we speak of constitutional rights , we refer to those rights which exist in the relationship between THE STATE AND THE INDIVIDUAL ; not between one individual and another. A person CANNOT therefore violate another person’s constitutional rights UNLESS that person is performing A STATE FUNCTION. In the present scenario therefore , the one who can lay claim to any protection of any rights IS THE ACCUSED MAN .
    I hope I have been of some assistance.

  23. Side Effects

    No continuous update on actual crime/illegal activities statistics (per week/month) are published so the public can be aware of the type of crimes and illegal activities, the number of crimes committed, geographical information on crime and the number of arrest for crimes.

    If the General public had such information they would be more will to assist as they would be on the look out, Some people are not even aware that criminal activities take place in their districts, parish or even the workplace.

    More information more knowledge more power more solutions Less CRIME.

  24. Mac

    Two things, firstly all reports were that it was a rifle not a pistol.
    Secondly, as long as the chief of the police complaints commission considers complaints of corruption and wrong doing against the police as “humbug complaints” what chance is there of justice for ordinary people and accountability applied to the Elites.

  25. Vex

    accident my arse. Mentally deranged looking Johan Bjerkman killed his own son he should be lost way in Dodds forever. What is he doing with a gun license much less a gun dealership.
    If he was black he would be in jail all now. he looks like a criminal lunatic.

  26. The Watcher!

    I like this article. It is quite accurate in what it portrays about firearms and the licensing process. It also seems to be acutely aware of the issue revolving around the “elitist” behaviors of the police force and their illustrious leader who seems to think that he was born royalty.
    In any case, the Police have NO standards for issuing firearms licenses and believe strongly through their behavior and the actions of their great leader, that ordinary citizens should not possess firearms. I do not know their definition of “ordinary” but a shop-keeper may fit that bill never mind that his daily take can be upwards of $4500~$5000 for some very popular shops.
    Meanwhile, the flow of guns into and out of the hands of criminals sees and knows no ends. You can “rent” a gun now if you so desire in Barbados. This new “enterprise” reflects their growing popularity and accessibility.
    Seems unreal? Make no mistake about this new phenomenon, you can rent a .22 caliber all the way up to a 5.56 caliber handgun from what I’ve heard. Yes, a 5.56 caliber handgun, They are those in Barbados (both legal and illegal). Oh, and the legal ones belong to white folks just for reference!
    What this government needs to do to quell crime and put some roadblocks in the way of criminals is to arm decent, law-abiding citizens. The police have proven that they CANNOT effectively protect us the public. In countries and states where it is legal to carry a weapon, crime statistics related to burglaries, home invasions, robberies and incidents of gun violence are significantly lower than in those with excessive restrictions on firearms. And just to show how superbly ignorant we are, the commissioner has pushed and had enacted into law( much to his own egotistical, self-illuminating glory) a firearms act that makes any instrument, or implement capable of launching a projectile, a firearm! So please throw out your old “gutter-perks” that you used to shoot at monkeys with, because it’s now a firearm according to our top cop! This level of fear of allowing citizens to participate in their own protection is mind-numbing to say the least. But the minute the police need help, where do they turn first? To the same public who they see themselves as being a notch or two above!
    Now, in the meantime, bad-boys don’t fear the police and have now started to shoot at them whenever possible. This is a far cry from back in the days when a police used to issue a verbal command and bring to a halt a criminal, or a rowdy crowd back under control. I think that when the now commissioner joined the force these were the things he so admirably took to heart and wants to return Barbados back to this state.
    Well I got news for him and the rest of loafers regarding dealing actively with the recent and possibly future criminal enterprises that will raise their heads in Barbados. Don’t act soon to get the citizens of this country involved in their own protection and I will guarantee that it will only alienate the police even further from the public.
    Barbados needs true LEADERS, not Loafers who are stuck on stupid and the hierarchy of status-quo hoping that by their actions all will be made all right again so that their dim lights can illuminate them for the rest of us to see.
    We, the public are sick of these in-actions and excuses. Sick of these lies and un-truths. Sick of the spin and misrepresentation. Quite frankly, we the public are unashamedly and absolutely sick of all of you!

  27. Posh

    I agree with the COP. I believe unless he was compelled by the attorney general to give out licenses to certain ‘connected’ people, he wouldn’t be giving out any.

    Firearm license holders never do and have never done anything good with their license firearms. In the last three months alone firearms were stolen from owner’s vehicles. Worst part is, the time of the theft cannot be pinpointed, they say sometime between couple days ago and present when I discovered it missing. Meaning they weren’t checking for the firearm in the first place, which leaves me to wonder, what threat do they face that they have a firearm and aren’t even checking on it in the last couple of days?

    You have the guy who had 100 rounds of ammunition stolen from his house. You have bkum who shot his own son. You have the guy that left his firearm on the roof of his car when he left for work in the morning, only to realize he missed it when he checked for it when he came home at night. You have the business owner who sold his firearm to the guy who shot the police with it…..Should I go on?

    If the COP had his way none of the public would have licenses because history has shown that nothing good comes of licensed firearms in the hands of amateurs/business owners etc.

  28. Posh

    @Side Effects: Also crime stats are published on the police website, shame on you for spreading mis-information.

  29. blue heffner

    this lunatic shot and killed his son and some here are treating him like the victim smh………..he should be rotting under the jail.

  30. In Plain View

    if the eyes are windows to the soul… I fear for anyone associated with this person.

  31. 246

    bajan mad.By all means big head bjerkhamn should have been sent to jail,but bjans used your head money plays a big part in life .Cheffette prices going have to go up as well as Jada prices,got to get him off but for the rest of his life he will suffer in the site of god.If I was a woman I would not want to have anything to do with the best most people think he is stupied.Just look at his family back ground and you can see why not liked.

  32. what will they think of next

    Give the man a break, there is no greater burden than knowing that you have harm your child.

    I guess many of the idiots who wrote above don’t have children. If it was me I don’t know how I would survive.

  33. Mac

    Why is the child’s mother up in arms at the death of her son and the over lenient/non existent sentencing???????

  34. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    The case with respect to Michael Jack and Conrad Murray purports that though MJ’s death was not the intent of Conrad Murray ruling out murder but was found guilty on in-voluntary manslaughter. Now he is spending 4 years in prison for his involvement in the death of the King of Pop.

    I do not think that this man wanted to kill his son but his stupidity and negligence led to his son’s the death in any event. Rather he has suffered because he has to live with what he did not intend to do the point is his son suffered the greater lost – his life. For me, he should be incarcerated for not exercising due care. But not in Bim and not when you got money and your skin is white.

  35. 105

    For all of you who do not personally know Johan Bjerkhamn you should not comment with sympathy. HE IS NO VICTIM. Maybe he can finally have his head examined. He has carried on living the high social life in Barbados without missing a beat. He has always lived an immature life and has always been saved from many situations by carrying his money powerful last name. Let’s face it Barbados; it should be no secret that money has paid a big role in this. He doesn’t have to spend 1 day behind bars for the unlawful killing of a human being but black people have the spend a few days for much more MINOR things. Johan was the parent, he is suppose to take care of his son not be neglectful! You know he could still have been charged with NEGLECTFUL INTENT TO MURDER. Maybe if the Barbados Police Force had done due diligence, instead of seeing $$$$$ signs, maybe justice for Luke would have been served. Instead disgrace on A Justice system for an island that has been tarnished in the world views.



  36. goldteet

    And if Bjerkhamn was black… the sentence would be 12 years Dodds.
    Court adjouned.

  37. repeat visitor

    if we was in Canada, I guarantee you he’d get more than a slap on the wrist. i think it’s pitiful and his father likely greased palms somewhere to have this happen.

  38. what will they think of next

    Justice has been served.

  39. Blue vex

    The wild mAD WHITE BOY murderer DESERVE 15 YEARS in Dodds and Jenkins as a criminally insane convict; for the community service make him clean pit toilets in the Orleans, Suttle Street, Nelson Street areas. Show him the places Todd.

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  41. How sad that we feel compelled again and again to dismiss so much by reference to race and colour and, yes, “Colonial attitudes’. ‘Racism’ works both ways but the label is not a substitute for informed, coherent argument…and, in this case,including the discussion of firearms, there is much to be concerned about.

  42. 464-5644/B3-5c

    1. Point the firearm IN A SAFE DIRECTION.
    2. Unload gun and make sure it is an inert lump of steel.
    3. Clean gun, with ammo far away from gun (the two entities together are dangerous: each entity by itself is no more than a rock to be thrown)

    yes, he looks lunatic….now!
    Wouldn’t you?

    He must be under enormous self-pressure on a guilty-psychological level
    and is already a crumpled man, sentenced to a miserable life hereafter.

    Chances are he may take his own life in the future, it’s that bad.


    Will be interesting to see exactly what he does for Community Service!
    It should be served AT Dodds, helping prisoners rehabilitate
    so he would still get a reasonable taste of what he so narrowly avoided
    by the grace of God, and his well-connected father!

    If he was any man, he would choose that very option
    and try to “work off his sins” that way, as close to jail as possible
    without actually sleeping a night up there!

  43. shedrood

    The Magistrate lamented the DPP’s decision to allow a lesser charge? She had a fine of $24 or Three months in Jail, and she used her discretion to impose community service? Clearly Jail time was not an option for this particular accused talk what you like about the pain of causing the death of one’s own son, we all know what happened here!!! This is why I believe in God, because men can’t even spell justice furthermore dispense it.

  44. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    SOme of the comments are just down right stupid and ignorant, including the fair judgement BFP thinks is appropriate for this case. Some have already alluded to the fact that how could a gun dealer be cleaning a loaded gun when the first rule of is gun cleanings say its tabooed. Secondly was the boy in the room whilst the gun was being clean or did he happen to suddenly come in the room, startling his father who suddenly had a spontaneous reflex action from the boy’s sudden entry (its called you jump me in bajan) causing the gun to fire. Or is it according to the street rumour, which is: a struggle ensue between the boy and father who (the boy) was trying to protect his mother from his father’s wrath and the gun accidentally went off.

  45. Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Why are my comments all over the place. Some of I read here is definitely not what I wrote. What is going on. Have you censored my comments?

  46. 105

    Bajans listen….. Please don’t be fooled here.

    Johan Brjerkhamn and his Bjerkhamn family have not suffered in this tragedy…. You think they have stopped living the “high life”. They still driving their Mercedes and living their elaborate life. If they were a family in DEEP REGRET, as some of you all believe, why did his father not show you Bajans a gesture and donate a large sum of money into a well deserving cause????? No, they rather spend the $$$ and try to repair their imagine by hiring 2, but not 1, of top notch lawyers on the island instead of thiking about their only family member that is DEAD!!!!!!!!

    The only thing that will ever hurt this kind of person is not killing their own family members but in the WALLET. Maybe bajans can band together and show the Bjerkhamn that they might be able to run and hide from justice behind $$$ but if bajans not helping them make their $$$$ then they could not hide but rather have to be treated like the poor man, white or black man.

  47. permres

    Rather than requesting that BFP start another thread, I am resurrecting this one as it is relevant to what I want to say.

    In the Nation today we have a report suggesting that a gun dealer’s licence be revoked, because he wanted to import ten “sniper” rifles! Quite right too!

    I know it will never happen, but apart from the armed forces and the armed section of the police force, I would like to see all guns banned from Barbados. Anyone found possessing one should be prosecuted according to the law, once passed.

    Of course it would be objected to for the reason that shooting is a harmless (!!?) pastime and a sport, and such a law would infringe on the personal liberties of those who want to indulge in their pastime in a responsible way. But we have laws against certain drugs and certain types of gambling, for instance. These laws are across the board, supposedly applying to everyone, even though they too could be classed as harmless for the supposedly responsible partakers.

    Just imagine the impact it would have on the international community if Barbados passed such a law! Would other nations commend us, or would they think we were a little crazy!?

    As with drugs and gambling, those persons wanting to practice their shooting (with sniper rifles!?) would have to travel to other countries where they would be permitted to pursue their pastime.

  48. A Patriot

    I have read many of the comments here, and I am aghast at the many misinterpretations of common law terminology. I am also, as a Life Member of the NRA here in the USA aghast at the apparent lack of openness and complete honesty of the Bajan Police. I am shocked and actually angered on the behalf of the entire Bajan nation that this situation of a lack of complete honesty about such an important body of law has not been corrected. I have been visiting your beautiful and precious nation for over 20 years now and I have observed with relish the wonderful dialogue that comes with every election. A more literate and thoughtful populace anywhere cannot be found. And I respect the Bajan Nation for this in a way that I do not respect my own, sadly enough. I am very protective of the rights we Americans enjoy, and the differences between us and other nations.

    The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a God-given Right, and not a privilege. But your system of government and politics is the English system, and ours is very distinctively different. If a government of the People, by the People and for the People becomes destructive of those aims for which that government was instituted, then it is the Right and the Responsibility of the People to rise up and replace the old forms of government, and institute a new form of self-government that will be responsive to that People and that will also be responsible TO The People who have formed it and for the reasons and aims for which it was created.

    No Police Commissioner has the right to act as a tinpot dictator and not tell the nation what the nation needs to know in order to form an intelligent and thoughtful set of solutions to commonly held problems. The same difficulties that the Nation of Barbados has in accessing firearms for self-defense also exist in New York City. Some years ago, TV show host Rosie O’Donnell had Tom Selleck on her show, which was filmed in New York City. Ms O’Donnell lived in Greenwich, Connecticut, about 90 minutes away from NY City. She travelled back and forth every day. Ms O’Donnell carried a firearm, a .38 caliber revolver under license from the NY City Police Department. Even though it is highly illegal to do so, as a resident of a different state than New York. Ms O’Donnell also had a Connecticut State Pistol Permit and could then, possessing both permits lawfully carry her gun. But New York State Law and NY City laws in force at that time (and still now also) make that situation impossible. Ms O’Donnell excoriated Mr Selleck for his involvement with the National Rifle Association, although Mr Selleck did not break the law as had Ms O’Donnell. He acted responsibly and did not get the Celebrities/Politicians/Big Shots/Police Officers ONLY NY City carry-concealed pistol license. Mr Selleck had a license in his home state. I have one in mine, Idaho that is respected and given reciprocity in 34 states here in the US. But it is not respected in NY City or NY State. I’m not a big shot. I am just an ordinary. Why can Ms O’Donnell get one? Who is she? No answer or explanation was ever forthcoming. So here I am in Idaho, and much happier for it for a lot of reasons. But on the whole I’d much rather be in Barbados, a Barbados with the problems over this thorny and painful issue that separates Bajans and creates a class system that has no place in the Americas. And most certainly has NO PLACE in my beloved Barbados.

    Thank you all for allowing my contributions to this debate.

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  50. Anonymous

    I think that A Patriot is a stupid tosser.

  51. yatinkiteasy

    A Patriot…when did God ever give the Right to Keep and Bear Arms?Is it somewhere in the Old Testament? I can`t find it.
    Was it the same time he gave a young asshole the right to carry an assault rifle to a school and kill 26 innocent people because he was having a bad day? You NRA folks should be ashamed for using God`s name to justify your so called “Rights”.

  52. cessforde

    @Anonymous and yatinkiteasy

    re: A Patriot…fully agree. These NRA people are nutters who sink so low as to hijack the tragedy of mass school shootings to justify gun-ownership. Please hope he never decides to jump ship and take up residence on Barbados – along with his guns.

  53. Johan Bjerkhamn also Lukas Bjorn Bjerkamn are all Swedish names the whole Klan of ” Bjerkhamn ” spelled Björkehamn in Swedish could be tracked bak to one single village in mid Sweden named ” Vaggeryd ” the Swedish Bible belt also called.