Barbados Advocate, Nation News, won’t say we borrowed $15 million from China

(Shout out to a reader who sent us the BGIS press release website photo.)

Government press release said “Barbados and China to sign Loan Agreements”

Words matter… That’s why Barbados Advocate, Nation News dropped “loan” for only “agreement”

It’s not journalism – it’s feel-good propaganda designed to make the DLP government look good while keeping the citizens in the dark. Check it out…

Caribbean Press says Barbados and China to Sign Loan Agreements

That’s “LOAN” as in “We have to repay our Chinese Massas”.

But the Barbados Advocate says Closer Ties and doesn’t use the word “loan” or indicate in the paper’s entire 300+ word article whether the $15 million has to be repaid.

Then check out $15.7 China deal in the Nation News. Did Barbados sign for a loan? You tell me! The Nation News says that we signed “banking agreements and accounting procedures for the financing”. The words “loan” or “gift” are absent from the article.

Is it a loan? Is it a gift? Why hide it? (He said knowingly!)

Hey… I’m just saying that Bajans deserve better than that from their news media. Doan ya think?

You should check out the Barbados Advocate and Nation News articles at their website and the press release at Caribbean Press, but we’re going to reprint all three pieces in full here because you know how it is: the Barbados Advocate and Nation News are famous for erasing history…

Closer ties

Barbados Advocate: 9/7/2011

China/Barbados relationship boosted

MINISTER of Finance Christopher Sinckler has signed onto several agreements totalling BDS$15.7 million with China.

The agreements signalled the start to several areas of co-operation agreed upon during Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s state visit to China earlier this year.

“During that visit, the principals of both sides were able to agree on new areas of co-operation that would provide assistance from the people and government of China to Barbados to build out a number of areas of co-operation, among which would be the replacement of the scoreboard at the gymnasium – which, of course, is one of the projects that we collaborated with many years ago. …The second area is in the facilitation of the Chinese language being a major part of the learning apparatus of Barbados with the exchange of a Chinese language teacher,” Sinckler noted.

During the official ceremony at Government Headquarters yesterday, he stated that next week’s Third China-Caribbean Economic and Trade Co-operation Forum in Trinidad will evaluate the progress of the 2007 pledge by the Chinese government that it would be spending in excess of BDS$1 billion in investments in the Caribbean, region-wide.

“I believe that the conference in Trinidad is part of this process; to evaluate what has happened in that process so far and to look at what projects have been undertaken and what future projects can be engaged between countries in the region and the People’s Republic of China,” he said, adding that these projects would be prescribed over several areas, including technical support in terms of inputs for infrastructural projects.

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador to Barbados Wei Qiang stated that China would continue to enhance its relationship with countries, including Barbados.

“It is a very firm Chinese government policy to enhance…our unity and mutually beneficial co-operation with developing countries in the world, especially at a time when we are facing a lingering world-wide financial crisis,” he stated.

Barbados and China to Sign Loan Agreements


Bridgetown – Sept. 6, 2011 – Barbados stands to benefit from the signing of four agreements totalling RMB Yuan $50 million (approximately BDS $16 million) with the People’s Republic of China, Tuesday, September 6.

The agreements will facilitate the implementation of economic and technical cooperation between the two governments.   They will also provide funds which will be used for projects to be agreed upon between the two governments.

Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler, will initial the agreements on behalf of the Barbados Government, while Chinese Ambassador, Wei Qiang Wang, will sign on behalf of his country during the official ceremony at Government Headquarters.

$15.7m China deal

WED, SEPTEMBER 07, 2011 – 12:09 AM

Barbados is entering agreements worth $15.7 million with the People’s Republic of China for economic and technical projects in several areas of cooperation between the two countries.
Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Chris Sinckler and Ambassador for the People’s Republic of China in Barbados Wei Quiang signed the banking agreements and accounting procedures for the financing at Government Headquarters yesterday.

Sinckler confirmed the money would support four agreements, three of which were discussed by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart with his Chinese counterpart Premier Wen Jiabao while on an official visit to the People’s Republic of China earlier this year.

These included a letter of exchange to facilitate the installation of a new modern scoreboard at the Garfield Sobers Complex, and a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development and the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China to send a Chinese language teacher to Barbados.

Nation News


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10 responses to “Barbados Advocate, Nation News, won’t say we borrowed $15 million from China

  1. rasta man

    Also check out Min Sinckler’s signature on these agreements. I would swear I saw an “O” and an “X ” on the document when the camera went close up.

  2. Truthman Burton

    Most people have recognised by now that the Barbados Advocate has journalistically prostituted itself, and has joined DLP CBC TV to form TWIN political rags and bare-faced propagandists of the DLP Government.

    Kind of strange though, because here we have two: (2) DLP Henchmen, Bryan and Eversley,(the latter a.k.a. CCC) one formerly employed by the other, both becoming enemies of each other, one ending up firing the other, but now back together again, only to be engaged in the same despicable venture ………
    which is to favorably promote the activities (right or wrong, but mostly wrong) of a failed government, and as a consequence, drowning many Barbadians in a sea of politricks.

  3. just want to know

    Doesn’t surprise me one little bit. the journalists in Barbados do not do investigative journalism, afraid to upset the (higher political authority), might get victimise like the gentleman from CBC-DLP station. These people has been putting political blinkers on the public from the beginning.


    A “gift”? One way or another there is going to be some sort of payback.

  5. yatinkiteasy

    The Chinese Gift clock at Oistins Fishmarket has not worked for years.
    Good ting not ting not Good (Old Chinese Saying)

  6. BA88/98

    Typical move by our precious “independent” news media LOL!

    Did someone from guvment ask them to forget about mentioning the money is a loan or did they do it because they are well trained?

    Reason #183,342,359 why I don’t trust the Barbados press.

  7. J. Payne

    I hope what they are “borrowing” is going to be revenue producing. For any government to borrow more money and for something that is not going to give Barbados direct foreign exchange is foolish. Esp. since both administrations have borrowed soo heavily and now have very little to show for it. Now somehow Barbados is going to have to take its current foreign exchange and pay back these loans with very little extra coming in. These administrations are going to turn Barbados back into someone’s economic colony as sure as night.

  8. J. Payne

    @Rasta man. I was wondering the same about Chris Sinckler’s signature. I saw “X O” too.

    Also *sigh* Is the Barbados government really so poor-rakey now that Barbadians need the Chinese to fix a scoreboard????

    No corporations in Barbados could have run a show with some of the proceeds used to fix it? Nor could they not have attached a $1 per ticket fee to collect and add to a fund to fix it until the money was raised?

  9. J. Payne

    Rather: Nor could the powers that be not have attached a $1 per ticket fee to collect, and add into a fund. Until the money was raised?

  10. 194

    With this new wealth in China, you wonder why they would even be interested in little Barbados.
    From Mercedes website:
    “Mercedes-Benz Maintains Solid Growth in Mainland China with a 41% Year-to-date Increase
    Mercedes-Benz continued its sales momentum with deliveries of nearly 123,590 units in the first eight months of 2011 in Mainland China, an increase of 41%.”
    How many Mercedes does Simpson motors import in a year?