BREAKING HERE FIRST: More Peter Wickham CADRES secret US Embassy briefings

WikiLeaks reveal Peter Wickham in private briefings with US Embassy Political Officers, diplomats FOR YEARS

Feb 3, 2006, US Ambassador Mary Kramer: “Wickham has met periodically with Emboffs over the past several years to offer his views on a variety of issues.”

Sept 22, 2006, US Ambassador Mary Kramer: “Wickham… a credible source.”

Sept 22, 2006, US Ambassador Mary Kramer: “In a recent meeting with PolOff, Wickham assessed the current political situation in Barbados as generally favorable to the DLP.”

Nov 17, 2006, US Ambassador Mary Ourisman: “Peter Wickham, political scientist, pollster, and consultant to the SLP, said in a private conversation with PolOff (Political Officer) on September 15 “

May 22, 2008, US Ambassador Mary Ourisman: “In the last election the Chinese gave money to both of the major parties in Barbados, in order to assure continued recognition, (Wickham) added.”

Will Peter Wickham now ‘revise’ his previous Press Statement?

Sacked CBC Journalist Peter Wickham issued a CADRES Press Statement in response to our September 3, 2001 Exclusive story: BREAKING HERE FIRST: CBC sacks Peter Wickham over secret corruption briefings to US Ambassador.

In that CADRES Press Statement, Mr. Wickham issued a Clintonesque slippery denial – saying he never met privately with US Ambassador Mary Kramer.

Hey! Nobody ever said Wickham met privately with the US Ambassador, so why was that the subject of his press statement?

An anonymous reader thought they knew the reason and contributed Wickham’s Sticky Wicket – CADRES Press Statement wiggles and wobbles. The BFP reader noted some flaws and holes in Mr. Wickham’s explanation and denial.

Barbados Free Press crew finds more WikiLeak Secret Briefings!

Your BFP team spent the last 24 hours finding more WikiLeaks US Embassy cables naming Peter Wickham as the source in private briefings with US diplomats and US government personnel.

We’re still working away and there’s probably more left to find, but for now we present you with excerpts from what we have so far and the WikiLeaks links where we found the documents.

We’d like to hear from our readers, but our first impression is that Mr. Wickham has some explaining to do considering his Press Statement.

Now… be gentle folks. Like when President Clinton said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…”, he really meant that moistening cigars in that way didn’t count as “sexual relations”. (Somehow I don’t think Shona would buy that line from me!)

We wonder… what did Peter Wickham really mean when he issued that CADRES Press Statement? Maybe he just meant to say that he never had sexual relations with the US Ambassador. Yes, that must have been what he meant! 🙂

WikiLeaks US Embassy Cables 2006 to 2008. Source: Peter Wickham >>>>



“Chinese Money, Caribbean Elections

Concerns over recognition and the tightly contested elections in the Eastern Caribbean in recent years have led the Chinese government to provide direct election funding to major candidates in regional elections, Wickham told us. In the last election the Chinese gave money to both of the major parties in Barbados, in order to assure continued recognition, he added. Embassy contacts on other islands have made similar assertions in the past, however, Wickham maintains that the trend is worsening and Chinese money along with other sources of outside money could become a more serious threat to democracy in the region.”

“One China Policy

“The PM’s (David Thompson) visit so soon after his successful election bid was necessary in order to squelch the rumors from the election campaign that, if elected, the DLP would switch recognition to Taiwan, regional political commentator and pollster Peter Wickham told us, echoing a sentiment we have heard from several contacts. The major take away for the Chinese side was Barbados, concurrence that CARICOM should adhere to the One-China Policy, Wickham added.

CONFIDENTIAL: Embassy Bridgetown, November 17, 2006


“Peter Wickham, political scientist, pollster, and consultant to the SLP, said in a private conversation with PolOff on September 15 that Taiwan is likely contributing to the UWP and may even be contributing to both parties to maximize influence in the government. He emphasized, however, that this is just conjecture because, even as a consultant, he has not seen any details concerning campaign donations.”

CONFIDENTIAL: Embassy Bridgetown, November 17, 2006


“Political consultant Peter Wickham, head of CADRES, explained to PolOff why district polling tends to be unreliable in Eastern Caribbean islands.”

Three weeks away from election day, CADRES’s prediction of an SLP victory seems sound and is consistent with post’s analysis (reftel).”

CONFIDENTIAL: Embassy Bridgetown, September 22, 2006


Classified By: DCM MARY ELLEN T. GILROY for reasons 1.4(b)

“DLP’s Election to Lose

In a recent meeting with PolOff, Wickham assessed the current political situation in Barbados as generally favorable to the DLP. Wickham readily admitted to being closer to the DLP than the BLP when it comes to his work as a political consultant and his personal politics, but his extensive and widely recognized experience in Caribbean politics make him a credible source.”

“Wickham was, in fact, quite open about the shortcomings of the DLP and its leader, David Thompson, whom Wickham called a personal friend (ref A). Thompson, according to Wickham, suffers from an image problem, which he will have to address before his campaign kicks into full swing. He is perceived more as a Machiavellian political operator than as a statesman and experienced leader ready for the premiership. Thompson has also been less focused on developing concrete policies and solutions to address the problems he is seeking to highlight in advance of the election, including transportation, housing, land ownership, and crime. However, Wickham did not think that these weaknesses would seriously impede Thompson’s campaign.”

“But Mia’s Time Will Come ———————— ¶5. (C) The BLP could win easily, according to Wickham, if Prime Minister Arthur would step down before the next election in favor of his heir apparent, Mia Mottley, the Deputy Prime Minister. Wickham noted Mottley’s immense popularity in Barbados, as well as her political skills, which include a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue. In Wickham’s opinion, PM Arthur also recognizes Mottley’s star power and will continue to “bask in her glow,” but he is determined to keep a firm grip on the BLP reins. He is also not above taking an occasional swipe against Mottley. Wickham is convinced that PM Arthur’s recent public focus on family values was aimed indirectly at Mottley, who is widely believed to be gay. Wickham thought that the best thing for Mottley would, in fact, be a BLP loss in the next election, which would force Prime Minister Arthur to retire and allow Mottley to take over the BLP. Wickham had no doubt that Mottley would eventually become the prime minister of Barbados.”


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31 responses to “BREAKING HERE FIRST: More Peter Wickham CADRES secret US Embassy briefings

  1. 110

    A political analyst met with a client to offer political analysis? And the earth shattering news story here is??? what?

    I thought the insight into David Thompson is interesting.

  2. Goes around Comes around

    Peter Wickham is offering us a choice between believing that US Embassy personnel faked what he said for years in numerous official reports over a period of years by different diplomats:


    Peter Wickham is not exactly telling the whole story.

    Someone else asked this question first but it’s a good one: WHO ARE YOU GOING TO BELIEVE: Peter Wickham or your own lying eyes?

    I read the Wikis. My eyes see the words. I believe the US Embassy reports are genuine. Sorry, Mr. Wickham, you’ve lost me.


    110 it is not about the meetings although he wasn’t honest about the meetings happening. It is about what secrets he told at the meetings that weren’t “analysis” like Parris bribing the Dominica government for business and a passport and paying with CLICO money. MY MONEY.

  4. WTF?


  5. Naive Ni**A

    While I sympathise with Mr Wickham’s predicament, i’m glad that these things are out in the open. The kind of underhanded things that go on in this country and in the region as a whole really shocks me. At first, i used to doubt the veracity of BFP articles at times, you site has removed the blinders from my eyes. I encourage your staff to keep up the good work at keeping the average man in the know

  6. what will they think of next

    How many pieces of silver did Wickham receive?

  7. what will they think of next

    Check for wikileaks files dealing with Barbados and Caricom relations.

  8. Phillip Goddard (remember him … former White senator?) is said to be a reliable source for the US embassy. Maybe wunna barking up the wrong tree

  9. BLP

    @BAFBFP yep heard so years ago it was said he flew spy planes for the CIA in Vietnam

  10. Adrian Hinds

    According to Wickham and According to Goddard, what’s the difference???
    Have both gentlemen said anything to the Americans that we did not know? No!

    Highly unlikely that Wickham was the only bajan talking to the Americans. If only wikileaks had uncovered British embassey cables we might have seen more of the following with the Brits.

    13. (C) Former Senator Philip Goddard, an excellent contact
    of the Embassy, recently confirmed to the DCM in a private
    conversation that internal BLP leadership is absolutely
    determined that MOTTLEY would not lead the party, should they
    be returned to power in the next elections. According to
    Goddard, senior BLP officials believe that MOTTLEY,s
    personal life makes her an unacceptable choice to lead the
    party and the nation. MOTTLEY is widely believed to be gay,
    and while that does not seem to have hindered her career,
    Goddard clarified that it was her episodes of physical
    violence that lost her support among the BLP kingmakers.
    This information has not surfaced publicly and has not been
    confirmed. However, in mid-May, one of Barbados’ dailies,
    The Nation, reported that MOTTLEY had submitted her
    resignation from cabinet because of her disagreements with PM
    Arthur. The Nation went on to say that PM Arthur refused to
    accept her resignation. MOTTLEY later vehemently denied this

    14. (C) At 41, MOTTLEY is among the youngest members of PM
    Arthur’s cabinet. She is also probably the most capable and
    articulate. Nevertheless, Goddard’s claims, if true, coupled
    with MOTTLEY’s abrasiveness and overconfidence, which are
    unlikely to have won her many friends within the BLP, could
    bring her promising political career to an end. While that
    would leave the BLP without an apparent successor to PM
    Arthur, the BLP’s leadership may have calculated that they
    will have sufficient time to find an appropriate replacement
    during PM Arthur’s fourth term, which it is widely believed
    he will win in the next election.

  11. Don't trust US Embassy personnel!

    I am reading the wikileaks page by page and many Barbadians and government people are quoted saying things, some confidential things too. I think some people will regret talking to the US officials so candidly.

    There are probably others who will be as embarassed as Wickham. His problem is that he made his living performing confidential services and then he talked about those confidential things to the US officials. I tend to believe that he said what the leaked cables report. I tend to believe that he breached the trust of some of his clients and that is what is different between Wickham and the others I read to this time.

    The lesson for everyone no matter what their position is don’t talk out of school to US Embassy people. Unless you are in some negotiation with the US for business or something, why talk to these people? If there is nothing to gain don’t tell them anything.

  12. Adrian Hinds

    what a difference a night makes on this blog. lol!

  13. 50

    Wickham talks to everyone in the diplomatic corps in Barbados. He had a chat with a US person at a cocktail party and what he said got wrapped up in other things and rolled into a briefing to Washington. At the time the US embassy person must have thought this was an innocent bit of light handedness, but now Wickham is paying the bill. I am quite sure Wickham is telling the truth that he never briefed the Americans in any formal capacity, nor did he tell them privileged secrets

  14. Concerned Citizen

    Will we address the corrupt leaders at anytime

  15. P

    Concerned Citizen we must address corrupt citizens at the same time.

  16. what will they think of next

    anyone noticed how the barbados underground crew trying to protect wickham?
    they did the same when Gline Clarke made his racist remarks in parliament.
    don’t care how outrageous it is, once blacks do it, it is alright.

  17. evy

    Well the racist ragsheet Bdos Free Press protects white so blacks need protection too so we all fair and square .

  18. what will they think of next

    Bite your tongue do … in fact chew it up and swallow it … Do the whole country some good ..

  19. 50

    @Adrian Hinds- long years now you have been standing behind your paling shying shXte at Mia Mottley. I see you doing it ever since the days of Lashley’s Rumshoplime web board. Whu happen man, she turn you down or something? Or is it a social status chip on the shoulder thing?

  20. Chicago

    I agree that many people who spoke in confidence to the US diplomats are going to have big regrets. Let that be a lesson for everyone.

    There is a difference between Goddard and Wickham though: Goddard spoke generally about things that were public knowledge or rumours at the time, whereas Wickham seemed to be telling tales out of school about clients and inside knowledge he gained through trust. It seems to me that according to the cables, Wickham breached trust whereas Goddard did not.

    I’m willing to look at contrary opinions, but that is where I stand today.

  21. Business Loans

    “WikiLeaks reveal Peter Wickham in private briefings with US Embassy Political Officers, diplomats FOR YEARS” I think its not good for an us embaccy officer to share official diplomats with other…I think govt. have to take some great steps in the future to stop all this…

  22. Adrian Hinds

    I notice that Philip Goddard is like a god to the operators on this blog. Name can’t get called when BFP exposes blp members they say have or had overseas bank accounts, name can’t get called when wikileaks exposes bajans who talk about others to the Americans. Does Philip have a problem with Mia or what? I gine got to see what if any relationship exist between Marcus Thompson, Philip Goddard, and others. lol! Wuh Philip G doing these days?

    Man yeh 50, she turn me down and I have been waxing pissed everysince. lol!

  23. RRRicky

    Adrian, I don’t know if BFP has ever mentioned Philip Goddard before. You are thinking of Richard Goddard who led the charge against putting a dump at Greenland and who Liz Thompson made a racist slur against on television.

    You should get your people names straight before you rant otherwise you look like someone with a axe to grind or not very bright or both.

  24. long pants

    Liz telling Richard Goddard not to come up in her face is a racist slur? You spending too much time in Cattlewash smoking sargassum weed RRRicky

  25. Adrian Hinds

    @Poor Rakey Ricky
    Indeed BFP did not ever mention Philip Goddard.. BFP and Keltruth blog called names of BLP members and operatives who they alleged or sought to suggest may have had overseas bank accounts.

    Members of government, BLP parlimentarians, members of the senate all BLP names were called, and I simply asked how they could have omitted a former BLP senator and minister named Philip Goddard. I asked the same again with regards to WikikLeaks via which we learn that Philip Goddard was a very reliable source for the Americans.

    Nuhbody outside of this known group that BFP represents aint gine buy into this reverse racism charge attitude that this BLOG is known for. I have no beef with Richard Goddard opposition to the greenland; I did not even have a problem with his anger and comment to publicize internationally the GOB actions. I also did not have a problem with the Ministers response.

  26. BFP

    Long Pants…

    Let me see if I understand your position: In a discussion on the environment that has nothing to do with race, when a white person says “In this day and age, how dare a black person talk to me like that” it is racism.

    But when a black person in the same discussion says “In this day and age, how dare a Caucasian talk to me like that”, it is NOT racism.

    Does that fairly sum up your position?


  27. WE still have BLACKS who does not believe that their are human too and still kiss the ASS of the white man who STOLED all of our KNOWLEDGE from AFRICA. BOWING and STOOPING to these vulgar backward people! AND besides that PHILIP GODDARD is a ECKY BECKY from st.john who kind dont like BLACK peoples in the world.

  28. yatinkiteasy

    @The watcher…did they teach English at school when you attended? If you ever did.

  29. Adrian Hinds

    @BFP cliverton
    Where did this unique discussion to which you refer, took place? The one on which my recent comments are base, demonstrates a response to a threat made by a member of a group which has historically gotten its way in Barbados. When you make threats you should expect resistance, no capitulation, compliance and cowardice silence.

    I was thinking of Philip’s alleged candid comments to US officials about Mia as recorded in the Wikileaks cable. A British Magazine published comments about Miss Mottley that it could not confirm and therefore had to settle -out of court- with her. Does Mia have a case against Wikileaks; against the author of the comments; against the alleged source of the comments, against the publisher of the same; against one of the three, two of the three or all three? I assume, the assumed author -some US official- can claim diplomatic immunity? What about the wikileaks group, and Philip Goddard?

  30. BA88/98

    ? @ Adrian Hinds

    Adrian, Goddard didn’t publish what he said to the US officials, wikileaks did.

    And so did you. Right here. Should you be sued by Mia Mottley?

  31. Adrian Hinds

    I am not BFP or affiliated with BFP. LOL! however, to know me is to uncover BFP. LOL!