Elizabeth Thompson: Delivering the bull, putting on the beef

Former Barbados Environment Minister delivers a heavy lecture

contributed by “Buckra Johnny”

Former BLP Environment Minister Elizabeth Thompson was in town the other day warning Barbados that environmental issues are important to the economy and to our quality of life. Liz was shaking her finger at Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean saying that we must have “sustainable development”. (Nation: Habitat warning from Liz)

I know what you’re thinking…

That’s really some lecture from the same Elizabeth Thompson who as Environment Minister couldn’t be bothered to introduce an Environmental Protection Act during the 14 years that her party formed a majority government.

“Yes, it’s that same Liz Thompson who, as part of the BLP Arthur government, walled off the West Coast with an ejaculation of half-built, unsold ugly condos that astonished even the most corrupt profiteers and environment wreckers.”

Fuh true, it was also Liz Thompson who gave her stamp of approval to groynes that destroyed Mullins Bay beaches.

That Liz Thompson

This is the same Liz Thompson who let Shell Oil get away with dumping millions of liters of jet fuel into the water table because in Barbados we don’t have a basic law that requires pipeline operators to measure what goes in and what comes out the other end to monitor for leakage. We have no law that compels pipeline owners like Shell to even REPORT a massive spill.

Illustration of the full text of Liz Thompson's speech

Thanks, Liz!

Elizabeth Thompson spent and wasted over a hundred million dollars trying to build a landfill on unstable Scotland district soil – though she was warned again and again that it was folly and would be an environmental disaster. Liz Thompson’s cherished Greenland Dump would also have been the first major dump anywhere to be located in a National Park. Now that would have been “sustainable development”!

Elizabeth Thompson couldn’t debate the Greenland Dump without going into a racist rant against white people. Racist Liz probably mentored racist Gline Clarke.

But even a good verbal barb or public humiliation of a white environmentalist like Richard Goddard couldn’t change reality for Liz Thompson. Reality was delivered a few days ago by current Minister of the Environment Denis Lowe, who said,

“Geo-technical studies (show) a continuous movement of the soil which makes it absolutely dangerous to store landfill at that site,”

Yup, just like Richard Goddard told Elizabeth Thompson a decade ago on CBC television when the only response she could come back with was a racist statement…

“I take extreme offense at a Caucasian male telling me, as a Minister of Government in modern Barbados, that he is going to treaten to embarrass a national government in this way. It is completely unacceptable…”

… BLP government Minister Elizabeth Thompson explains why building a dump on the shifting soil of Greenland is an environmentally sound decision.

George Payne, BLP Member of Parliament for St. Andrew, described putting a dump in Greenland as “environmental madness”. Payne is black so Lord knows why Liz didn’t listen to him even if she was prejudiced against Caucasians.

And then there is Liz Thompson’s role in the ongoing destruction of the last major mangrove forest in Barbados.

That’s quite a record…    “BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE!!!”

Elizabeth Thompson and her BLP were the government for 14 years and they couldn’t be bothered to make even the simplest environmental law to control the use of poisons, pesticides, chemicals and known carcinogens.

Under Liz Thompson and her BLP government, the Environment Ministry didn’t lay a single environmental charge in 14 years. (Thanks, Liz – thanks for nothing.)

Putting on the Beef!

Elizabeth Thompson spread the B.S. pretty thick during her lecture at the 21st biennial conference of Soroptimist International of the Caribbean Network at Accra Beach Hotel. Yes sir, that bull dung was flying everywhere and she looked soooooo sincere! (Like the man said, “Sincerity? Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made!”)

But Liz Thompson didn’t just deliver the BULL, she really put on the BEEF too! Life must be pretty good in New York working for the United Nations.

Barbados Sustainable Development: Image and Reality

As the “United Nations assistant secretary-general and executive coordinator of the secretariat for the UN’s Conference on Sustainable Development” Liz must be attending some fine parties and conferences where the pate and champagne flow like, well, pate and champagne at the United Nations.

Wow! I don’t know how many stone she is now, but Liz used to be not a bad looking woman at one time. Well, there’s just a lot more of her to love, but I don’t know how “sustainable” this can be in terms of health. I mean, she’s making Mia look like PlayBoy material.

That’s the update on Elizabeth Thompson’s recent visit to Barbados. Shur ‘nuf talk ’bout that for now!


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22 responses to “Elizabeth Thompson: Delivering the bull, putting on the beef

  1. barbadian

    she is an IDIOT and should be FIRED!

  2. 151

    wow, someone seems to have a personal axe to grind here…..

  3. cq9

    “Yes, it’s that same Liz Thompson who, as part of the BLP Arthur government, walled off the West Coast with an ejaculation of half-built, unsold ugly condos that astonished even the most corrupt profiteers and environment wreckers.”

    Brilliant, BFP! Absolutely Brilliant!

  4. cq9

    Anonymous says that someone has an axe to grind. Notice that anonymous cannot refute anything factually in the blog. IT IS ALL TRUE!

    Otherwise “anonymous” would address the fact and truth of the blog.

    Suck eggs, anonymous. Elizabeth Thompson was the worst Environment Minister Barbados has ever had.

  5. Just want to know

    She couldn’t be the worse, because “stinkeroo” has started again. What’s going to be done about it, and further more she is not even in the line up for re-election. There is so much stink in the DLP at this time, just one have to be named ” CLICO “

  6. DeBagLady

    Easy with all that bluster there, Buckra Johnny! Sustainable development is everybody’s business. The Barbadian policy-scape is dominated by hypocrites, crooks, idiots, status-quo loyalists, greasy money-men and women … but who’s to say that Liz’s new role as UN Environ-rep hasn’t been transformative, that her laissez-faire attitudes towards environ-politics haven’t been replaced by a more forward-looking, action-oriented approach to the whole business, that she’s ‘gone Green’. How interested can citizens be in environmental sustainability, when regulations have to be implemented to deter them from ‘making a mess’, to locate a bin instead of tossing their garbage from vehicular windows and on to the streets? How interested can citizens be when they take to flouting basic principles of proper sanitation and hygiene?

  7. de hood

    One question I would like to ask is just where were the rest of the citizens of Barbados when Madame minister of the damn BLP”Guvment” was pushing for all this nonsense? Did this same population not march by the 1000s when the damn DLP “Guvment” was pushing nonsense down their throats in the early 1990s? So what happened in between those times? Just asking……….

  8. 151

    at De Hood, they had jobs because unemployment was at 6%, gas and diesel were cheaper, electricity was cheaper, we had a better government than the current lot of jokers. We didn’t have to pay for drugs on the national formulary (didn’t have to queue up at the polyclinic to get them either!)

    BLP was by no means perfect but it was a hell of alot better than these jokers that we have now.

  9. just want to know.

    well said anonymous. the present administration says these things to try and get voters minds off their incompetence.

  10. DeBagLady

    Oh boy, look how quickly the convo has deteriorated along partisan lines! What is the defining philosophical strand separating the two main parties? Tell me what it is. I don’t get it. In America and Britain, ‘mature liberal democratic’ states, it is relatively easier to deduce. You have your Republicans and your Conservatives vs. The Democrats and Labor/the Liberal Democrats. The former tend to advocate for very limited government re the regulation of society via reduced taxation and little public spending. The latter tend to subscribe to a variant of liberalism which is more sensitive to the role of the state in the lives of citizens. Thus, in the case of the latter, the push towards the establishment, preservation and expansion of social services, particularly for the benefit of the indigent, the elderly etc is reflected in its policy decisions. I am not entirely in agreement with, but I could understand the willingness on the part of more developed states to shirk their ‘social responsibility’, and cut social spending. However, it is not as easy for the governments of small, developing states to withdraw support for critical areas like health, education, welfare etc. Having said that, it suggests to me that Bs and Ds should embrace a philosophy which underscores the principle of social well-being. But, it is also becoming increasingly clear to me that neither party has prudent vision, and as a result, the idea of social well-being is suffocating under the strain of bad politics. All I hear in parliamentary proceedings is the arrogance and self-aggrandizement agenda of MPs. Seriously, B or D couldn’t even get it together on Anti-Corruption legislation.Corrupt practices compromise the integrity of economies, and can spawn severe social side-effects. Mismanagement of public funds is just a euphemism in most instances, for corruption. If I had my way, I would send all of them and their indeterminate moral centers packing …

  11. Stand up as Bob Marley would say.

    BFP as is the norm is teeming with racists. Liz Thompson’s comment to Richard Goddard on taking offense at a Caucasian male in the 21st century threatening the then government is bang on target.

    Liz is not my cup of tea but she was dead right in standing up to Goddard we had enough race garbage from the Goddards of this world for 400 hundred years. Recall if you will Strathclyde and Belleville pelt in Navy Gardens.

  12. Bimbro

    Like most Barbadians, she’s probably being ‘wise after the event’, i.e., after she’s left office and had the ability to actually DO something about it! My only qualm is, is this article long enough?!!! I does get tired reading easily!! LOL!! 🙂

  13. Bob Marley say

    Bob Marley said “stand up” and he said “Tell the World!”

    Goddard threatened to tell the world that Liz Thompson was putting a garbage dump in a National Park on unstable soil.

    Liz said Goddard had no right to speak because he is Caucasian.

    The RACIST is Elizabeth Thompson.

  14. Jes' axin a kreshtun...

    Duz Barbados need white MANAGERIAL Government?

    Are “Afro-Caribbean” political leaders a fairly hopeless bunch?
    Look around you! Not just at BOTH Parties in Barbados
    but look around you –up and down these islands
    since “Independence” –every goddam one is a failure at the hands of Africans!

  15. Anzania

    Have a read of “jes axin a kreshtun” and tell me if he and “Bob Marley say” are not the same virulent racists the first Bob Marley fingered.

    ” Jes askin kreshtun” mouthings are str8 out of Vearwood, Botha and those extreme South African Boers bigots playbook.

    BFP stalwarts make apartheid look like childs play thats why blacks must never again turn the other cheek. You were absolutely correct Ambassador Liz Thompson.

  16. DeBagLady

    We don’t need white Managerial Government. I refuse to believe that there are not ‘good black men and women’ capable of serving the Caribbean polity. The problem is, from what I’ve seen, a lot of those who have been ‘attracted to public office’ thus far have displayed a penchant for being self-serving. Fair, no one is perfect … one of the better President/Leaders born and made in the USA would have been Bill Clinton … He tidied up American finances following on the heels of Bush Senior and the Gulf War, and left the American economy in a very healthy black. But then along came another administration, headed by another gung-ho War President, another Bush who reversed the country’s fortunes. Inappropriate conduct with a White House staffer got Bill’s Presidential nuts pounded a bit, nevertheless his ‘bathos’ hasn’t overshadowed the fact that the man could lead and did lead. Barbados’ early independence leaders did us a fairly good turn … yes, you had the internal power struggles and the ego-tripping too, but E.W Barrow, W.Crawford, Hugh Springer, Frank Walcott recognized the importance of having sensible, vigorous socio-economic programming in place that would ensure future development and give rise to a more democratic nation. Almost a half-century later, there is no member of Parliament, currently sitting, that I could tell a child without hesistation, ‘aspire to be like him or her’. I could only hope that those men and women with an ounce of integrity, the intellect, and a willingness to serve others than themselves would step forward and fill the leadership vacuum.

  17. Jes' axin a kreshtun...

    Like DeBagLady says, I suspect there ARE good black men out there
    – but who are they? Will they come forward to lead?

    Will even WHITES come forward to lead?
    -or are these islands now God-forsaken countries
    that no-one of superior standards and moral intellect want anything to do with,
    lest they soil their souls??


    And look whuh DeBagLady now gone and say…

    Almost a half-century later, there is no member of Parliament, currently sitting,
    that I could tell a child without hesitation, ‘Aspire to be like him or her’.

    Madam, I concur with you 101%, and wish us the very best for the future!

    Politics is perhaps the only profession worse than dealing drugs
    bcoz at least the drug dealers give their customers something for their money!
    whereas 99% of politicians become mere parasites!

    I await your several corrections to my devious train of thought
    although you need to know I do NOT support illegal drug dealers or what they do..
    just wanted to bring a little vile perspective to the discussion

  18. DeBagLady

    I was responding to the indictment on Afro-Caribbean leadership specifically, but the ‘call to (public) service’ is open for all those prepared to serve in a manner befitting such a noble and worthwhile undertaking.

  19. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    The new Liz Thompson is working for someone who is in position to scrutinized her new role for any inappropriate behaviour that is not in keeping with the likes of position such as hers. Now whilst she was minister of the environment she was part of a group (fill in the blank) that really was interested in one thing (fill in the blanks). Now she has to prove her worth in order to earn her keep and her big fat salary. Anything short of that and her lovel ass will get sacked. She ain’t in no BLP circle but a different type of circle that do not play

  20. Irony

    Hope she enjoys kissing all the Caucasian @$$ in New York….

  21. judyjudy


  22. cq9

    It says everything about politicians and politics that when she was Environment Minister, then Opposition leader David Thompson called her “the worst environment minister this country has ever suffered under”, but when she had a chance to get the UN position, David Thompson backed her nomination and he was Prime Minister at the time.