Do you remember these British High Commissioners to Barbados?

We probably identified the wrong UK Diplomat “David Roberts” in our recent post Former UK Diplomat “Barbados badly needs plumbers but is turning out third rate lawyers by the dozen…”

Thanks to the efforts of BFP reader Elizabeth, we can now tell you that the “David Roberts” in our story might be Sir David A. Roberts, K.B.E., C.M.G., who served as the UK High Commissioner to Barbados from 1971 to 1973.

Elizabeth also sent us a complete list of British High Commissioners to Barbados since our independence, so we’ll reprint it here, along with the link to the entire list of British Ambassadors from 1880 to 2010.

Thanks Elizabeth, you’re a charm!



These lists have been compiled from the information contained in the annual Foreign Office List(later renamed the Diplomatic Service List).

This invaluable source ceased publication however in 2006. In addition, latterly the annual editions only provided complete lists of the names of Ambassadors for the previous twenty years or so.

BARBADOS(from 1966):

John S. Bennett, C.B.E., C.V.O.: 1966-1970
Sir David A. Roberts, K.B.E., C.M.G.: 1971-1973
Charles S. Roberts, C.M.G.: 1973-1978
James S. Arthur, C.M.G.: 1978-1982
Viscount Dunrossil, C.M.G.: 1982-1983
Sir Giles L. Bullard, K.C.V.O., C.M.G.: 1983-1986
Kevin F.X. Burns, C.M.G.: 1986-1990
Emrys T. Davies, C.M.G.: 1990-1994
Richard Thomas, C.M.G.: 1994-1998
Gordon M. Baker: 1998-2001
C. John B. White: 2001-2005
Duncan J.R. Taylor, C.B.E.: 2005-2009
Paul Brummell: 2010-


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2 responses to “Do you remember these British High Commissioners to Barbados?

  1. J. Payne

    Hmmm. well at the end of the day if one takes stock into what Mr. Roberts says, one would have to look at whether there’s any truths to the accusations. Now it is true that U.W.I. turns out many in academia. Many-a-politician have all kinds of fancy honourifics suffixing their name to prove it in the region. But when you take stock of everything you must remain cognascent that Americans (and increasingly the British too) are “show me” people. Meaning they have to be proven that something is true. Now as stated in-deed UWI is turning out many high-falooting persons in Barbados and internationally including across the region, but how many UWI graduates are actually CEOs of FORTUNE 500 firms? How many monthly journals (medical or business-wise) is UWI putting-out with pieces that are getting highlighted in the global press? When last did UWI announce research *and* a breakthrough in some critical global issue? Such as anti-cancer drugs, economic doctrine which shift the global pyridine, medical science, or otherwise)?

    If Caribbean people ask themselves these questions we might be able to take note of how outsiders might view UWI. Now I work at a Ivy league University. And when I speak to co-workers generally of UWI and where it is there’s always the ‘I’m learning something new’ stare. Meaning many probably don’t know about it. How many UWI graduates are graduating from U.S. Ivy League schools? Namely, Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University?

    I see many Nigerians going to Harvard and their answer is always they intend to goto Harvard so they have the name on their resume, and then intend to return to Nigeria, to help build up Nigeria. Some want to go back and develope schools, some open their own business. It’s sad to say but I think UWI might not have as much weight to the name as the regional politicians expound about. If UWI was actually so grand, the politicians of the region I believe might actually give it a black eye all the time by travelling the world and telling the forum that they can’t propel their own countries forward and they need global assistance.

    I can’t blame Mr. Roberts for his assessment because he might be trying to find examples that justify all the boasting about UWI. Esp. since many UWI graduates aren’t leaving all that far from the region and I can’t say I know of any that have reached the level of corporate global giants or tycoons. Subject to correction ofcourse. Does anyone have examples to prove this wrong? And I don’t just mean Barbadian-desendents but actual Barbadians. So Eric Holder or Gwen Ifill or those other folks born outside Barbados don’t count because that weakens the argument that Barbados or UWI itself is of grandeur stature.

  2. J. Payne

    If UWI had global success like the following. That comment wouldn’t have been made.