Is Police Commissioner Dottin thinking about a curfew?

Curfew? Yes? No? Maybe?

At a recent function our friend Ian Bourne of Bajan Reporter provided Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin with an opportunity to say something positive about Barbados in light of the recent events and curfew in Trinidad and Tobago, and one presumes, Mexico.

Dottin’s reply was not exactly as Mr. Bourne expected and not at all what we at BFP would expect. Frankly, Commissioner Dottin’s response was as confusing as it was surprising. I can’t figure him out. Maybe you can…

Full story and audio at Bajan Reporter: Commissioner of Police in Barbados wastes opportunity to allay countrymen’s concerns: Trinidad’s curfew lingers

Editor’s Note: When this was first posted and titled we misread the Bajan Reporter’s story. It must have been our fault for surely a big time CBC Journalist like Ian Bourne would never write something that was unclear!  🙂

Our apologies to anyone who was totally offended by our error. That’s the great thing about the blogs – unlike the local newspapers and broadcast media where an error is never dealt with, here at BFP when something needs correcting the readership alerts us and the correction stays online.

We’ll leave the title as it is because there has been some trouble with crime lately and although we believe a curfew would be ill-advised and counter-productive, something has to be done. What should be done? Well, that’s another story…


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8 responses to “Is Police Commissioner Dottin thinking about a curfew?

  1. barbadian

    but de crime happening in the middle of the day , impose a curfew and the innocent pay for the guilty and THEN WE BAJANS SHOULD RIOT FOR REAL!

  2. Read the story nuh? I offered the man to say a positive thing and he did not capitalise on it…

  3. Special Branch

    When BFP and Ian Bourne putting out this unadulterated crap about our peaceful tourist island Barbados it makes outsiders think something’s amiss.

    The question must be asked if Bourne and BFP are deliberate sabouteurs of our country? How can Barbados with less than 22 murders for the year the lowest per cpaita rate in the Caribbean be compared to the Trinidad killing fields where 11 or more people are murdered regularly in less than 48 hours and thousands have been brutally slain in less than 3 years.

    Fifth columnists Bourne and BFP better be careful what they wish for it seems they hoping to bring down the Barbados government and undermine Barbados but the resultant mayhem may sweep up the same Bourne and BFP . What a bunch of traitors you are.

    Its not a bad thing very few people read OR TAKE THIS BFP BLOG or Ian Bourne SERIOUSLY.

  4. J. Payne

    Comedian Rachel Price had a funny video -blog lambasting the T&T government for that curfew. The Curfew can have severe economic costs. It stalls all economic activity during the curfew and what do you do with tourists in the country during the curfew?

    Listen to some of the unanswered questions she outlined and see if you feel it would be right for Barbados.

  5. I really wonder if so-called Special Branch really took the time to read my article, I was giving Dottin an opportunity to rebuke such an idea and to do just that – promote, “…our peaceful tourist island…” but then Raquel Gilkes is known for her idiot-savantry, eh?

  6. If “Special Branch” was not her, then it may have been fellow BLP-pimp Elvis Ricardo Barker known on Facebook as Bajan Bloggs – because I do not give obeisance to Owen “18 Oct” Arthur then I am apostate of the century.

    One more thing if people don’t read BFP or my website then how is it your visiting and why? Choopse!

  7. J. Payne

    Current updated from Trinidad and Tobago Guardian.

    Govt mulls over jail at Tarouba stadium

    State of emergency detainees will likely be housed at the Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba, which was started by the PNM administration, but has never been used.

    Curfew Regulation amended:
    1. Fine for breaking curfew increased to TT$3000 or 6 months in prison.
    2. Anyone found to be harbouring criminals or in possession of illegal guns is liable to TT$5000 fine or 1 year in prison

    National Security Media Briefing: CoP Gibbs says from 8am yesterday (27-Aug) and 8am today (28-Aug):
    117 persons arrested. (26 gang related, 26 drug related, 16 breaking curfew, 31 serious crime, 15 outstanding warrants.)

    32 people, ranging in ages from 16 to 66 years old, were charged, were charged under the new Anti-Gang Act, which was passed in Parliament on May 3, this year.

    They were charged under Section 5 (1) (a) of the act which makes it an offence to be part of a gang in T&T, punishable by a maximum of 10 years in prison.

    Headline: The state of emergency is taking a toll on some workers who have suffered cuts in their working hours as well as loss of income due to the curfew

    Passengers arriving at Piarco International Airport during curfew must apply for a curfew permit at the DOMESTIC TERMINAL. Passengers must retain their boarding pass & show 2 forms of photo ID.

    Persons collecting arriving passengers during curfew hours must get curfew permits from their local police station. You must provide proof of the impending journey & show 2 forms of photo ID & travel documentation.

  8. Pieter Pieper

    The time has come for the educational authorities to consider teaching courses in morals,ethics,law,crime, as well as modern skills as they relate to nation-building in our schools at an earlier age.Safety through improved street lighting,cameras,policing(including use of island constables,the BDF and Coast Guard),Community Watch groups are necessary.The use of ankle bracelets to monitor and record the activities of those on bail…their possible violation of curfew,drug use etc.must be utilized.It may also be necessary to impose curfews in certain areas for a certain period of time …at least until there is a substantial reduction in crime.The judiciary must adopt a no-nonsense approach to punishment which must be swift,certain and a sure deterrent to those who currently not afraid to go to jail.Finally,we must again consider corporal punishment in schools and capital punishment for those who are not afraid to commit murder especially in cases of robbery and theft