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DLP and BLP: A brutal betrayal of trust, consumed by desire for power

“It is also scandalous for the DLP to have engaged in oil futures by stealth in the first place, because that action not only violates its Manifesto, but above all – is a cold and brutal betrayal of the trust and confidence placed in it by the people of Barbados.”

A Let-Down Compounded by Cold, Brutal Betrayal of Trust and Yet – a Hard Sell

Contributed anonymously through a European-based anonymity service

In many ways, it can be said that the ruling DLP continues to make a number of serious and costly errors, effortlessly but should consider itself fortunate that the Opposition BLP is not capatilising because it lacks focus on what is important to the people. By allowing itself to be distracted, the Owen Arthur led BLP is running the risk of being accused of failing in its fiduciary responsibility to hold the Government’s feet to the fire, in the interest of and defense of the people of Barbados.

The Opposition now seems motivated ‘only’ by the thought of obtaining the very prize, which can only be conferred on it by the same Barbadians it alleges – are suffering as a result of the policies of the DLP. Isn’t this ironic?

Given the BLP’s allegation – that it would still be compelled to make such an extra-ordinary effort (as it is now doing) is saying a lot. But, the BLP does not seem to get the point! Continue reading


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