Barbados Member of Parliament: Rich whites not welcome

UPDATED: January 15, 2014

In the midst of our current economic crisis, one has to wonder how two decades of Bajan politicians’ hostile, xenophobic comments about whites, ‘curry boys’ (persons of Indian descent) and other foreigners have dried up offshore investment.

Politicians like Owen Arthur and Gline Clarke fanned racial intolerance whenever it was politically expedient, but the internet has made everything public and forever available. How much of our current financial and investment problems are the natural result of the money and tourists going to friendlier places?

Something to think about.

Here is the original article as first published August 24, 2011…

Barbados government should not deal with “Rich white boys”

contributed by “Former Barbados Tourist Mr. Kilkenny”

“Mister Speaker, I am appalled. I am really appalled that a government in two thousand and eleven would be dealing with a group of white, conservative, rich people.”

“If the member want me to withdraw ‘conservative’ I will withdraw it and substitute it with the word ‘rich’, I will substitute it with ‘a group of rich white boys’…”

MP Gline Clarke, former Minister of Public Works, expresses his disgust in Parliament that the current DLP government would do business with people of the white race.

No Concern in Barbados

The lack of news stories and comments on the internet say that very few Barbados persons are concerned about the outrageously racist statements in the Barbados Parliament by former Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke. There is precious little in the newspapers about what would be a “hanging offense” in the United Kingdom if an elected politician and representative of the people chastised the government for doing business with blacks or any other named race. 

Racial politics are nothing special in Barbados

My wife and I found that Mr. Gline Clarke’s statements and beliefs and attitudes are nothing special in Barbados. We’ve learned that in our past trips to Barbados. For sixteen years until December 16, 2009 while the Barbados Tourism Authority spent millions to lure travellers like myself to Barbados, Mr. Clarke, Prime Minister Arthur and their contemporaries were hating the very ground that we walked upon because of the colour of our skin. That is evident by looking at their few public statements that made it to the news, and it was proven to us time and time again during our eleven trips to Barbados. (My wife and I are gluttons for punishment, it is true.)

The racist anti-whites attitude of the Barbados government representatives set an example for the young people of Barbados and you can see the results in the disdain and outright hostility of the shop clerks to white and Indian tourists. We felt it every time when we rode a mini-bus to Oistins and no one would make conversation with us. We saw it at the reception desk at Time Out at the Gap and two other package hotels. We experienced it first hand at the airport where unsmiling officers made us feel like we were criminals for the offense of wanting to vacation in the sunshine.

“ENOUGH!” we said in December 2009. Why should we take this abuse? Spain is closer, much cheaper and much more friendly and they speak English.

Former Barbados Tourist Mr. Kilkenny

BFP Editor’s Note

This above is one of several emails we received asking why we didn’t immediately cover the story of MP Gline Clarke’s comments about whites. Frankly we didn’t see Clarke’s comments as unusual and I guess we’re just used to that kind of talk.

This email from “Former Tourist Mr. Kilkenny” was a bit of a wake-up call for our thick skin. Obviously people from the countries have a lesser tolerance for racism. Something to think about and discuss at our next BFP staff meeting. (Staff meeting? You mean ‘drunk-up” Ha ha ha! – george)

The email is printed as received with the addition of the title, subtitles and format and colour etc. We removed some “bad” (F) words as we don’t appreciate there is a need for that no matter how passionately the writer feels. Got that? F’ing right! 🙂

Transcript of Gline Clarke, Member of Parliament

Mister Speaker, I am appalled. I am really appalled that a government in two thousand and eleven would be dealing with a group of white, conservative, rich people.

I am saying, Mister Speaker, the Barbados ????? club is a group of white conservative group of people. I’m, I am saying that the Minister really should have been dealing with the Barbados Motor Federation. ?????? here.

Something is wrong,

And all across Barbados today, people were asking “Is this government mad?” Something is wrong.

I got no fewer that twenty calls tonight on this. I am saying to you, Mister Speaker, that

Reply by Mr. Sinkler ????

The honourable member, Sir, is correct in saying that the text does say ‘Barbados Riding Club’. That, Mister Speaker, was a typographical mistake and owt to have read ‘Barbados Motoring Federation”. However, however, Sir: to say that the Barbados Rally Club is constituted, as he has put it, of ‘white conservative people’, is I think, reflects very poorly on the club itself, and frankly, is not deserving of the commentary in this Parliament.

So, I really think that the honourable member should withdraw that comment.  It does not reflect very good on the house at all.

Reply by Gline Clarke:

??? every member ???? racist position is right ???? It is not something that I can withdraw???

If the member want me to withdraw ‘conservative’ I will withdraw it and substitute it with the word ‘rich’, I will substitute it with “a group of rich white boys” ???


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83 responses to “Barbados Member of Parliament: Rich whites not welcome

  1. non-racist

    Surely no-one in Barbados would want to be linked to these racist comments. We’re all PEOPLE first and happen to have different coats. The man in question may not be sacked, but his ‘boss’ should publicly show that racism is not a policy in 2011.

  2. BFP

    Hello non-racist.

    Gline Clarkes’ statements really don’t matter. It is the underlying attitudes and beliefs that are the problem.

    Clarke is now saying he was “tired” when he made the speech and the reply. that’s just an excuse that he revealed his true self and let his guard down.

    Racist he is.

  3. non-racist

    Underlying is my point; his ‘boss’ should make comment if the man himself won’t retract.

  4. Gline Clarke don't speak 4 me

    I am so sorry for the hate shown by gline clarke. He does not speak for me or anyone I know. People are people and the skin color doesnt’ matter. Please to the tourists who read this, this man is not representative of Barbados! I don’t know what else to say except Gline Clarke and people like him live 50 years ago. Please don’t believe that he is what Barbadian people are like.

    I am so sorry for his racism but that is not me or anyone I know or work with.

    J. Walcott.

  5. barbadian

    man don’t mind dem MoNKEyS in barbados GOVErnMEnT Cause IF de White people done busines wid barbados , even the white minority dat gives Gov of Barbados money when they need it , de Island would be lke Haiti!

  6. Barbadian Citizen

    That’s strange. You mention hostility to whites in Barbados, yet other people say that whites especially tourists are treated like favorite children in Barbados. Both attitudes are ignorant. Maybe you were just unlucky with the kinds of people you happened to bump into.

  7. John

    What a bunch of clowns we have in Parliament

  8. rasta man

    The people like it so.The DLP are no different.Look what happened to Taan Abed.Isn’t that racism too?

  9. Human

    I honestly dont know how I am going to vote in the next election now one group that has foot in mouth disease and the other group that falls silent on tackling various issues.
    I base my votes on what I see and hear from both parties and right now both of theses parties are disappointing me seriously. The comment was racist and I cant believe that in 2011 he would make sure a comment publicly and everybody just proceed to just brush it off, if it were the other way around all hell would have broken loose.

    Does he not know that when elections come around that HE and MEMBERS OF HIS PARTY will have to campaign around barbados and begs for votes and that some of theses same votes will be sought from these same individuals that he just insulted and thinks that the government had no right dealing with …….was he not thinking????? why didnt his leader haul him up and how can anyone not want to comment on it, this should have be been dealt with from the minute he said it, this should have been at the fore front like the alleged gun incident should have been at fore front and dealt with immediatly. I mean how could this not class as something to speak on mr. minister your party never seems to want speak on matters of interest there is no way that this should be sweep under a rug like so many other things that happen.

    Dont both of these parties members realize that what they say and do has an effect not only just for them but for others, dont they know that what they say and do can have an effect on a person thoughts of Barbados and its people???? I cant believe that this is the choice of people that I have to pick from to represent me at the end of the day I might not even execise my right to vote.

  10. what will they think of next

    I too was puzzled that BFP said absolutely nothing about this incident.

  11. WhiteConservative

    I think all white people should wear a shirt saying, “the BRC is a group, a white conservative group of people”

    and have it as their ring tone!

  12. John

    Had it been O$A someone might have alleged “a drunken mind reveals what a sober mind conceals”.

    The really amusing thing is that Gline Clarke himself would have sat down and dealt with a group of rich, …….. ……. etc. on behalf of the Barbados Government!!

    Have we seen any pictures of the guys from 3S who undertook the flyover project.

  13. Slippery When Wet

    I don’t think too much seriousness should be put into MP Clarke comments, its nothing more than the mouthings of a politician in a rapidly approaching election season.

    For some seasoned politicians there is more than one way to beg for and or secure votes. I think MP Clarke knew exactly what he was saying and was intent on saying it having weighed the scales before deciding on that course of action.

  14. blue heffner

    kudos to the mr clarke

  15. barbadian

    Kudos to blue heffner..???!! Like yahhhhhhhhhh , rea;lly ! ya tyhink?!! NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTtt

  16. if half yall knew about the preferential treatment and bias showed towards the BRC in comparison to the BARL, BMF or B.A.D.D then you would understand EXACTLY what gline clarke was saying. but to ppl not in the know it just sounded outright racist

  17. Maddocks

    A big hullaballoo about nothing! I understand exactly what Clarke was trying to say, but I would have couched it in different language.

    Have any of these white people decided they are going to run helter skelter out of Barbados because of Clarke’s statement?

    Does any body remember The Right Excellent His Honour Errol Walton Barrow saying many years ago, around the mid-sixties, that he had no uses for white people, and that he would pack them ALL on “The Lord Combermere” and push it far out to sea?

    That statement was the catalyst for a sudden and large movement of white people out of Barbados. Hundreds voluntarily left our shores for Australia, New Zealand and other places, out of fear that Barrow was creating a Nation unfit for white people.

    We carrying this Clarke thing way out of proportion. Clarkie just want the black boys to get a little piece of the action sometimes too, that is all. He ain’t about hating white people.

  18. BFP

    Hello Slippery When Wet

    You said “For some seasoned politicians there is more than one way to beg for and or secure votes. I think MP Clarke knew exactly what he was saying and was intent on saying it having weighed the scales before deciding on that course of action.”

    Yup. We agree that Mr. Clarke made a calculated statement because he knew it would get him votes.

    How do you think that realization will play out at the tourism exhibitions in London, New York and Toronto? What does Mr. Clarke’s calculated strategy say about our country to foreigners thinking about a vacation or an investment offshore?

    What do you think?

  19. Slippery When Wet

    Politicians care about being elected or re-elected and everything comes after that pre-occupation. Its a silly statement by a politician……..I think tourist know what potiticians are capable of.

    The issue here that by BFP and others making a big deal about it, his comments have been given a platform to reach more than they deserve which ultimately serves Mr. Clarke purpose.

    Where I think the problem for Mr. Clarke is that having gained only 57% of the vote in St. George North in the 2008 election, some of the white people who Mr. Clarke spoke about or grouped together will put more money than they otherwise might have in the hands of Senator Ince to remove him from Parliament.

  20. The man wiv no name!!

    I think that Barbados should give everything it’s got to the white man, lock, stock and barrel! Afterall, the blacks don’t need anything, do they!!!!


  21. John Da Silva

    I don’t think anyone in Barbados takes anything a politician says seriously.

  22. @ The man wiv no name!!

    Is that sarcastic pity?

  23. The man wiv no name!!

    Jerry, sarcasm, what else! Steupse!!

  24. The man wiv no name!!

    Jerry, the black man mus ‘skin he *ss to the world’, in the name uh political korreckness!! LOL!!

  25. The man wiv no name!!

    Thing is, i kaan c one black man working or living in India or Pakistan! In fak, do they even allow us to go there! but we mus gih our country to dem!!
    doan mek me cry, do!! LOL!!

  26. what will they think of next

    Gline Clarke must apologize for his racist speech.
    No wonder COW wants to give up. They are seeing no justice for white people in Barbados. They feel that they are being taken advantage of.
    In the house of assembly of all places racist remarks are being made about them encouraging people to disrespect white people.
    If the same was said about Black people by any white person in Barbados all hell would break loose.
    It would be in the papers everyday as God send.

  27. jerry

    Who takes COW seriously, tell me that plus aint it the same Gline Clarke when he was Minister of Public Works who give 3S the wutless contract to lean the treasury with that road contract?

    Left Gline ‘wuk for wuk’ Clarke, he only want to mek sure he get back a pick in Parliament and maybe even a Cabinet for a seat at the trough.

  28. saying a ping pang boom bang

    all the bajan white people have to do is dont give any money to the barbados labour party

  29. Thorne Smith

    Take a look at Page 34 of Weekend Nation, the ad say “Incoming Chairman Dr Jerome Walcott” (that should say chairPERSON but that’s another story) but how can he get the post when the BLP’s Annual Conference is yet to happen? Did Mia step down from running for this post? What about democracy? Now this is a story worth investigating…

  30. A Let-Down Compounded by Cold, Brutal Betrayal of Trust and Yet – a Hard Sell

    In many ways, it can be said that the ruling DLP continues to make a number of serious and costly errors, effortlessly but should consider itself fortunate that the Opposition BLP is not capatilising because it lacks focus on what is important to the people. By allowing itself to be distracted, the Owen Arthur led BLP is running the risk of being accused of failing in its fiduciary responsibility to hold the Government’s feet to the fire, in the interest of and defense of the people of Barbados. The Opposition now seems motivated ‘only’ by the thought of obtaining the very prize, which can only be conferred on it by the same Barbadians it alleges – are suffering as a result of the policies of the DLP. Isn’t this ironic? Given the BLP’s allegation – that it would still be compelled to make such an extra-ordinary effort (as it is now doing) is saying a lot. But, the BLP does not seem to get the point!

    I like to call a spade a spade. The BLP got it absolutely correct on Clico; on housing and when it called for a humane immigration policy, as examples. Merely saying why electricity bills are high is not enough, especially when the central issues have always been and remain: the BNOC debt, the Pricing Formula for petroleum products and the increase in Excise Tax by 50%.

    On August 10th 2011, in a widely publicize Face book article, captioned: ‘Next Tuesday’s DLP Budget: An Instant Sugar Rush of Feel-Good,” the article read in part:

    “Any Opposition with well-honed-skills would immediately ask the Minister about the status of that $80 million BNOC debt. This is important, especially since it was the excuse used to increase the Excise Tax. If the BNOC debt has, in fact been repaid, then the Excise Tax should immediately be slashed, or reduce to reflect the amount already repaid, especially since the Government would, essentially – now be collecting money illegally. This would either require a refund (hardly likely) or a Validation Act (seems more logical).”

    On August 11, 2011 in an article captioned: ‘DLP Still Price Gouging & Choking and Robbing Barbadians,’ the author again wrote: “Surely by now that alleged BDS$80 million BNOC debt has to be repaid! If it is, then the Excise Tax should be slashed and announced in the up-coming Budget but the greater point would be that (in the absence of any Validation Act) the DLP is also collecting money illegally, especially since the Minister outlined that the Excise Tax would only remain at its current rate, to repay the BNOC debt. This entire DLP-price-gouging-fiasco warrants an urgent public inquiry! Somebody ought to be made to appear before a Committee of both Houses of Parliament, to give evidence…”

    Having not asked the right question/s during the recent budget debate, even with live television air-time – the BLP is now making a sound and dance after the fact. But it would never have escaped the scrutiny of any Opposition that was focused and alert, that the BNOC debt, which was said in the 2008 budget to have been $50 million and later adjusted to $80 million, was being alleged by Minister Sinckler in the recent budget to be: US$80 million – a 100% increase. Why?

    Since the BLP got it horribly wrong before and given that during his budget presentation, Minister Sealy confessed that the DLP is actually now “gambling with its economic policy” or essentially” “oil futures,” [concern for the balance of payments] then the question the BLP must now ask on behalf of the people, is: (1) When did the DLP embarked on its secret policy to trade in oil futures? And (2) what was the status of the BDS$80 million BNOC debt [the entire country was told and accepted that that is what it was] at the time the DLP started engaging in oil futures? This is important because Barbadians never objected to repaying that BDS$80 million BNOC debt, especially since they benefitted from the subsidy. But it would be vulgar, were the DLP to now seek to adjust that BDS$80 million by stealth, to compensate for any cost being incurred, as a result of its ‘secret experiment of gambling in oil futures.’

    Anyone who is not blinded by party-politics would agree that this is the case the BLP ought to have put in Parliament during the recent budget debate when it ‘mattered most,’ especially since under the caption: “Good Governance,” on page 47 of its 2008 Manifesto, the Democratic Labour Party said: “the DLP administration’s attitude to accountability will be based on the understanding that as servants and representatives of the people there can be no secrets or matters to be hidden from the population. Consequently, a DLP administration will be accountable for its actions and policies and take the public into its confidence. Under a DLP government, the people will be kept informed of what the government is doing on their behalf…”

    Engaging in oil futures, even though it was foreseeable that if the DLP got it wrong – such an error would have been offensive to the people who would have been denied enjoying the very savings outlined in the DLP’s Pricing Formula – is a breach of truth. It is also scandalous for the DLP to have engaged in oil futures by stealth in the first place, because that action, not only violates its Manifesto, but above all – is a cold and brutal betrayal of the trust and confidence placed in it by the people of Barbados.

    To add insult to injury, it would appear that Barbadians are now being called upon to pay for the most recent DLP error, which may explain why a BNOC BDS$80 million debt, suddenly and surprisingly climbed to $200 million, as announced by the DLP in its Column last Friday, August 19, 2011.

    So what do we have: On one side, a DLP that keeps getting it wrong; on the other – an Owen Arthur led BLP that seems consumed with a desire for power and in the middle are the people, who are feeling the pain.

  31. WhiteConservative

    He was trying to say white people should be poor, should not get anything government, should leave barbados etc etc…

    did i miss anything?

  32. blue heffner

    @barbadian deal wit it darlin…

  33. John

    I was thinking about the position the Speaker took in relation to the racist remarks of Gline Clarke.

    At 2:21 he said;

    “If the member wants to state a racist position that is his right. It is not something I can withdraw or ask him to withdraw”

    The speaker thus accepted that Gline Clarke had made racist remarks and it was his right so to do.

    I then thought, hang on a minute, I have often heard people speaking of the constitution and its strong position on racial discrimination.

    So I looked it up.

    Here is what the version on has to say. (OK I know there are three on the Internet)

    Protection from discrimination on ground of race, etc.

    23. 1. Subject to the provisions of this section

    a. no law shall make any provision that is discriminatory either of itself or in its effect; and

    b. no person shall be treated in a discriminatory manner by any person acting by virtue of any written law or in the performance of the functions of any public office or any public authority.

    I think that b. applies to this case and both the speaker and Gline Clarke are in breach of this clause.

    Gline Clarke is performing the functions of public office and making racist remarks.

    The speaker is on record as accepting he has made racist remarks.

    All that the speaker needed to do was to decide whether the members of the rally club were being treated in a discriminatory manner.

    … and the constitution even defines the term “discriminatory” for him.

    2. In this section the expression “discriminatory” means affording different treatment to different persons attributable wholly or mainly to their respective descriptions by race, place of origin, political opinions, colour or creed whereby persons of one such description are subjected to disabilities or restrictions to which person of another such description are not made subject or are accorded privileges or advantages which are not afforded to persons of another such description.

    I think that Parliament may be in breach of the constitution!!!!!!

    I am no lawyer so I might be wrong.

    I agree with John da Silva … nobody takes what a politician says seriously and I would add because it is recognised that they are a bunch of clowns.

    However these clowns may have used the privelege afforded by Parliament to breach the constitution.

    .. and that is not funny!!

  34. J. Payne

    Chris Sinckler called him out on it. And the DLP side I heard some of them hollar out “that man’s a racist…”

    But I can say the DLP side has appeared to me to been inciting a lot of racial intolerance and animosity too. Every speech the government ministers give they have to talk about slavery. If they open a new school some how they have to bring up slavery. If they talk about innovation and propelling the society to be a world economy, somehow they have to go back to slavery. Even the oldest Barbadian was born free, so I donno why they always re-hatching that old stuff. So it seems normal to me that racial intolerances were going to be coming to the surface now. And an utterance in Parliament now isn’t surprising.

    I’ve heard someone who identified themselves as a white Barbadian’ ask why there are hardly any white Barbadians working in the government? Even though whites are supposed to be 4% of the population. Or why is there no– white’s Barbadians as a National Hero too. Not even a white abolitionist… So I can only conclude racism against whites is in effect in Barbados now too. (I am not white so don’t go down that path with me.) hehe

  35. what will they think of next

    If I was a white person in Barbados I would be very afraid and with good reason.
    Gline Clarke is a very senior person in the BLP. His racist talk can not be taken lightly.
    Minority races in a country always have to be on guard. History is full of excesses against minorities.

  36. Spud Island Canada

    The most frightening thing about Gline Clarke’s racist comments against white people is not that he made them, it is that his reason for making the comments was because he knew it would gain him votes with the majority of Barbadians.

    That means that the majority of Barbadians agree with Mr. Clarke’s hatred of whites. That is very scary.

  37. Cut to the chase

    For me, the two most important words in this post are “former tourist”. While the idiotic ramblings of any politician, racist or otherwise, are obviously cause for serious concern, the harsh reality today is Barbados and ALL Barbadian citizens cannot afford the creation of any more “former tourists”. For any reason, real or perceived.

  38. TripAdvisor all over Clarke's racist comments

    Trip Advisor talking about Clarke’s racist statement

    Wonderful! Gline Clarke’s racist speech is the topic of the day at TripAdvisor travel website in the Barbados Forum.

    Travellers and potential travellers to Barbados are saying things like this (each comment from a different traveller):

    “Disgusting! But not unusual for Barbados.” (Tourist staying in Barbados)

    “If it wasn’t a politician you would say it was a naive comment but unfortunately it was calculated.” (From a Barbados Destination Expert living in Henley, Ontario)

    “OMG that is terrible!” (Destination Expert based in Barbados)

    “Unfortunate comments that impact on business” (Traveller from Burlington, Canada)

    “It is hard ti believe comments like that are made in this day and age!!!” (Traveller from Canada)

    “Racism against people with White skin is very common in Barbados. It seems to linger just beneath the surface of many of the islands citizens thus Politicians when needing more votes try to stir the pot. Petty crime has increased in Barbados and the government does almost nothing, why?” (Tourist from West Palm Beach, Florida)

    “Well I agree with a lot of your sentiment and wonder where this government think most of their tourism dollars come from??? white people of course, in search of the sun, sand, sea and everything else! – I agree it’s abhorrent for a government minister to be so blatantly racist. This government really need to pull their finger out to be honest.” (Comment from Barbados Destination Expert in Bridgetown)

  39. Retired on pension

    I saw this at the discussion forum.

    I am a retired white male. I live on a military pension and a small accident benefit payment. I am not rich by my standard but I am probably rich by Barbados standard.

    I am white and Barbados does not want me to visit and bring my pension money. No problem, please assure this Mr. Politician that this Montanan will not trouble him with my presence in Barbados.

    TSgt Jason T. Williams, USAF (Retired)
    Billings, Montana

  40. The man wiv no name!!

    ‘Retired on pension’, I suppose we’re expected to feel guilty. Why then don’t I? We wish you best wishes for your future happiness, wherever you decide to retire.

    N.B. I have nearly always found Americans to be a rude, unnecessarily aggresive and obnoxious sort of people. Maybe my fellow countrymen’s experience is different so, perhaps you did us a favour by not coming! Irrespective, Best Wishes! (I no longer live in B’dos and haven’t for some considerable time)!

  41. Berkshire, Maidenhead

    I came here from Trip Advisor. Like ‘retired on pension’ it will be a cold day in hell before I holiday at Barbados after watching the video and reading everything here and at Trip Advisor. Kicking Barbados off the dole in the 1960s was the best! I’d rather spend my vacation on the Devon coast than waste money flying to Barbados. Cheers from a white tourist!

  42. BFP

    To Retired on pension:

    I’m curious how you came to our blog. From which “discussion forum.” ?


    Marcus for BFP

  43. Whistling Duck

    Is Mr Kilkenny real because he is talking about a Barbados that I don’t know.

    If you are polite to people they are usually polite in return.

    You will always get some unhappy souls, perhaps they would be better to go on a cruise so that they can be in ‘Oceanopolis’ and not have to deal with the real world and have to be nice to people.

  44. @BFP – He di’nt mean Trip Advisor?

  45. blue heffner

    @retired with pension it’s the same where ever you go,nobody likes you…..tolerate maybe, i wonder why??

  46. blue heffner

    lol@ the fake outrage expressed by **da white folks** i mean you people are singlehandedly responsible for the death,degradation and marginalization of people of color all over the globe and have the nerve to catch feelings over that man’s comments.

  47. Concerned Human Being

    This whole discussion makes me very sad. I cannot believe that such things can be said in our Parliament by supposedly educated men… who are supposed to be governing our Island! Stupidity and greed are governing our Island.
    And as for the racist thing, that “slavery” thing (that is still happening in many countries TODAY) for goodness sake people why can’t we just get on with trying to save what’s left of our planet and stop the petty bullshit? Bob Marley said it, “emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”… We are all human beings and in Barbados we all have the opportunities that many other humans lack. Sooner we get some WOMEN running this country the better!!!!!

  48. BFP

    Hi Concerned Human Being,

    I agree we should just get on with enjoying our lives and the magnificent opportunities we have in Barbados compared with just about anywhere.

    But if I was a white person I might wonder on the basis of Mr. Clarke’s venom, whether Barbados was the right place to invest, retire, make a life or open a business. To say that his venom doesn’t represent all Bajans is true. To say that his venom represents a large segment of the population is unfortunately also true.

    Pretend that you’re white, you want to vacation or retire. You read Gline Clarke’s words and think about the segment of the population they were intended to appeal to.

    Watcha gonna do? Come to Barbados or keep looking for another place to retire, vacation or invest?

  49. The man wiv no name!!

    I haven’t even read the MP’s statement yet, but are the reasons why he made them of no consequence also? Perhaps one might give those some consideration?

  50. The man wiv no name!!


  51. The man wiv no name!!

    Mind you, on the subject of being well behaved – I HOPE THAT OUR OWN MANNERS ARE FULLY, UP TO SCRATCH, BARBADIANS?!!!

  52. sam cooke and duppy

    the blp is racist and will do anything for power

  53. Devares33 Glasgow

    Peddling racism just incites more trouble this guy needs to realise people can stay away and go elsewhere.

    Sure crime is everywhere but it is the escalation of it in Barbados that’s the worry, a Bajan friend told me he is very disturbed about the incidents, although not generally tourist related.

  54. amusing

    there is a bit of overplay here..not agreeing with gline but i would find it very hard to accept that white people would suddenly become uncomfortable coming to barbados because of these comment per se .it is indicative of a lot of folks here but suggest that this stupid comments is unique to our MPs then you should check some of the racist vile that has been directed at Obama (tar baby being the latest) by the US politicans..and i’m sure there would be no cancellation of plans to visit there..and the list goes on for other countries as well with many racists hanging around the corridors of power

  55. Junior

    His comments maybe racist but from my observations since following motorsport in Bim from 1992- 2004, his comments are accurate. He would know, look at how the government deals with the BRC vs the BMCI. Look at which club denied people access to their homes and then which club could not get permission to have events. Check who had an event first after that incident.

    I observed too the cooperation of convenience among the clubs which went like this, if club W wanted help , like marshals for example, then the guys from club B would be there assisting. When club B wanted help the fellas from club W were nowhere to be found. That is how my father and I got to be marshals, because we used to be at all events such that the guys would recognise us and that morning at Ellesmere when they were short, we were appointed marshals and equipped as such.
    (The clever among you will decipher what B and W stand for)

    It is not just the government either. How come a certain Ole Young can win championship after championship, beat men with better prepared and more powerful machines in his 1970 whenever 1200 Datsun too ( albeit in a different class, but it speaks to his tremendous talent), but the man cannot get proper sponsorship money for gold. Yet on turning 17 a white boy does show up at scrutineering with more sponsorship on his very expensive car than John write bout, even though he is unproven in competition. How come Fussy had a piece of old car, sputtering bout at de back, then he get rid of de wagon and get a hatchback, he turned up at every event improving every time out, to be running top 3, finally land some sponsorship and was still showing up and running good all the time, next thing deal done and the sponsorship gone to a white boy that never run before and barely used to be out there embarrassing the car. Go and ask a certain Charles Lowe how he found things when seeking sponsors. Talk what you want, but the reality is that Bim segregated. At school we used to call a certain spot South Africa, because that is where the white people (and the ones who think dem white) used to go and sit.

    Do not stop on the outside talking bout political correctness and tourist money. De same flipping tourists does be just as racist if not more so in their daily lives to the point where it is so ingrained that they do not notice. Like one poster said, they have marginalised people through out the world. Anything that a politician in Bim can do is hardly a drop in the bucket.

  56. rasta man

    @junior. So true.There is always more in the mortar than the friend’s son had the same experience with sponsorship.

  57. Howdy

    Good, ‘John’, but reading closely the more interesting paragraphs by Junior, one can see through the looking glass what we face on this Island.

    I doubt Gline Clarke is truly racist, since he has built 3S roads very successfully with white people, but he knows that the poor masses see it that way. Perhaps the misuse of simple poor people’s innocence and gullibility, and his incitement of racism for votes, is even worse than the racism itself…like maybe he’s a Bajan double lane road Nazi or something.

    On the other hand if white owned business always sponsor people of the same colour and this create the best car class, and it’s above the means of the blacks, abandons what is viewed by racing enthusiasts as raw talent, how can one view this? Racism. And so I agree with Junior: people who hold larger businesses, if they are interested in developing (not only motorsport but also) a better Bajan society, need to identify heroes who the masses see as one of the people. The bias is seen for what it is, and the onus is on the sponsors to fix it.

    So you see, some of us like myself love both black and white Barbados, hough we see, we still just love this place, and we want it to do well.

    And I call upon those persons who see this as true to speak up now. How de ramgoat we are going to make this place work better without working together?

  58. rasta man

    @howdy: Good points but sorry to say you are wasting your time. In my 60 years things have not changed

  59. Done That

    I saw this on TripAdvisor. Barbados is a has-been tourism destination. Whatever you had you’ve ruined. Whatever you once were, you are not now. I’ve been to Barbados three times and I’ll not be back. There’s no value in Barbados and so many better places to spend a week or two I couldn’t begin to list them here. I’ve already had my ‘last straw’ with Barbados but this statement by your Member of Parliament will be the ‘last straw’ for many ‘rich white boys’ and their relatives and friends. Feel the love Barbados. I didn’t and that’s another reason why we are looking for another Caribbean holiday spot.

  60. Howdy

    Thanks Rasta, I think maybe the sponsors will see what I wrote and know that the sponsor money is wasted. None of it will bring them business, quite the reverse it will cause people to turn against their sponsored businesses.

    So I think i am being proactive and progressive. Let’s see which sponsor will listen and act first, shall we?

    @Done that: Barbados is the seetest Island in the Caribbean. Kiss my fanny, we are working hard to make it so. I will address your concerns on a second thread for your edification, with thoughts regarding the Graeme Hall Sanctuary.

  61. Junior

    Done That,
    If Bim get you money 3 times already chances are you wont be back because you are out of money. You are not tricking anyone but yourself. But do not worry, you can go to Cuba, Mexico or the Dominican Republic with the other poor people.

  62. rasta man

    @Howdy: The sponsors do not care if the money is wasted. They are out to help their friends and family. I have seen it many imes before.

  63. rasta man

    Should be “times”

  64. blue heffner

    @howdy happy trails tonto.

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  66. Ping Pong

    Barbados is a really curious place. A long time ago, a prominent person in Barbados had this to say :
    “the lack amongst the upper classes in the community for that higher culture, which develops breadth of thought and largeness of view, and the absence of which exhibits itself in an odious self-complacency and narrow prejudice, the offspring of besotted ignorance”, and he went on to compare Barbadians generally to “the white snails of Hans Anderson, who living under burdock leaves, upon which the raindrops pattern, flattered themselves that the world consisted of white snails, and that they were the world”.

    The speaker? Dr. John Mitchinson, Anglican Bishop of Barbados 1873 – 1881.

  67. sugarsugar honeyhoney

    Mitchinson was speaking of a white upper class in that moment in history. Here we are over a hundred and twenty years later and the same words apply but now to the black upper class.

    Might I suggest that this “odious self-complacency and narrow prejudice” is not about race but about having unfettered power and control in such a small island, without any accountability or rules worth talking about.

    In 1881 the white aristocracy had total power and they were totally corrupt. In 2011 because of demographics and democracy, the black aristocracy has total power and they are totally corrupt. It will remain this way in Barbados until we cast off our banana republic values and behaviour.

  68. 129

    the real sad story here is that everyone has been sidetracked into a discussion on race, when we should be talking about the abysmal budget that was delivered to the populace. If letting in race cars duty free to the island was going to make one bit of difference to the economic fortunes of the island, it would be worth discussing…but really, this place is going downhill in a hurry and all the racers better bring a lot of fresh tires and shock absorbers for the potholed roads we can’t afford to fix.

  69. smaucs

    The racial prejudice voiced by Gline Clarke might be brushed off by most Bajans who are used to it. We should be concerned that tourissts from over and away willl take it seriously.

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  74. Inverness

    We won’t be back to Barbados and we made our decision long before Mr. Clarke made his statement. We made our decision in January 2010 about two days after arriving on a package deal. Your streets and beaches are filthy, your shopkeeps ignore tourists, and your historical sites are run down and left to deteriorate. Your museum should be first rate and it is a filthy hole where old stuff is stacked with no effort to explain it other than a fading sign put up years ago. Bajans hate their history and it shows.

    We laugh about our Barbados ‘vacation’ because it was nothing but a rip off from the get go. What we saw and experienced had nothing to do with the image portrayed in the print and television advertisements.

    You didn’t need Mr. Clarke’s racism to keep me away next time, having been to your tourist paradise once is enough.

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  76. James & Janet F.

    It looks like the comment by Inverness (Scotland?) was a show stopper. For what it’s worth, his vacation to Barbados sounds like ours.

  77. Moneybrain

    The critical point about this racist talk is NOT that it is anything new because Sleepy Smith et al were doing that years ago in the Poor Pine and the next night in the richer Pine was all pals with whitey. This is called POLITICS, so most white Bajans are used to that.

    The CRITICAL problem is that the proliferation of media propels such messages globally in nanoseconds and so White people with money to spend here or send thru here via Offshore Business etc maybe very offended. Who do these RODENT’S RECTUM of politicians think this island depend on for survival……… AFRICANS??????????????? Wake UP!

  78. thank you for the awesome post! I have been hunting for things close to this.
    I will be subscribing your rss feed so i don’t miss out the good stuff! once again, magnificent web site please keep this up! Please excuse me if my english is not good.

  79. Retired on Pension

    Some time ago I wrote a comment about how I would not visit Barbdos due to the racist comments of your politicians Mr. Clark and others. I did not visit Barbados but I vacationed in the Dominican Republic instead. I found the DR people to be sincerely friendly and concerned that I have a good time. I will return there next winter for my allotted 2 weeks away from the snow.

    TSgt Jason T. Williams, USAF (Retired)
    Billings, Montana

  80. Anonymous

    @ Retired on pension
    You ought to know better than to condemn an entire nation of people because of a few preposterous comments by its politicians. Your actions were no more different than ignorant black folk who condemns the entire white race for the actions of a few white men. This kind of conduct really undermines the sacrifice a man like John Brown, a white man who gave his life in the fight against slavery and who was betrayed by the same black slaves he was trying to free.

  81. WTF

    What the fuck? Where the fuck did slavery come into this?

    It is just fine to condemn an entire nation if a/ their leaders are racists, and b/ there is no resistance in the media or by the people to the racist comments of their leaders.

    That is what is the truth with Barbados.

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