Question for Taan Abed and DLP Executive: Any truth behind this cartoon?

Why did the DLP Executive Council overturn members’ choice of Taan Abed?

A little over a month ago at the DLP Christ Church West constituency’s candidate nomination meeting, Taan Abed won an overwhelming victory (86 to 5!) over lawyer Verla DePeiza.

The party leaders weren’t pleased that the constituency members soundly rejected the DLP’s anointed candidate, but that was no problem for the DLP leadership. The back-room boys stepped in and appointed DePeiza anyway. There. That showed those little nothing people who think they have a voice in Christ Church West!

So much for democracy and so much for process. What a sham. Typical political elites: If the rules or the law are inconvenient, or the outcome isn’t what the big-ups want – they just tell everyone to get stuffed and do what they like. Been that way ’bout this place for a long time, maybe four hundred years or so.

Why was Taan Abed’s selection overturned? Why did they bother to let him run in the first place if the whole selection process was a sham anyway? The party bosses were hoping that the constituency members would do the job for them, but when that didn’t work they stepped in.

Why was Taan Abed rejected by the DLP backroom?

Could it be that they know he is unelectable in Barbados because of his race?

Further Reading

Background story courtesy of Barbados Today: Dems drop Taan Abed

Please read the Barbados Today story at their website, but in case the story gets “accidentally” deleted as sometimes happens in Barbados, we’ll reprint the whole thing here. (We haven’t seen Barbados Today deleting a story for political reasons, but better safe than sorry etc. It happens all the time at the Nation and the Barbados Advocate.)

Dems drop Taan Abed

by Shawn Cumberbatch

Businessman Taan Abed’s virtual de-selection as the ruling party’s general election candidate for Christ Church West is causing controversy.

Having been chosen by that branch of the Democratic Labour Party in May after a landslide victory over four others, attorney-at-law Verla De Peiza, Edwin Adams, previous candidate Peter Barrow and well-known broadcaster Patrick Gollop, Abed was overlooked in favour of De Peiza last night during a meeting of the DLP’s Executive Council.

When the decision-making was all over at party headquarters, the George Street Auditorium in Belleville, Parliamentary Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Senator Harry Husbands also got the nod over 2008 candidate Austin Husbands to run as a first-timer in St. James North.

Additionally, school teacher Dennis Holder won approval as the party’s candidate for St. Joseph. The teacher at St. Andrew’s Primary had defeated Government Senator Andre Worrell, with branch members giving him 60 votes to Worrell’s 10.

Abed, who represented the DLP in the January 2008 general election had been the overwhelming choice of the Christ Church West branch, polling a whopping 86 of the overall 95 ballots cast, with De Peiza receiving five, Barrow three, Adams one, while Gollop failed to gain the support of any branch member.

Today a surprised and visibly disappointed Abed, along with his family, including son and campaign manager Gabriel Abed, and supporters were all in shock, as he received calls and visitors at his Rendezvous Christ Church home.

The Managing Director of New Way Auto Repairs, who lives and works in the constituency, did not say much when Barbados TODAY visited his home, but voiced his disappointment, and said a number of branch members had told him they intended to resign because of the manner in which he was overlooked.

Abed, who ran against incumbent BLP MP Dr. William Duguid in the January 2008 election, securing 1,859 votes to Duguid’s 2,510 votes, said he was not leaving the party, but was unhappy with how he was treated.

His son was more vocal, saying “it is unfortunate that our party leaders have come to such miscalculated decision”.

“My father has worked long and hard on his seat and made sure he was always available to anyone that needed his assistance. This is a very emotional time for our family, friends and supporters as we have all played a major role in helping to reshape the relationship between a politian and the people he represents,” the younger Abed said.

“We have done well to form a bond that was not politically affiliated, but one of care and understanding. This is very rare to see in today’s political arena, but we were very successful. My father touched the people and I think anyone that comes along afterwards is going to find that they have some very large shoes to fill and its likely they will be very unsuccessful in doing so.

“As it currently stands, my father remains a loyal member of the Democratic Labour Party. However, as for myself, I am not sure what direction I wish to take as I am very upset by the blindsiding outcome of last night’s voting. It is obvious that I am disappointed by the final result as I was under the impression that our political party will follow the choice of the people. Apparently this is democracy,” he added.

A senior member of the DLP told Barbados TODAY the party’s hierarchy was simply following the institution’s constitution, which did not guarantee that someone chosen by a branch was the “automatic candidate”.

“The party leader will make the announcements at the appropriate time. This party is busy right now looking after the interest of the people at all levels. We are also focussed on preparations for our annual conference, which is due two weekends from now,” he said, adding that there was nothing personal against Abed.

When contacted General Secretary George Pilgrim declined comment on the candidate selection process or the decision to chose De Peiza over someone the branch preferred.

Two members of the branch, who did not want to be identified, said their intention was to resign in a show of support for Abed.

“Today the people of Christ Church West are outraged that a dedicated man like Taan Abed and true representative of this area for the last six years has been unceremoniously dumped,” one said.

“A lot of people have resigned from the branch. The people that have been notified about this have been resigning. The DLP will lose a lot of support in this constituency over this.”


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29 responses to “Question for Taan Abed and DLP Executive: Any truth behind this cartoon?

  1. 152

    The rumour about Abed promised a senator seat is flying all over the place. True or not I don’t know. The part about him being unelectable because of his race is 100% true and that’s why the DLP dumped him. The next election will be a close one and the government needs every seat it can grab. Abed did well enough against Duguid first time out but that was an election where people wanted to dump Owen Arthur and he couldn’t win in that situation. This time Abed wouldn’t have that push behind him so he would not do as well. Racial politics is alive and well in Barbados and the DLP Executive looked at the situation and decided that Abed couldn’t win because of his race no matter how good a man he is. Can you handle the truth?

  2. Anonymous

    Abed is one of 2 who did well and are now replaced…read the Austin Husbands story in todays Nation

  3. as i c it

    Wasn’t he accused of raping someone? Well in one party, apologies are made for the white boys at the racing club and in another party, favours and promises are being given out for non-selection. Why cant we all just get along? BLP needs to get their leadership issue resolved once and for all otherwise DLP will do what they feel and win handsomely next election.

  4. Baje

    As I C it, wasn’t the person that was hand pick to replace Taan accused of not paying her taxes? But hey this is the niece one of the most respected elders of the DLP who also happened to be a former deputy prime minister so it only goes to show that you must have pedigree. No wonder Kellie was treated so bad for years

  5. Maddocks

    August 22, 2011 at 6:51 pm
    “Abed is one of 2 who did well and are now replaced…read the Austin Husbands story in todays Nation”

    So the case with ABED is race, even though his opponent VERLA got just 4 votes, but what is it with the HUSBANDS BOYS up north? Is AUSTIN saying that HARRY didn’t even get A SINGLE VOTE during the nomination process at the constituency level? That is weird!

  6. Handledthetruth

    @ 152 – where do you come up with these facts? Christ Church West has been pro-BLP. No DLP member has ever come CLOSE to winning that seat , not by a long shot until Abed came into the picture! Do you think you could get 86 votes if you were not a liked person? I am willing to bet you and everyone else posting here are not even from CCW. He is the only politician we have seen come around here long after an election has come and gone . Next election will be close because that is the strongest seat the BLP has and they will do what they can to fight for it . Thinking he can not win the seat is a big mistake on there part.

    @ as i c it – was the lady that accused him of rapping her not thrown into court and her case thrown out because she was lieing and then had to come around and beg the same abed she accused to drop the charges because she set him up?? It really amazes me the ignorance that is posted on here from time to time. Next time post both sides of the story….

  7. Slippery When Wet

    The fact is that the DLP must use ever vehicle to ensure victory in the upcoming elections and this includes trying to win seats to counter the seats they presently hold but which are vunerable. These include Patrick Todd, Kenneth Best, Richard Sealy, Steven Blackett, Michael Carrington, James Paul, John Boyce, Adriel Brathwaite, Donville Inniss and last but not least George Hutson. The BLP is likely to pick up at least five of those seats, maybe more so do the maths and see why Taan Abed had is legs cut from under him. Patrick Todd, Kenny Best, Michael Carrington, James Paul and George Hutson are in real trouble in their respective constituencies so when you add the those seats to the BLP you can see the BLP having 14 and the DLP 16, albeit that the BLP will focus on John Boyce, Ester Byer Suckoo and dennis Lowe so as to ensure a victory in the next elections.

  8. wholoss

    if any, Boyce is deserving of losing his seat.. barely did any work. He won his seat due to heavy canvassing by dlp supporters in the area. But not him; too lazy..

  9. Responder

    And Sinclair labasted Owen about intergrity? What a lot of bull.

  10. A Bajan Patriot

    No sir. PM Stuart and Minister Sinckler hunted and subdued the beast for all to see. Owen had better be careful to take guard of his future in politics. See it live here:

  11. 218

    Taan Abed was the right man for that seat
    No one else had that seat ever so locked down… DLP dumb as rasshole ya hear?

  12. 253

    Taan can not win the seat in ch ch west the last election he onley get 7.6% vote in the last election

  13. 16

    To the misinformed and more than likely under educated lad above, Taan Abed scored 43% (1859 votes) and Duguid scored 57% (2510 votes) in the 2008 General Election. Please get your facts straight if you are going to troll.

    Now, 3 years later when people can see Duguid don’t exist on the street, but Taan is always there helping, I can only foresee one outcome; Taan Abed will win that seat. Nuff said.

    Seriously, put politics aside for a minute and actually look around and ask people, who helped them when they needed help… The answer is clear cut, ask around for yourself.

    p.s. Verla is a yard fowl and Taan is a soaring eagle….

  14. Handledthetruth

    “Taan can not win the seat in ch ch west the last election he onley get 7.6% vote in the last election”

    ….you troll. The man did almost win his seat if he had the proper backing. I bet you from st.philip!

  15. 66

    T.Abed is a poor politician,he cant even speak proper english and that is d man ppl want to represent them.

  16. one person, one vote

    “and that is d man ppl want to represent them?”

    Apparently so!

    Its a very bad practice to fool around with constituents votes and destroys the concept of democracy.

    If he was overwhelmingly elected by his area constituents, that should be the end of the story.

  17. 253

    yes and the P.M 2

  18. 253

    Taan is not a politician he have too much skeleton also a rape case that was drop ask him how mush he pay her and that is not all ask him about pape daughter is this the kind of person u want to vote for the party did the right thing .

  19. 238

    Mr. Anonymous,above, where do you get your screwed up facts from. First of all, Taan was never accused of rape but indecent assult that was thrown out because it was all a set up. Know your facts. Taan is a decent, honest man and a lot of people would prefer someone who tells them a bunch of lies.

  20. 253

    O it was indecent assult ask him about pape daughter or ask pape decent ,and honest dont assult people

  21. Born & bread BAJAN

    You certainly do NOT know Mr. Abed. He is a man with morals and principals. Get to know Mr. Abed first before you listen to a lot of garbage. Nuff said!!!

  22. Bajan Patriot

    Talking about racism – First we were treated to the xenophobic outbursts of Owen Arthur during the January by election. Now another of Mr. Arthur’s loyal and progressive henchmen lets us into the racist ideology underpinning their new agenda. The BLP is definitely on the right track!
    Watch it in living colour:

  23. Handledthetruth

    @ 66

    T.Abed is a poor politician,he cant even speak proper english and that is d man ppl want to represent them.”
    He is fluent in 3 languages.
    Let me throw your ass in Kenya and see how well you speak our native language. For him to migrate to Barbados, establish himself as an honest businessman and THEN run for a parliamentary seat to help US out speaks volumes. When you start speaking Berber or Swahili then you can ridicule someone for speaking English. Until then keep quiet.

    @ 253
    “Taan is not a politician he have too much skeleton also a rape case that was drop ask him how mush he pay her and that is not all ask him about pape daughter is this the kind of person u want to vote for the party did the right thing .”
    Looks like another troll on our hands tonight.
    Why dont you ask her how much she was paid and ask her if she was paid that BEFORE or AFTER she was crying to the judge to drop the case. You think you can LIE about something as serious as an assault or rape charge and not have repercussions for it?

  24. Handledthetruth

    …on a side note I really would love to know how many of you talking crap in here have actually met the man and his family.

  25. @ Bajan Patriot. Senator what seat are you running for

  26. 154

    Look who talking about racism,a d l p.andtalking about taan,well that is d last of him,no more tann as a candidate.

  27. 155

    Anybody hear dat Taan is the new candidate???I hearing that dem do way with verla??

  28. 18

    in reply to maddocks— it is a fact that Harcourt Al(l)an Husbands did not receive a single vote from the branch— were it Harcourt Alexander Husbands (Austin’s son) maybe there would have been some competition. The reality is that H. Allan is not known to the SJN branch and has done nothing compared when compare with Austin. #political opportunity

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