India vs. Barbados: Workers pay the price for cheap labour

YES WE CAN! be competitive with India: but do we want to be?

To West Side Davie and everyone at Barbados Free Press,

After reading West Side Davie’s letter about manufacturing in India and why Barbados cannot be competitive, I wanted West Side Davie and BFP’s readers to consider why we don’t want to compete with India.

The video of the Royal Enfield motorcycle factory and the skill of the gas tank painter were impressive, but if I may I would like to introduce you to the Royal Enfield painter’s dentist.

YES WE CAN be competitive with India, but in order match their labour prices we might have to make some concessions.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Barbados, if you please, meet the official dentist of Royal Enfield’s labour force…   

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5 responses to “India vs. Barbados: Workers pay the price for cheap labour

  1. How many infected mouths from those “anaesthetic” flies? Pyorrhoea? Sepsis? Cheap is one thing, sanitary is another… At least in this case?

  2. John

    The street dentist atleast has scruples and won’t take people’s money if they are not happy.

    Maybe it is the same for a street lawyer there too.

    Maybe we should send some of ours over to India get a course in basic ethics.

  3. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Man are these certified dentist who studied dentistry at a School of medicine? I farted so hard with laughter when I saw this

  4. The man wiv no name!!

    They could also teach us how to be probably, the biggest anti-black racists in the world. Is that your desire? How about what we could teach them! I hate degrading the black man’s achievements!

  5. The man wiv no name!!

    especially in the sphere of anti-racism!