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Question for Taan Abed and DLP Executive: Any truth behind this cartoon?

Why did the DLP Executive Council overturn members’ choice of Taan Abed?

A little over a month ago at the DLP Christ Church West constituency’s candidate nomination meeting, Taan Abed won an overwhelming victory (86 to 5!) over lawyer Verla DePeiza.

The party leaders weren’t pleased that the constituency members soundly rejected the DLP’s anointed candidate, but that was no problem for the DLP leadership. The back-room boys stepped in and appointed DePeiza anyway. There. That showed those little nothing people who think they have a voice in Christ Church West!

So much for democracy and so much for process. What a sham. Typical political elites: If the rules or the law are inconvenient, or the outcome isn’t what the big-ups want – they just tell everyone to get stuffed and do what they like. Been that way ’bout this place for a long time, maybe four hundred years or so.

Why was Taan Abed’s selection overturned? Why did they bother to let him run in the first place if the whole selection process was a sham anyway? The party bosses were hoping that the constituency members would do the job for them, but when that didn’t work they stepped in.

Why was Taan Abed rejected by the DLP backroom?

Could it be that they know he is unelectable in Barbados because of his race?

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India vs. Barbados: Workers pay the price for cheap labour

YES WE CAN! be competitive with India: but do we want to be?

To West Side Davie and everyone at Barbados Free Press,

After reading West Side Davie’s letter about manufacturing in India and why Barbados cannot be competitive, I wanted West Side Davie and BFP’s readers to consider why we don’t want to compete with India.

The video of the Royal Enfield motorcycle factory and the skill of the gas tank painter were impressive, but if I may I would like to introduce you to the Royal Enfield painter’s dentist.

YES WE CAN be competitive with India, but in order match their labour prices we might have to make some concessions.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Barbados, if you please, meet the official dentist of Royal Enfield’s labour force…   

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