Indian football team refuses match over poor treatment at Barbados airport

Barbados Immigration Officials: Our own worst enemy or just doing their jobs?

Good morning friends,

I don’t quite know what to make of this one. An Indian football team arrived in Barbados and was so ill-treated at Grantley Adams (or so they say) that they refused to play the match they had flown have way around the world for. Indian coach Armando Colaco was furious and if what I read in The Times of India is true, the man has a right.

After 26 hours in transit, NOBODY from Barbados showed up to meet the Indian team at the airport. Frankly, that’s an unforgivable lack of manners on a personal level, not even talking about pro-sports. Memories of Cricket World Cup déjà vu!

Then the Immigration people treated them like dirt. (Once again: so they say.)

Time for Prime Minister Stuart to make an appearance, because if it happened as the news article says, there can be no excuse and nothing to do except express sincere apologies and do the best we can to ensure the Indian team’s remaining time in Barbados is remembered fondly. Remember folks – nobody has to come here. Some people still don’t get that!

Here’s a little sample from the Indian paper. The link for the entire story is at the bottom of the quote…

The AIFF did not explain the “unfortunate logistical reasons” but those in the know said Colaco was seething in anger after no one from among the local organizers showed up at the airport to receive the team which had endured the enervating flight.

If the no-show at the airport and another inordinate delay in procuring visas on arrival wasn’t enough, more was to follow. “The team had to book a hotel on its own since nobody was there at the airport to take them to the hotel, or to make enquiries,” said a source from within the Federation .

It was only much later that the local organizers got in touch with the Indians, arranged for another hotel and the vice-president of the Barbados Football Federation, according to one account, went personally to the team hotel to apologize. The Indian coach, though, was in no mood for an audience .

… from the Times of India story Indians cancel friendly after unfriendly reception


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22 responses to “Indian football team refuses match over poor treatment at Barbados airport

  1. Wake up!

    Leave karaoke to meet a visiting team? What? Are you mad? They’re only Indians for goodness sake!

    So goes the attitude in Barbados.

  2. 298,923

    My wife went to get her passport renewed.
    Came back home to say that our Immigration people are the sourest SOUREST people to deal with!

    Seems they take themselves very very seriously.
    Good thing no-one else does.
    -trumped-up pompous asses.

    Indeed they may be Barbados’ worst enemy in the tourism dept.
    After all they are the first Bajan a visitor meets!!

    As has been said before, the first three Bajans any incoming visitor has anything to do with, are:
    1. Immigration Official
    2. Barbados Customs Official
    3. Bajan Taxi Driver!

    God help us, bcoz we’re in deep doodoo,
    if THAT is the First Impression that does any psychological scarring in a visitor’s mind!

  3. sam cooke and duppy

    arrogance, these indians acting like they never had travel delays etc, please as if we have to lay down a red carpet when they arrive

  4. I agree with 298,923
    I love barbados but dread arriving at grantley adams, people arriving have been on at least an 8 hour flight and most have had to spend the night in a hotel before the flight. Then we have to face at least another 45 minutes waiting to get passport stamped by what i can only describe as sour faced people not even a “welcome to barbado enjoy your stay” yes its ok to spend money on a lovely new airport but why not spend a little on training ?
    people to smile.

  5. Anonymous

    Sam, you call 26 hrs. a travel delay??

    Dude, somebody somewhere screwed-up BIG TIME
    -and your anti-indian attitude is entirely symptomatic of this problem!!!

    Bajans are in a bad BAD place, tourism-attitude-wise.
    We are not killing the tourism goose that lays the egg
    it done dead already! and we have no one to blame but our sour selves.
    We’re in trouble!

  6. anthony

    also in there is redcap or 2 they will meet first

  7. amusing

    @sc&d ….”arrogance, these indians acting like they never had travel delays etc, please as if we have to lay down a red carpet when they arrive”

    well why not ? what else are we busy doing ?

  8. Wake up!

    Ok Sam. You and your team are invited to a soccer match in Mumbai. You arrive at the airport with all your baggage and kit and there is no one there to meet you, to guide you to transport, to tell which hotel you are staying at. If I know Bajans, there would be steupsing and cussing, perlixing and pomapasetting, and of course, a call home to mummy!

  9. iWatchya

    Did the Indians inform the bajans of their change in schedule?

  10. Voltaire

    No surprise the long standing hangers on and pimps around local football dont have a clue. Why you think Barbados football is the Caribbean’s laughing stock.
    Take a look at the BFA administrators and team management. A bunch of people so negative and uninspiring one can only assume they hang around for the trips and little free berries crooks like Jack Warner threw at them to keep them as his lapdogs.
    Football in Barbados will not progress until there is a sea change in the administration/management.
    Anyone pimping around BFA for more than 15 years should step aside and allow young and or fresh people in.
    It is interesting to see Mia Mottley getting involved she probably doing it to garner grassroots political support but at least it brings a creative and educated invidual to the sport two qualities unheard of in BFA.

  11. X+O

    @298, 923
    (Seems they take themselves very very seriously.
    Good thing no-one else does.
    -trumped-up pompous asses.)
    You have described the Barbados Football Association officials.

  12. No

    Would you believe India one of the richest not to mention fastest growing economies in the recesssion hit world and a target for Barbados to trade, get tourists from and generally have good bilateral relations with is being dissed by the buffons at the Barbados Football Association.

  13. Nostradamus

    Now if the Indians had indicated they were bringing a brown paper bag with a little “something” in it for the BFA officials then they may have had a different reception.

    Not a bribe, because according to Barbados BFA officials they don’t take bribes.

  14. Wake up!

    That wouldn’t be a cheese cutter would it?

  15. Nobody used to meet the world Champion ( BARBADIAN ) Suki King, when he arrived home laden with world gold. So why would they go out of their way to meet the Indian team.
    Well probably there was a good fete coming up, and everybody who does the meetings, sometimes, when they feel like it, were off there to De Party. ‘Le’ de In’ians look after demselbs’.. Fine way to run an inspiring tourist trap, one would think, with the whole world grin’in- dong’ into recession.

  16. Well Travelled

    Bajan immigration and airport staff are the sourest most shitty attitude people I have ever experience. Their nasal arrogance and condescension shown to anyone who does not speak or appear to have arrived from Buckingham Palace or the White House is the topic of many hotel conversation around the world.

    They should consider themselves lucky that their island has a natural beauty (barring themselves) and that it is has become a major hub for travel in the region as people would put up with them for long. I and many people I talk to now make a concerted effort to avoid the place wherever possible and opt for other hubs like Antigua, St Lucia, Grenada.

    All airports have the occasional hiccup but nowhere have I experienced such out and out rude arrogance as from truly shitty Bajan airport staff.

  17. 157

    Hey what is the fuss all about soon india with it’s 1/6 of the world population will TAKE OVER THE WORLD and who knows they will use Barbados as a landfill

  18. Green verbs

    Well said well travelled, the ordinary Bajans are beautiflul they are friendly the airport personnel including a few not all redcaps are the worst they dont represent the warmth of BIM people.

  19. JustSayingBajan

    Barbados Free Press,

    Once again you have twisted a story to get people to comment. Obviously, most of the people who have commented did not bother to read the article in the “Times of India.” That article clearly states that the behavior of the Indian man, Mr. Colaco, is what is in question.

    You are losing your audience, Barbados Free Press. The ever decreasing number of comments you get in response to your articles is evidence of this. Stop exaggerating and sensationalising things and just write relevant and timely articles that Bajans would find interesting and helpful. People don’t want to read “fake” stories anymore.

  20. Chicago

    JustSayingBajan is putting their own spin on this to vilify Barbados Free Press. The Indian article reports criticism of the Indian team leader for cancelling the match but also reports that Barbados officials had to apologize:

    “It was only much later that the local organizers got in touch with the Indians, arranged for another hotel and the vice-president of the Barbados Football Federation, according to one account, went personally to the team hotel to apologize.”

    The paper also reports unreasonable delays at the airport with issuing the visas to the team.

    Clearly BFP reported accurately and gave their opinion about what should be done. There was nothing “fake” about BFP’s report and it is more of the same neglect and organisational disfunction that we typically see from Immigration and others who don’t realize (as the article says) that people don’t have to come to Barbados. There are many other places to vacation and to play cricket.

    JustSayingBajan frequents another blog that is full of hate. He made his own spin in his comment.

  21. The man wiv no name!!

    You mean as opposed to their poor treatment of us, everywhere?!!! I don’t think they’ve much of a point!!

  22. The man wiv no name!!

    ‘JustSayingBajan’, perhaps it’s a matter of quality over quantity vis. the lower postings rating! A point u should take on board!