Selective Denial, Cover-up by Barbados Commissioner of Police

“We were not surprised by the lack of (police) response, especially after repeated  death and rape threats against myself and wife and suspected arson attacks were never satisfactorily investigated, despite overwhelming evidence of the source.”

…Barbados hotelier and British foreign investor Adrian Loveridge talks about Barbados Police and crime

Selective Denial on Brass Tacks radio

by Adrian Loveridge - small hotel owner

I listened very carefully to the media conference hosted by the Commissioner of Police yesterday, both live on radio and later carried by CBC television. The COP choose for some obscure reason to sieze on part of a online press article that I contributed to some days ago, where I mentioned the high cost of security  ($60,000 to $80,000 annually) for our small hotel.

The Commissioner sadly avoided all our other concerns regarding the escalating level of violent crime against our guests and those of neighbouring accommodation providers in the Long Beach, Inch Marlow and Silver Sands area.

Neither did he comment of the near two years of emails, faxes and letters literally begging for increased police patrols prior to the death of Canadian Terry Schwarzfeld and why these were never answered or responded to.

Of course, we were not surprised by the lack of response, especially after repeated  death and rape threats against myself and wife and suspected arson attacks were never satisfactorily investigated, despite overwhelming evidence of the source. Was this source ever even interviewed?

More recently, both a 211 emergency and a separate call to Oistins Police station reporting a women trespassing on our property and threatening us with a claw hammer, again received no response.

Has a policy of selective denial been adopted here?

Surely it should not be down to personalities, but we have no doubt that there has been a dramatic increase in the level of crime over the last three years in our area.

During a recent Down to Brass Tacks Sunday programme, I was horrified to hear a representative of a Fort George Heights neigbourhood crime watch state that their residents had witnessed between 40 and 50 robberies over the last year and not a single perpetrator had been brought to justice.

So it appears this part of the island is not alone.


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17 responses to “Selective Denial, Cover-up by Barbados Commissioner of Police

  1. Anonymous

    Poor Mr. Loveridge.

    he needs to ABANDON Barbados, sell up, take ALL his a$$et$
    and go to a more pleasant, receptive destination
    like St.Lucia or Grenada and set up a nice little hotel there, instead.
    -he should be voting with his money, and his feet.

  2. Mary

    Unfortunately, Anonymous that will not change the fact the the police is not doing their job and things will only get worse. I’m sure that if Mr. Loveridge ABANDON Barbados people like you will find another “Poor Mr. Loveridge” to blame for the lack of response of the police and who knows what else…Sad, very sad!

  3. FearPlay

    Yes Mary, I agree with you completely! Anonymous obviously has an ax to grind with Mr Loveridge and it obscures logical reasoning and thinking. If we have a problem with crime and if Mr Loveridge is one of its targets, by all means let us forget personalities and tackle the problem. The problem is CRIME not Loveridge. It is affecting all of us and very soon it will affect our overseas reputation negatively. Who the heck wants to have a reputation like some of our regional counterparts in relation to safety and security? Anonymous, your hatred is showing. Please try to be more reasoned in future.

  4. see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

    Meanwhile, as things get worse, the tax leakage of the billions of dollars of Canadian taxpayers money gets silently and efficiently siphoned through Barbados without the Banks or Candian government trying to help encourage structural and fundamental change based on the rights and privilges entitled by their own citizens.

    The money flow through the Treaty really needs to stop unless Canada is prepared to roll up its sleeves and behave like responsible and accountable older siblings in a family of nations.

  5. watch

    So does Loveridge and all the others think it is practical for there to be a policemen patroling the beach near him 24 hours a day? How many beaches do have police presence 24 hours a day? The roberies are not Loveridge fault but they are not the police fault either.

  6. BFP

    To Skipper Vance

    Even in jest, such comments as yours that suggest violence or a criminal doing are not allowed at Barbados Free Press. Even in jest.

    You’ve been told.

  7. Next Time make a citizens arrest and do what you have to do !

  8. BFP , not so Free is It , You can only say what they let you say , and don’t come with that ‘you are in-scenting to violence CRAP! to me cause it only seems that WHITE MEN that say it like it is are accused of this in Barbados FREEDOM OF SPEECH !

  9. where bare the NCC rangers , harassing water sports men !?, Send them on the beaches that need patrolling !!

  10. Parents of the burned dead

    We are losing it badly for tourism. We are too expensive and not much to look at anymore. We are more safe than Mexico and Jamaica but that is not saying much compared with many places. our public image for safety is taking a beating on TripAdviser, Carnival Cruise Forum etc. With no jobs crime is going to get worse. Peoples have to eat.

  11. do like in Venezuela and brazil and round up those who do not have Legal obs Or are not in School /College and put them in the ARMY for 5 years for Food and board !

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  15. Anonymous

    The C.C.J. might be in Barbados but it is still the Commuinity Legal Aid that has to give lee way for persons rights under COnstitutional Matters to be adminstered because whilst most persons know the police are committing crime and Magistrates, judges, justices, etc people do not know how to make a writ or what a writ or how to go about an action which means an attorney-at-law and the attorneys-at-law are paid by the government so the Community Legal Aid is every poor persons way of getting justice. They refuse to comply with the Laws of Barbados and the Constitution of Barbados, oh and by the way these people are the most dastardly liars I have met. They tell you something and when you make it known what they said or did to someone of higher influence the say the never did so or said so and acts differently. Remember it is the same criminals who are placed over these insittutions. Best thing is to take every matter to the Governor General. Every matter of Miss conduct. under the Crown especially.

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