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Making progress in Trinidad and Tobago – How are we doing in Barbados?

Today our friend Afra Raymond takes a look at some positive developments in Trinidad and Tobago. The T&T Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is successfully collecting some of the $240 million in back rent owed by tenants. The new Building Code is about to come into force and the government has actually fired a state corporation executive for corruption. Oh My!

Good for Trinidad & Tobago. Let’s hope it’s real. Here in Barbados we often read good news, but when we check back months later it was all smoke in the wind. We’ll look forward to Afra following up on these good news stories in a few months…

Property Matters – Taking Stock

by Afra Raymond

As part of this pre-budget series, I am going to ‘take stock’ of some recent, significant happenings in relevant areas.

Given the unstable situation in relation to the State and its operations, many examples of which have been set out in previous ‘Property Matters’ columns, it is very important that a critical stance be maintained.  That said, it is also important that any progress be properly recorded and acknowledged.

The notable items were – Continue reading


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