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Scary stuff from Sean Michael Field

Dominion Detective Noir Webseries

“What are you? You’re not human…”

Too much weed causes a druggie to ask a question of a passing stranger in Dominion’s Shimmermen episode…

“…and if you ever do get a glimpse of something you shouldn’t have, shut the hell up. Trust me on this. I’m a professional.”

Sean Micheal Field in Dominion’s mini-episode 5: Shimmermen

We’ve enjoyed each new installment at the Dominion website and we hope the series grows into something much, much larger. It certainly has mass appeal and we can even see a movie down the road. We really think it’s that good and we hope our friends make the big time with Dominion. Bajan actor Sean Micheal Field plays Detective Jeremiah Grey, who is pulled into the world of the supernatural by his newest client, an enigmatic woman named “Marco”. He must make the choice to follow Marco into a dangerous new world… or die getting out.

Sean’s correct: “If you ever do get a glimpse of something you shouldn’t have, shut the hell up….”

We’ll have to remember that next time we see Clive with something “not human” on a Friday night at Oistins! 🙂

Episode Shot in Barbados

Minisode 18 was shot in Barbados. See anyone you know? 🙂

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EPA bans sale of Dupont herbicide Imprelis

Controversial Herbicide is available and in use in Barbados

Thousands of complaints of unintentional tree kills

Damage into millions of dollars

If you have any Dupont Imprelis you might want to think twice before using it as the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA just banned the herbicide because it’s killing trees by the thousands.

Apparently the newly launched “environmentally friendly” weed killer isn’t so friendly with trees and shrubs.

Now here’s the question: If you don’t want to use your remaining herbicide, what should you do with it?

Any suggestions from the cheap seats? How about from our own Environment Ministry?

Further Reading

Miami Herald: EPA yanks tree-killing herbicide Imprelis off market

Our thanks for the tip from BFP reader Kammie Holder


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