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Sex for promotion confirmed in Turks and Caicos Police Force

Barbados Police almost look good compared with T&C!

submitted by BFP reader “TCL”

I’ve read the criticism about the Barbados Police at BFP and on other blogs and in the media. The criticism is not undeserved and I agree that many faults in the police are systemic and the result of long term neglect and underfunding by the political class. Add to that underfunding the long standing subservience of the police management to whatever party is in power.

Management’s cowardliness killed police independence

Police are supposed to be independent agents of society who enforce the laws equally – without regard to class, race, religion etc. The Barbados Police management allowed that police independence to disappear like smoke in the wind. I blame nobody else except police management.

“Barbados Police management don’t have the courage to stand up to the politicians when there is political interference in their work. They have trained themselves, the politicians and the public to expect that all events requiring the police are processed politically on certain levels.”

A police officer encountering a situation to be dealt with should not have to process his or her decisions politically. It should be about the law and nothing else. Police should not have to think about whether the person in front of them is connected to government or influential people. The decision should be about the law. That is where our society is going wrong.

Everything that is wrong with our police was illustrated some years ago when the police would not enter a gated community for many days to answer the call for help from an abused wife because a security guard would not let them in past the gate. The security guard should have been in handcuffs and charged for interference with a police officer answering a victim’s call. (BFP please find the story and reference it here: Beat Your Wife In Barbados? You Are Protected From The Police If You Live In A Gated Community!)

There is a certain irony when I read on the TC Eye Now blog that the Turks and Caicos police Sex Offence Unit was recently in Barbados taking training on “Supporting Victims of Sexual Assaults”. I hope the Barbados Police learned something from that disgusting incident at the gated community and passed it on to the Turks and Caicos police.

The TC Eye Now blog is probably written by a T&C police officer or someone very close to the inner workings of that police force.

Speaking of the Turks and Caicos Islands Police, there are a series of police scandals happening that make the Barbados police look good. It was confirmed by the Deputy Commissioner of Police that female officers no longer have to sleep with management to get promoted!

Now that’s progress!

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