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In the “You get what you pay for” department…

Attorney-General Adriel Brathwaite gives some advice to Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin


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Delta Air Lines cancels Atlanta – Barbados flights.

“Barbados flight wasn’t performing well”

Delta Air Lines announced today that it has cancelled the seasonal Atlanta-Barbados flight service due to economic conditions.

This follows Delta’s 2007 cancellation of year-round service as we reported at the time in our story Delta Discontinuing Flights To Barbados, Antigua, Trinidad, Turks & Caicos – Low Demand

This latest airline withdrawal doesn’t mean that the Barbados Tourism Authority failed, or that our tourism product isn’t attractive. It is yet another illustration that times are tough and are getting worse everywhere. As I write this the markets are tanking with the largest single day drop since – since – since a few days ago.

My friends: don’t listen to the pronouncements, excuses and reassurance from the government mouth pieces. This is going to get worse. Much worse.

There are some things you can do help yourself, your family and your friends to make it through the financial storms ahead…

  1. Shun debt.
  2. Work harder than you ever have before. Do a good job for your employer and let them make someone else redundant.
  3. Look after your friends and family as best as you can. You might need their help next.

Perhaps our readers can contribute some other suggestions and advice.


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