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Results: 2011 Consumer Sentiments Survey by Amit Uttamchandani

As promised, here are the results of the survey that I carried out during May/June (apologies for the delay, but when you’re doing research independently, time is limited). This research was based primarily on the the University of Michigan’s Consumer Confidence Index.

1. Number of respondents = 100+ (I was hoping for between 400 to 500).

2. Survey was carried out online (via a survey website, obviously this meant that persons without a computer would be left out)

3. I had intended to compare/contrast certain demographics (i.e., did males/females respond differently? did employed/unemployed?) However, the sample size was inadequate for most of the interesting variables.

4. I’m hoping to run this periodically and to track changes over time and to publish data for everyone to see for themselves.

Feel free to critique the findings as it may result in some interesting/useful debate (or it may not).

Thanks again for linking to the survey (and thank you to the BFP readers who filled it out).

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click to download PDF: ACU Consumer Survey MayJune 2011


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