What is the definition of “Victory” in the Afghanistan war?

“The war in Afghanistan has no purpose, no definition of victory.”

US Navy SEAL Team 6 Helicopter shot down by Taliban – 38 warriors dead.

“But these boys are dying for the jihad. That’s all the war in Afghanistan is about. If there were no jihad, we would not be there. If jihadis had not taken down the Towers, we would not be there. But Obama won’t say it, Petraeus won’t say it, the NATO commanders won’t say it, no one will say it. And what do they say instead? Nothing. The war in Afghanistan has no purpose, no definition of victory. Obama is sending these boys to die for nothing. Nothing. The jihadis are killing them for jihad, and they are dying for no cause, no objective, no mission, no end in sight.”

Pamela Geller has a point at Atlas Shrugs


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  1. When will you comment on the Norwegian Psycho who tried to create a false war against Muslims?

  2. BFP

    Hi Ian,

    You said it: Psycho. Evil psycho who doesn’t represent anything we, you or any other good folks stand for. Yet many are trying to use this one off wacko as justification to silence critics of the Koran and Islamists. According to his own words, this wacko was “inspired” by Gandhi, President Obama, John F. Kennedy and dozens of other persons from all around the world. Evil wacko mass murderer who is responsible for his own actions – the same as Charles Manson was responsible for his actions. Unless, of course, folks want to blame The Beatles for writing Helter Skelter – Manson’s “inspiration”.

    But what was the purpose of his attacks? What did Breivik say about what inspired him? In his 1500 page manifesto he laid out exactly what his strategy was, where he found his inspiration, and what the steps were in his path to violence that started in the early 1990’s.

    Where did Breivik find his inspiration? According to him: The Koran.

    I found the following video to be interesting. Maybe you will too…

  3. Straight talk

    Deaths of Seal team 6.
    The cold blooded “murderers” of the elusive, but already confirmed dead OBL.
    The disposal of a body at sea, no record of this new style “Islamic” burial.
    Typical behaviour to those who know the truth, to STFU or face the ultimate consequence.
    As Kissinger says “Military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy.”

    So sad but increasingly true, in these mind-boggling wars of no real purpose, except the increase of US corporate influence.

  4. Stand Up2

    Sad thing is that if Obama should lose in 2012 the Republican President will probably step it up again in both Iraq and Afghanistan and probably invade Venezuela for good measure.

  5. Anonymous

    Isn’t that coincidental. The same seal team who is alleged to have killed Bin Laden. Well I got news for you; Bin Laden has been dead since 2001.

  6. Anonymous

    Obama is part of this guys. He has don more in 4 yrs than bush did in 8. Both are tyrants. Just that Obama is prettier.

  7. Jack Bowman

    Dear BFP folks,

    I’ve been reading your blog for several years and mostly you make sense. You do more than make sense. You write well and your arguments are persuasive, more often than not. You are clearly distinct from another popular blog in Barbados, which seems to embrace its own subliteracy, to revel in its own stupidity, to take pride in its own lack of a moral imagination and its astonishingly majestic bigotry.

    Doubtless there are many ways to judge a man. I think that one of those ways is that you can judge a man by the company he keeps.

    You published an entire post based on the assertions of Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugged.

    That is beyond sad. It says much about you.

    Did you read the comments to Pam’s post? The ones where the commenters claim that the SEALs were killed by the US government? The ones where the deeply, deeply stupid members of the “human community” express their views?

    What do you suggest, BFP? Just pull them out of the Stan? I’m with you on that one. And then, what? What? You think the boys can just go home and that’s the end of it, for ever? Give us your best medium-term thinking in geopolitics, BFP folks.

    After all, you’re so good at short-term thinking about Islam’s invasion of Chefette.

    Best wishes to you.

  8. BFP

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for your encouragement. As to connecting with Geller’s post, I think she has a good point that the troops are dying for nothing when there is no objective, no definition of victory and the “elected” government that is being supported by the USA and others outlawed freedom of religion and made women second class property of males. That’s what the Koran does and the new Afghan constitution made Islam the official religion and law of the country.

    NATO troops are dying to support subjugation of women and the supremacy of Islam and I don’t think NATO should be doing that. What is the compelling national interest for the USA and the UK in Afghanistan? If it’s about oil and that’s what NATO is fighting for, then say so – but don’t give me any cow dung about fighting for Afghan freedom and democracy when the government itself sentenced a man to death for leaving Islam and becoming a Christian.

    How many more decades should the NATO troops stay? Forever? Because that is not an unlikely scenario. Under what conditions can they leave in your opinion? I say yank ’em out now and tell the Afghans they are welcome to run their dirty little hole of a country and their society any way they want to but if they are caught again supporting jihadists that do violence in the West, the planes will arrive and bomb their leaders’ homes and the infrastructure back into the pre-stone age in a weekend to settle them down again. Repeat as necessary.

    If you have a better idea, chime in because I’m fresh out of other ideas about Afghanistan and I think the Western leaders are too.

    As to the comments left by readers on Geller’s blog, if I stopped reading any blog on the internet that allowed a comment that I disagreed with, I’d soon be out of blogs to read. 🙂


  9. Astounded

    Trust BFP to come up with this drivel. Don’t you realise how transparent you are? Blaming Muslims for this terrorist? How much more idiotic can you get? Are you so starved of hits?

    I bet you wouldn’t post a story about the British Muslims who instead of joining rioters organised to protect neighbourhood. Or the father of one of the Muslim men murdered who spoke out for peace and averted a potentially ugly situation. But all this flies in the face of your warped agenda. So I don’t expect you to write about it or if you do it will be in some twisted way that supports your ridiculous world view.

    I am just glad that the majority of Bajans are not stupid enough to buy into your crap.