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An idea to save our East Coast

East Coast going the way of the West Coast – Solid wall of development

by Pieter Pieper

Let’s face it – modernization and development are both desirable and inevitable. But such development should be in the best interest of the people at all times. Luxury homes and condominiums preventing easy access to the coast and obstruction of the view of the sea is not “development” from which the masses may derive enjoyment.

To benefit the people, the government should consider building a proper highway from Boscobel to Bath along the seaside. There should be small properly landscaped and furnished parkettes along the highway in every parish. The government should prohibit any further construction of residences of any kind along the seaside. Tourists and Bajans would be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and this particular part of Barbados.

There has to be modernization and development in the island. The main issue with the east coast is accessibility to the coastal lands and to our beaches in particular.

In Havana, Cuba, the government built a highway “The Malecon” and parkettes along a long stretch of the coastline in order to ensure that the people would always have a look-out and access to the coast. There are no buildings along that stretch of the coast.

Perhaps instead of building “a tower in St.Lucy” or taking over “two plantations in each parish to teach about our culture” this government should approach the Chinese for help in building a highway and parkettes – instead of building a great wall of luxury homes and condos along our east coast.


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