Some Queries about the ongoing CLICO Debacle

Who are the CLICO receivers… really?

submitted by BFP reader “H”

Who are the CLICO receivers anyway … and who, working for what company, were appointed foot soldiers? And by whom? And who is paying the cost of the receivership proceedings? CLICO customers and investors, directors or the taxpayer? Surely not the latter.

What about the many CLICO subsidiaries like BAICO and Angostura? Are they liquid and still in operation or have they been shut down? And those overseas? Has a comprehensive list been published yet in the T&T press?

Should Lawrence Duprey be arrested and charged in Trinidad for Ponzi Scheming or embezzlement, like Allen Stanford was for the very same reasons in the US? Or are Trinidadians scared of touching corrupt billionaires like certain as yet uncharged and unconvicted ex-government ministers, past and current state enterprise directors, Calder Hart, Lawrence Duprey and his affiliated cronies …

I think that the entire CLICO debacle is deliberately being made complex and confusing to enable old criminals to manipulate or destroy incriminating evidence and get off scot-free and to lure newly emerging robbers to deliberately get a piece of the unsavory action in the prevailing mayhem …


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7 responses to “Some Queries about the ongoing CLICO Debacle

  1. Donald duck

    Wasn’t one of the judicial managers also a receiver for plantations holdings Lrd (“PHL”) some years. Didn’t clcio have some involvement with PHL?.Is the receivership of PHL completed? Have the shareholders of PHL heard anything from the directors of PHL about the receivership?

  2. 201

    Excellent questions, too bad the answers will never be known.

  3. Wily Coyote

    Excellent Questions, too bad the answers will never be known.

  4. Anonymous

    We’ve heard from Donald Duck above and I was wondering if Mickey Mouse had an opinion.

  5. Steupse

    As Mickey Mouse is the Judicial Manager, why not ask him?

  6. just want to know

    Integrity Legislation will never be here in Barbados to many politicians are in the pockets of business leaders, with family friends and some of them are even in business in some of the other islands where their spouses are from. Integrity, look at what was done by the late p. m. with 10 million to the Clico boss in Barbados, not even the investigators knew about it, and when for the relevant papers, the public don’t know if this was given, even though the courts ask for it. Integrity only belongs to the taxpayers who will in the end have to pay for all this investigation, Mr. Big Shot will get his 10 million from taxpayers, and the little people will get 0.

  7. Anonymous

    KPMG are the judicial managers.