Prince of Barbados: Save our East Coast from development!

Government promises are empty: National Catastrophe instead of a National Park

Bajan Prince here once again to inform you that yet another nail has been put in the coffin on the East Coast of Barbados, as yet another developer plans to develop 95 acres of beachfront in Boscobelle into some “massive upscale residential development.”

This news is heart wrenching to me. Like most Bajans who are not part of the government, I have always been against the destruction of our beautiful country by indiscriminate development. Although the developer, Candelisa Resorts, boasts that this project will be “environmentally friendly” we all know that this development will surely begin the “condo-zation” of the whole Eastern coastline, one of Barbados’ last unspoiled stretches of  coast.

A call to action for all Bajans!

Fortunately, with immediate and relentless civil action, this development will not go down! We as a people NOW need to wake up and realize that government promises are empty and that our MPs who  represent us in Parliament are willing to go through with, NOT a national park, but actually a national catastrophe, that being the destruction of our beautiful isle. This island is too precious to be robbed of her captivating natural assets.

From east to west our island Barbados is de best and we MUST, ABSOLUTELY MUST safeguard her until the end of time.

Barbados has lived long and she will continue to live long even after we are gone. Let’s respect her and show her our undying love by treasuring her. I see Barbados as my island mother, one that I look to for comfort, one that I turn to for confidence and one that I rely on for joy. I will FIGHT long and hard to protect her, my mother, my island, my Barbados!



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34 responses to “Prince of Barbados: Save our East Coast from development!

  1. cut to the chase

    nice pretty pictures but WHO exactly in Barbados is facilitating this pillage?

  2. what will they think of next

    The big maguffy owen say that we must sell the land.

  3. Distant Voice

    The real problem will the cost of upkeep of the finished development. The salt will destroy most of the steelwork, computers, cars, etc and the place will eventually become an eyesore. Without continued maintenance (and cost to condo owners)The owners will not be able to sell their condo to another and the whole place will become a slum.
    This is called unsustainable development

  4. Goldenbead

    Candalisa is building a condo development in my area. It is going to be huge when finished and from what I can see so far, the apartments are small and poky. There are already too many condos on our west coast. Please Barbados Gov’t, do not sell our east coast too!

    I have also noticed recently that there are Candalisa signs at the entrance to St. James Park in Holetown and in Fitts Village. Enough now.

  5. ac

    Barbados has been taken over by The Big Invasion Of the Developer and to think the didn’t have to fi a shot. This country will pay the ultimate price in the long run with the people being “The Biggest Losers”Every where the Big Developer has raised their “Ugly Heads” the environment has suffered and not to mention sky rocketing real estate prices , These provocative profiteers has one thing in mind and that is total control of the real estate market .In the long run they become our landlords handing out eviction to those who were duped into buying their overpriced home . Who would have thought that Barbados who have come to this a place where our fore parents work long and hard to own a piece of the ‘ROCK” only to see it slowly drifting farther and farther away to those whose only interest is self interest

  6. Horse Left Long Time Ago

    Sorry to say but Bajans are not going to stand up against this latest so-called developed. It is not in their nature. Most of them actually think that the concretisation of Barbados is development and something positive. The fight for an unspoilt Barbados ended a long time ago. Accept that in another 15-20 years Barbados will largely feature concrete.

  7. Prince of Barbados

    @ cut the chase…Well our government and our people are the ones who are facilitating the pillage. Our government has neglected to enact the proper legislation needed to ensure the protection, preservation and conservation of our natural environment and our natural resources and our people are guilty of failing to press the government on these issues. The developers cannot be blamed entirely because without government’s consent they cannot build any development on Barbados soil. But again due to the lack of adequate environmental policy the island has fallen victim to indiscriminate over-development. Unfortunately, the whole over-development of Barbados saga is seen as a norm. Like the previous poster said..”Most of them (Bajans) actually think that the concretisation of Barbados is development and something positive”. Which is very true, many Bajans say they love their country but yet cannot see that the very “progress” that runs their country is robbing them of their birth rights…soon Beautiful Barbados will no longer be theirs. It’s a relentless fight but it is one worth fighting.


  8. what a shame

    we need a private leader to form a goverment for the people and to look after our island, maybe some powerful lawyers who want to do some good for there island

  9. tony

    Which government is in power now. This is a govt of bare talk abd unfilled promises/ time to go quickly Spare barbados

  10. ac

    The previous BLP government had fifteen to years to stop Barbados from being overtaken by foreign interest instead the were lock step and barrel and instrumental in selling our land to the higest bidder.

  11. yatinkiteasy

    Land at Merricks sold to foreign developers. All Town and Country Approvals given. This Government is not serious about protecting anything!

  12. Johnny Postle

    Why do any politician in Barbados have to care what the people think. Why do any politician have to care rather Barbados sell their lands to persons who do not care how it affects the indigenous population. After all politicians in Barbados are rich beyond their wildest dreams and can pick up and leave Barbados to live lavishly off their over and away investments. SO IT IS UP TO THE PEOPLE TO DECIDE ON THE EAST COAST POTENTIAL INVESTMENT NOT THE POLITICIANS. IT IS TIME TO PUT ASIDE THE TALK AND START TO DO THE LONG WALK.

  13. ac

    Thats why integrity legislation would nevvvvvva be passed inBarbados. Johnny Postle by the time the people get a whim of what is happening it is all but over and all the people can do is talk! After alll the media is the one source from which the people get to know the affairs of the country except all of the time the media remain such matters only trying to save face after the damage is then it is too late

  14. Spinelli

    Too much progress can deprive us of our birth rights of enjoyment to this beautiful country. It’s true the developers must get the approval of the government, so take a stand. Silence fan the flames of wrong. Please don’t take away the luxury of the “window to the Sea” where families can go and relax, even tourist. We pay so much in this country just to have the views and luxuries that you have in barbados. Money is not all leave my coast line alone. Beautiful Barbados also mean Beautiful Sceneries. Bajan in NY. I still tell the story of the animal flower cave which is fascinating.

  15. Colin L Beadon

    I’m not going to bother to write about this new Numbhead’s Brainwave for the desecration of our East coast. It is too sickening to contemplate. The stupidity to allow such a construction to take place, displays the limits of the intelligence horizon of certain important individuals who should know so much better, and,…. who SHOULD HAVE the beauty and future of this island at heart.

  16. Adrian Loveridge

    I am just curious how and why planning permission is still being granted while hundreds of condominum rooms remain unfinished all over the island.
    We have one near us called Sandcastle. Around 50 units rusting away and empty.
    Add to this the 3,500 hotel rooms that remain empty every single night of the year.
    Exactly WHERE are we going?

  17. Prince of Barbados

    Isn’t there anyway to contact the Prime Minister to voice our opinions? Does he have a contact number or an email address? If he so, please let me know and I’ll make SURE he gets the message

  18. just want to know

    I agree with Prince of Barbados. I do not want to see the East Coast or Bathsheba come into any over development, but what I would like to see is Barbadians stop bellyaching and keep the areas clean. They go on their picnics and leave all the litter there, cheffette containers, kentucky boxed, drinks bottles, and soft drink containers plastic bags, you name it, is left all over the place, and to add injury to it all a lot of these places have bins right in the areas. Why, why, I keep asking myself Bajans keep their environment so filthy, and don’t say here, there and everywhere does it to, because that is defeating the whole subject of keeping this island for us & for our visitors in good condition. And stop blaming the Barbados Labour Party for our filthy habits, blame yourselves. The DLP been now in government for 4 years, and how many times previously.

  19. Colin L Beadon

    What finite memories we have.
    Oh yes, we seem to have forgotten the buffoonery and double dealing that happened recently on another East Coast White Elephant. How painfully short our memories to part of our very history, and what had been for several years, quite a well operated hotel before officialdom, in bed with private enterprise, got their fingers into the act. Sam Lords Castle. Let us never forget that, and who as tax payers,….had to pay for much of it.

  20. rasta man

    @Adrian Loveridge. That is where the money talks, while legitimate applications have to wait years to get an okay

  21. Johnny Postle

    Mr. Loveridge the government of barbados encourages investment. Occupancy is not the concern of government but a matter for you and other hotel owners.

  22. Environmental Planner

    No one cares about our lovely island anymore, Bajans sell out, Government too. If you want to live on a beautiful island better find a new one!

  23. tweedley dum

    The East coast is the very last coast (Not to mention the North coast) that has $$$$$$Bills running the whole length of it.
    Come on now all ye of little faith,,,,,Surely you could not expect Govt to relinquish it to the Whims of those Locals who seek Beauty,,,Tranquility,,,The last area free to get away from IT ALL,,,,,The Picknickers,,,,The Lovers,,,,,,The Families who for a few hours relish in something they even are not aware of…..Welll as they say Money talks,Bullshit walks…..So we can all kiss gooodbye to something that is reverent in our hearts Or TELL THOSE MFCKERS DONT TOUCH OUR SACRED SITE>>>OR ELSE>>>

  24. ha

    or else what? we going to talk about it some more.

  25. oh please say it isnt so. I had hoped the salt air would deter these ravagers from the east coast, is nothing sacred or safe…

  26. This is all coming together quicker than I thought it would. In late February the director of the CZMU made cryptic remarks on CBC TV about using a portion of the $60M they just borrowed from the IDB (to tackle beach erosion on the island) to support projects in the Scotland District. Now we are learning where those projects really are. It is obvious that in order to create swimming areas for these condo projects they are going to have to re-engineer the beaches at Cove Bay, Boscobelle, and the other areas in the Scotland District from where the “many requests“ are coming. That means they will be exporting the rock revetments, groynes and offshore breakwaters that have destroyed the beaches on the west coast to the east coast. The fix is already in, folks, get your pictures of the picturesque east coast now.

  27. 150

    This is not the solution, people. These knucklehead government officials have no idea what they are doing and are not fit to run a government. Barbados does not need any more development. What the Barbados government needs to do is focus on why visitors no longer want to go there. The robust tourist industry of by-gone years is non-existent. They are hoping that the “development” will landslide some cold hard cash in the form of foreign investment resulting in “saving the day”. Dream on!! Barbadian people need to reinvent themselves, get a serious attitude adjustment and realize that visitors are not doing us a favor by going to Barbados. Barbados is competing against the rest of the world. Geddit??!!Give them what they want and they WILL COME!! Preserve the island and lock out the foreign investors and developers.
    Hopefully this post will make it unlike the last one that was intentionally deleted. Yes, I have a big mouth and a spade is still a spade.
    Natural Born Rebel

  28. 150

    There is something seriously wrong with this picture. David Rice was right when he said the UK travel agents felt Barbados was too expensive. I talked to someone just today who frequents Mexico. I asked him why he would still want to go to a country where there’s a high risk of ingesting parasitic food and possibly being kidnapped. He said it was cheaper.

    Spoke to a couple a few days ago who loves Sandals in Jamaica. Said they were “accosted” by locals and it wasn’t pretty. Would they go back? SHURE!! “Just stay inside the resort”, they said. Barbados they didn’t even consider. I still get very upset when folks think Barbados is some small insignificant town in Jamaica. No sense of identity – that is truly disturbing.
    That’s my other 2-cents.
    Me Again
    Natural Born Rebel

  29. Just what we need, more derelict half-finished condos on this tiny rock. You would think these a-holes would get a clue, NO ONE IS BUYING.

  30. Anonymous

    I had enuff talk now….Um is now de time tuh tek action! I gone!

  31. Pieter Pieper

    Let’s face it, modernization and development are both desirable and inevitable.But it should be in the best interest of the people at all times.Luxury homes and condominiums preventing easy access and obstruction of the view of the sea is not “development”from which the masses may derive enjoyment.To benefit the people,the government should consider building a proper highway from Boscobel to Bath along the seaside.There should be small properly landscaped and furnished parkettes along the highway in every parish.They should prohibit any further construction of residences of any kind along the seaside.Tourists and Bajans would be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and this particular part of Barbados.

    There has to be modernization and development in the island,.The issue re the east coast is accessability to the coastal lands…beaches in particular.
    In Havana,Cuba,the government built a highway…The Malecon…and parkettes along a long stretch of the coastline in order to ensure that the people would always have a look-out and access to the coast.There are no buildings along that stretch of the coast.
    Perhaps,instead of building “a tower in St.Lucy” or taking over “two plantations in each parish to teach about our culture” this government should approach the Chinese for help in building a highway and

    parkettes…not a great wall of luxury homes and condos…along the east coast

  32. 37

    The reason why condos continue to be built has nothing whatsoever to do with the ability to sell them.

    They are built because someone, largely overseas developer investors will invest in their construction.

    The real estate agents give inflated projections on sales at inflated prices, the local contractors and design consultants reinforce these mistaken projections – the developer investors see profit. The development gets built, everone makes money with the exception of the developer investor – some never even get to completion.

    The problem is the calibre of developer – most are ego investors – business men made good in some other business, who listen to the siren call of the “Barbados Building Machine” – once the beast is fedand the financial life blood drained from the investor they are disgarded until the next fool steps of an airplane.

    One way to stop this nonsense would be to require fully audited development business plans to be a condition of the granting of planning permission – then 25% open market sales before the construction can commence – that would identify and kill-off the ubsustainable schemes.

  33. canajan

    This from Candelisa’s website
    “Boscobelle, Barbados
    An environment friendly and sustainable resort development, operating with full energy and water independence – preserving the existing landscape and reintroducing appropriate flora & fauna to the scarred landscape.
    This innovative development will have a ‘very light environmental tread’ and seeks to open up some of the most breathtaking sea views and ‘walkable’ beach frontage (1 mile+) in Barbados.
    Boscobelle is in very close proximity to the well known attractions of Cherry Tree Hill, Morgan Lewis Windmill and St Nicholas Abbey”

    As one who was blessed to have had two nine month work assignments in, and regularly visits Beautiful Barbados, no matter how many times I have made the drive from North Point to Ragged Point I never fail to be in awe of its breathtaking beauty..

    When I last made the drive down the East Coast, including past the Boscobelle site, in April, I do not recall the landscape being scarred in a negative way, nor did I think the breathtaking views need to be opened up. Indeed, I made a video of the drive from St. Nicholas Abbey through Cherry Tree Hill, past the Morgan Lewis Windmill and down to Barclay Park so my friends at home can see what I mean when I tell them about the closest place to Heaven on Earth. I simply cannot conceive of how a 95 acre condo project could improve the closest place to Heaven on Earth.

    Barbados’ Ambassadors The Merrymen, say it best when they say “Bathsheba – may you never change – No hotels please – no fast food chains – These fields and hills beyond recall – Please don’t repalce with concrete and walls”

    I whole heartedly say Just Say No to destroying the natural beauty of the East Coast

  34. BigMan

    I have traveled to east coast Barbados for 10 years in a row. I travel there cause the house I rent has no TV. This is not progress. This is all about money again. The gov’t of Barbados should have been buying land and making parks all along the east coast for the good of the people. This is horrible and why I don’t go to Puerto Rico anymore. I leave in a week and will see it firsthand. I hope this isn’t my last trip.