Poll: In a free vote right now, Mia Mottley would be the next Prime Minister

Above: It seems so long ago

Is there anyone Bajans would enthusiastically choose as their next Prime Minister? It is almost Prime Minister by default. Arthur is not only “yesterday’s man”, but so is Mia Mottley. As for our current accidental PM, when folks hear “Fruendal Stuart” they still say “Who?”. Perhaps he is a good administrator – who knows? But as a “leader”????

Barbados Today is going on about Sinckler, but while people might feel something for him, he might be with the wrong party for the mood and the times.

As for me, I’ll vote anyone but DLP/BLP next time around. I don’t believe any of them any longer and I’ll use my vote to punish the establishment.

That’s my choice for my vote next time around… no matter who the candidates are in Grape Hall.

“The survey also showed that ousted Opposition Leader Mia Mottley is overwhelmingly preferred as leader of the BLP over her successor, former Prime Minister Owen Arthur and in this case the spread is so wide that the margin of error offer no comfort to anyone who wants to play with the numbers.

However, it was pointed out, whichever of the two is at the helm of the Bees, the party’s standing has grown significantly among the electorate since the last major poll was conducted by CADRES, which is led by Wickham, for the Nation Publishing Company last year.”

… from Barbados Today’s Uphill Battle


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22 responses to “Poll: In a free vote right now, Mia Mottley would be the next Prime Minister

  1. Peter Pan


    Mia does not stand a chance. Her credibilty has been shattered by the VENUS BUTTERFLY !

  2. Anonymous

    Is this all the crap we are going to have now that elections are coming. Please let us have some commentary on Barbados economy Mr BFP, instead of tripe. Do you know St. Lucia had more tourists last year than Barbados? Do you know that every month when our electric bill come in, it is higher than the last on? Are you aware when we go to the supermarket every week the Bill is higher for the same things we buy? Do you know I have to pay $70:00 every month for medication I have to have to keep alive? it is not on the formulary anymore since April. These are the things we need to talk about and to address. Thank you.

  3. what will they think of next

    $70.00 per month is too much for you to pay to stay alive?
    I know a lot people if $70.00 for medication is all they had to pay per month they would be rejoicing.
    I guess your life is not worth much.

  4. Son Of Spam

    If Milton Gibbs, Rev Chas Morris or even Leroy Parris open their mouth on Arthur it is all over… Whether Milton speaks of the plan to fire Melba Smith vetoed by Owen, leading to Milton writing on a napkin “F*** O**, I GONE” then signing his name to it or Morris looking at same meeting and how he gave a story to Claude Graham for Arthur to resign and Graham letting everyone know in Newsroom if they run then they’re fired!

    As for dear Leroy – he has 750-thousand reasons on Owen “See-Thru”, eh? Mia’s peccadillo pales in comparison, has anything new happened? Right now Owen is cutting deals like the same late Thompson he accuses, he is a spent force wishing to die in Office like Adams and Barrow… SMDH, Arthur needs to go and die quietly of cirrhosis & “the sugar” as Cheltenham calls it

  5. Colin L Beadon

    We seem to be heading the right way to end up with an autocrat, like Chavez, or Mugabe, or Eric Williams and his 25 year old stint that ruined Trinidad forever.

  6. M

    July 6, 2011 at 10:08 pm Do you know St. Lucia had more tourists last year than Barbados?

    Where you get your misinformation not Caribbean Tourism Organization? Ahm at the Jack Warner University ok dont tell us Bin Hammman dropped off a brown paper bag with the statistics..

  7. Maybe

    @ Son Of Spam

    i will never defend anyone from the BLP or the DLP but do you believe that you’ll could come back to the public of Barbados with all that crap that won the DLP the last election?

    i have no intention of voting for anyone but if i did, as an independent mind person, i would vote against the DLP if you’ll come back to the public with those stupid claims.

  8. 113

    We should be worried about Barbados sold off and Barbados under the auction hammer. Mia was heard recently in patliament calling for the selling off of shares in the airport, this is usually the first step toward total sell off. Check who own most of the corporations in Barbados. Both the DLP and the BLP seem to haverun out off ideas as to how to chart a course for future growth in the economy. We talk about ‘foregn direct invest’, translate sell off and Trinidad, and Jamaica now own most of Barbados large companies, The DLP is still intent on freenesses and givaways while the middleclass is sqeezed beyond imaginatio. I will not be voting.

  9. Observing

    Oh dear Son of Spam seems to be trying the same thing that won them last election.

    It seems that running a country is more difficult than writing slander and innuendo (who’d have thought it)

  10. 236

    if one is a pensioner,what will they think of next, $70:00 is a lot of money. It just shows how callous some people can be to OAP’s, with high electric bills, water bill, and gas, food bills not even added to that, one can see where old people are suffering, so only a callous person will say something like that. Maybe you are getting some of D. I or L. P hand out, but I just live on my pension.

  11. what will they think of next

    is son of spam right or wrong, that is all I want to know.

  12. what will they think of next

    The crooked Barbados Labour Party keep boasting how well the Guyana and Jamaica economies are doing.
    This is what Forbes Magazine had to say about Jamaica,
    “Jamaica, the fifth worst economy in the World”

  13. what will they think of next

    …….and I should add, Jamaica not Barbados as “seethru”Arthur wants Bajans to believe.

  14. Johnny Postle

    There is, without a shadow of a doubt, questionable activity of the current administration just as there was with the last administration. The voters of Barbados are somewhat disillusion with the economic situation in Barbados and is blaming both the DLP and the BLP for the mess we find ourselves in. Be that as it may, the vote will not be detered by what bajans believe to be the obvious.

    Barbadians in their own right are fundamentalist with certain beliefs and loyalities. That prosperity is generated when the BLP is in power whilst cut and contrive is the mentality of the DLP is a notion held by many. What ever the outcome shall be the voters will still decide rather or not to go with the D or the B. The obvious will only deter a few but not the many.

  15. Progressive

    And so the spin starts.same as last election,innuendo and gossip;he say she say;the people I suspect are more interested in how we get out of this total mess and bring some sanity back to our economic affairs where the vast majority benefit and not just a select few card bearing members of the DLP..I hope the BLP realise this and that the people expect them to provide serious answers and engage in serious discussion and not this silly crap.

  16. J. Payne

    Barbados doesn’t have effective leadership!!! You see how good Barbados National Bank is running now? Well that goes to show, if the Barbados government looked regionally for the right leader they could have gotten the right person in the first place to turn it around.

    Instead of selling the airport the Barbados government should make sure the airport is structured like a private entity. When and wherever possible the airport management company should try to acquire management rights in other islands. So essentially, if other islands don’t want to deal with managing their own airport they could approach GAIA Inc. to manage their airport(s) too. The governments in those other countries could pay GAIA an annual fee and go from there. Ofcourse GAIA would need to be renamed or else placed inside a regional holding company. They could name it something like “Eastern Caribbean Airport Management Co. 2011 Ltd.”

    The Canadian airports are doing this same thing now. The Canadians are finding it quiet profitable to buyout out the management rights for a number of Caribbean airports thus far…

    See “Vancouver Airport Services” for the airports in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Chile, and the Turks and Caicos Islands they already manage.
    LINK: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Vancouver_Airport_Services

    Barbados could have been doing the same. But the government isn’t business minded.

  17. J. Payne

    Many Barbados government agencies are stagnant. They don’t grow. They don’t look out for their own interest. I don’t know why ICBL hasn’t been going out and acquiring insurance companies regionally…. What are they going to do? just sit back with limited market-share of Barbados (only a quarter million people) and then have to be sold off too? Doesn’t that company realise in not being diversified all it will take is one hurricane in Barbados to make them have to pay huge payouts? They should be in Central America, and South America by now. They should at least be in Guyana which doesn’t get hit by any lot of natural disasters and is an English speaking country thus no real hindrance to doing business.

  18. We seriously need to come to grips with our sexuality..

    Great idea to sell the airport. Shoulda been done 10 yrs. ago

    What business has Government in the Airports business?
    sell it and accept the income to help pay bills.

  19. ESther Tudor Burton

    July 13, 2011 at 9.14
    To all those who make money and position there gods, `man’s time is over, this is the closing of the material age. we are now into the aquarian age, where man must love, care and share. i speak of love of the highest order, not sex.as so many of us conclude. god will must be obeyed, we are all brothers and sisters on the planet. The whole earth is under seige of the cosmic forces, man must arise and be awaken to his true nature. those who have must share with those who do not have or die together like fools. foods comes first, Barbados is a country of misplaced priorities, they is not alternative for food. produce or perish. or you will eat the motor car, the curtains, or snail soup or stews. climate change is on our doorstep for god is not a respector of persons . these are the days when both the rich and the poor will die together. after Japan experience there is no reason to douth, love and blessing to you all. Who will lead?

  20. Aint No Maguffy

    Truth is….aint none of the current crop of ‘politicians’ can save us. We are in deep sxix.

    Cant get money for the four seasons, cant get money for nuttin.

    The economy is going down, we are in deep and crime will balloon through the roof.

  21. J. Payne

    Has the sale of assets of importance taught us nothing? BL&P is the most recent example. Barbadians don’t charge each other ‘through the nose’, even when products are operating at a loss. However, as soon as a foreigner deems a Barbados entity as not earning enough they do what they have to do in order to make sure (recession or not), they’re getting their fair cut. Now, with Barbados having tourism as one of only two main pillars some of wunna want to turn over the airport to foreigners now too?

    Selling the airport is extremely short sighted. If the foreign entity deems they aren’t earning enough guess what could happen? And what would happen to tourism in Barbados as a result?

    I still believe if the Barbados government had perhaps kept BNB, but instead offered someone like a Robert L. Le Hunte from somewhere around the region a nice salary to transform the bank then perhaps the huge profits being realised by Republic Bank of Trinidad could have been towards the Barbados government.

    As per the 2010 annual report: “The Bank’s profit after taxation for the year ended September 30, 2010 amounted to $36.039 million.”
    ‘So essentially in 10 years that could have paid for all of the $300 million in outstanding VAT owed to the Barbados government’?

    Anyway, that’s all a done deal now. The only alternative the Barbados government has now is to create their own bank (under a different name), because Republic Bank said on more than one occasion they’re not looking to sell what they already own of BNB. If Barbados is going to have a future period- it needs to be more cautious with the decisions being made. Based on how the Barbados government jacked up fees in all areas: Land tax, VAT rate, bus fares, government services (i.e. immigration, passports), gasoline, etc. etc. that tells me Barbados’ financial circumstance must be in a worst condition than the government is letting on. And to add the cherry on top a credit agency is lowered their faith in the Barbados currency to a step just above junk? Yeah something is wrong.

  22. TJ

    Well thats a change. When Wickham did his poll, when Mia was Opposition leader, it concluded that Bajans preferred Owen back at the helm. Now she is unceremoniously kicked out from the Judas’s of the BLP, the Bajan public wants her back at the helm. Go figure.