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Barbados news media covers up Health Minister’s teen porn connections

“Is it fear, complicity or both that keeps Barbados journalists from reporting major stories that everyone already knows about?”

Barbados Free Press has been reporting on Health Minister Inniss’ online porn industry connections for over a year. Mia Mottley tried to raise the issue during the 2007 election campaign, but the press made a joke of it because all she could come up with (or dared to come up with) was NakedNews.com.

WARNING: Graphic proof online for anyone to see

There is so much more information than NakedNews.com available online for anyone to see. There was probably a whole lot more but some of it is being covered up and erased lately. Don’t worry folks! Barbados Free Press started looking at some of the Health Minister’s porn websites months ago. We’re not professional journalists, we’re ordinary Bajans – but what we came up with puts the entire Barbados news media to shame. Anyone can do what we did and see what we saw using Google etc.

Where else in the West but Barbados are journalists too frightened to follow up on stories of government Ministers’ corruption and consorting with slime?

The answer is “Lots of places: like Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Haiti, Chile, Honduras and Guatemala…”

Some might say how dare we compare Barbados with those places, and to those we reply… if it isn’t fear, then what is it that keeps the Barbados news media from reporting when a Government Minister lives in a house on expropriated land? Why did the news media not report that the Public Prosecutor set the police to arrest and strip search his young female tenant at 2am for back rent? Why did the Barbados news media refuse to cover the story of a government contractor charged with kickbacks and bribes in another country? What about the secret withdrawal of bribery charges against Police Sergeant Paul Vaughan? Why wasn’t that story done?

Police thug roughs up Barbados journalist Jimmy Gittens

Our Barbados journalists know what happens if the police don’t like you photographing an accident or crime scene: Police Superintendent “Poop-for-brains” Broomes take or break your equipment and erase the photos if you’re lucky. If it’s not your lucky day police beat you and drag you off with no authority in law except brutal force. Rule of law is what the man with the gun says it is. “Little Britain” ??? I don’t think so!

Soon the journalist will appear in the newspaper smiling and shaking hands with the Commissioner of Police – if he or she knows what is good for them.

So we understand why the Barbados news media are cowards. We understand why the news organizations paid tribute in tens of thousands of dollars for asking how former Tourism Minister Noel Lynch became a millionaire on a government salary.

We understand.

Barbados news media refuses to cover Donville Inniss porn industry, money laundering story!

But we don’t respect the Barbados news media. Yellow cowardly puppies who piss themselves when a real story comes their way. They piss themselves and sit there all day waiting for a doggie biscuit called government advertising rather than report serious questions about where the millions of dollars in online porn money is going. (Check Switzerland guys – we found it online, we got the credit card bill and we’re nobodies! We’re not “journalists”… and neither are you, you pee-in-your-pants pathetic excuses for news reporters.)

I can’t tell you how disgusted I am that not one Barbados news outlet has duplicated our very easy to find online sources, done a little research and asked Donville Inniss or the Prime Minister why our Minister of Health is associated with websites that serve up naked teenagers sticking household items in places that God didn’t design with that in mind.

“Barbados News Media: Cover the story or shut down, you pee-in-your-pants cowards.”

The world of Teen Online Porn by Health Minister Donville Innis

“The name of this work is Orgasm.com®. Copyright © 2000-2011 Halo 9, Ltd. All rights reserved. Orgasm.com® is a registered service mark of Fiesta Catering International, Inc. and is used with permission. *The claim that orgasm.com is the favorite tube site of any celebrity, politician, farm animal, family member, religion, or really anyone at all, is complete bullshit. In fact, for all we know, the people that are jokingly mentioned under our logo are only into transexual amputee scat porn (not that there’s anything wrong with that).”

Okay folks. You want to know how Donville Inniss is involved in all this? No problem! Get yourself a coffee or a tonic an’ gin because you are going to need it sooooooo badly before this is over. Fuh True!

First, go to the website orgasm.com. Read the fine print. See how the Orgasm trademark is licensed by the owner: Fiesta Catering in Barbados?

Who Is Fiesta Catering?

That’s easy: do a whois search on Fiesta Catering and back comes Donville Inniss.

Who owns the trademark “Orgasm” of the website? Ha! Fiesta!

Where does the money go?

That is something we will get to next week. Much more to follow but I have to go to work now.


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Chaos in the courts: Bar Association President shouts at Judge for Hearing

How backed up are our Barbados Courts?

“I just want a hearing!” Pilgrim yelled.

“I told you wait,” Acting Chief Magistrate Holder yelled back.

This much…

Courtroom shouting match

A SHOUTING MATCH erupted in a Bridgetown courtroom yesterday.

It was between prominent attorney and president of the Bar Association, Andrew Pilgrim, and Acting Chief Magistrate Deborah Holder arguing about the fate of an accused person who appeared in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court.

“I just want a hearing!” Pilgrim yelled.

“I told you wait,” Acting Chief Magistrate Holder yelled back.

Full story in today’s dead tree version of The Nation


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