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What Rihanna’s S&M fetish tells us about the Barbadian psyche

Junior Campbell, otherwise known as Poeticjazztice, writes some very readable pieces for AllVoices. His latest is a series of three posts about male bashing in Barbados and elsewhere.

“And I have been wondering further, just lately, if this clearly most internationally recognizable Barbadian’s behaviour might tell us anything about the Barbadian psyche.”

In a strange convergence we have Rihanna appointed as Tourism Ambassador, Rolling Stone Magazine calling her the “Queen of Pain” for her sadomasochistic behaviours, and Junior Campbell wondering what Rihanna’s behaviour tells us about ourselves as Bajans. We’ll start off with the second article in the series, but you’ll have to visit AllVoices to finish it and read the other parts. That’s only fair.

I don’t suppose that the folks at the Barbados Tourism Authority read the Rolling Stone article in question before they jumped for a life preserver? Didn’t think so!

Take it away, Junior…

Male bashing in Barbados (#2): Rihanna’s psychic rift and reality

I am indebted to Rolling Stone magazine for an insightful article that has shone some light on international R&B artist Rihanna’s extraordinary musical endorsement of sadomasochism (S&M) – an extraordinary endorsement, given her much publicized, horrific subjection to violent physical abuse at the hands of ex-boyfriend Chris Browne. Continue reading


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