Playing politics with paupers’ shacks

Welcome to “First World” Barbados

According to the BLP, what you’ll see in the video is the fault of no one but the DLP – but something tells me that these houses looked exactly the same for a decade of BLP rule.

Our friend Ian Bourne has his commentary posted at Bajan Reporter.

St Philip North Tragedy – Indar Weir exposes Michael Lashley’s TRUE constituents


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11 responses to “Playing politics with paupers’ shacks

  1. jaysun

    indar weir you dont need to say “i approve of this message” because it is your message which you narrated..dumbass.

  2. The Watcher

    Well, what do I have to say here? I’d be honest and tell both Mr Weir and Mr. Lashley that politics is one thing, and its nice to have your law degrees, and come to the electorate with your promises of a better tomorrow or just a better community, but they are not asleep. Neither are they the “two salt bread and corned-beef” eating electorate of the past that many older politicians remember. People want RESULTS. Not talk and nuff talk. Barbados is a talk shop. Talk all over the place. Action is the new bizzword for 2011 and beyond.
    I am dissapointed in Mr.Lashley as I can’t see what he’s done in St.Philip. He’s incurred the wrath of some communities where he’s promised to deal with issues which to date, still remain unchanged, or un-resolved. The fix to all these dilemas remains in the actions of the electorate. When your representatives fail you, fail not to remove them…permanently!

  3. loyal BLP Voter

    i am a loyal BLP voter but not a fool

    does it require that someone from MTW come from the pine to applehall to clear leaves and grass of of the grate on the well? could not the resident in front of the well keep the opening clear to protect his own property?

    also, it is amazing that the houses have deterioated so quickly in the last 3 years. i uspect that these were in a bad state under the last administration and probably even in Sandifords administeration.

    please remember that the free educatioon was not wasted on most of us

    Your loyal BLP voter

  4. looking for the sagicor funds

    lol under wear at it again

  5. john C Chapman

    loyal BLP Voter I support you 100% I would like many of them to come and give the DLP real licks this type of politics will not work, This is a shame and it is on Youtube as well

  6. john C Chapman

    jaysun an ass is a loyal devoted animal that will bear a load even if it cant…. don’t call him that( Indar) , a donkey (ass) deserve more respect than he deserve

  7. Peter Pan

    What more does one expect from an individual who looks up to that CROOK……Owen Seymour Arthur as a LEADER ?

  8. Just want to know

    Owen Seymour Arthur will always be a leader. He took us out of the last economic depression, and he will do so again. He gave us back our 8%, and we had money to spend in our pockets, now we can hardly eat, pay bills, and have an extra dollar in our pockets. All we are hearing from the present administration is a lot of talk and some heavy bills to pay. Kindly don’t tell us about his drinking habits, check out St. James central, St. Philip north and West, and even our present Prime Minister, remember he was the first one to take the late p. m. to a rum shop. So let us debate things that will lift Barbados economy.

  9. 45

    I…..Just want to Know……if you believe the Barbadian electorate are stupid to re-elect a crook like Owen Arthur ?

    While he was ” as you claim putting money into your pocket” he was stashing away millions ILLEGALLY into his personal bank account.

    Now, can you beat that for “ECONOMIC WIZARDRY” ?

    Nah !

  10. just want to know

    45 you tell me which politician not stashing away money in their pockets$10000:00 _ $15000.00 for each unit that’s built by the minister of housing. The ten million that was done for best friend L.P. before he died & with other perks. Who you think going to pick up all that money that is owed to the policy holders? Think again. What about what’s going on now with minister of health, you prefer that. All politicians fatten their pockets, but we are not talking about what they take, we want some of what they do for our country, and some of what they give to us legally.

  11. 45

    Just want to know……I have digested your flawed logic.

    The question still remains…..Do you think Bajans would still be going with OWEN….the THIEF ?

    Wuh after all it was only 3 years the people rejected him ( for among other things ) fuh THIEFFING .

    Get real NAH…….gee back MIA the pick.