Men of Windies Cricket gone girly?

Windies hire shrink to “Sort issues”

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Is this the end result of the feminization of society and sports? Are the men of the Windies trying to “get in touch with their inner selves”???

I can’t believe what I’m reading. The West Indies have been on a losing treadmill for the last while, but team management thinks that hiring a psychologist to help the cricketers “sort issues” will make a difference to the kind of unbelievable disasters and mistakes we’ve been seeing for far too long.

It’s not about “feelings”. It’s not about “thinking too far ahead” or being worried about the idiocy of two weeks ago. It’s about management, the mix and coaching. It’s about supposed professionals who let their individual egos conflict to the determent of the team as a whole. It’s also about a younger generation who lately have been overdoing it on the parties and late nights. Don’t they realize that people see them out late and know what is going on?

“See any of them heavily drinking within 48 hours of a Test and it doesn’t take a brilliant scholar to know where to put your money. That’s about management, professionalism and discipline, not psychology.”

Windies don’t need a shrink. They need someone to give them each a kick in the backside and bring back the bedtime discipline two days before a Test.

Management needs the shrink – the men need managing.


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12 responses to “Men of Windies Cricket gone girly?

  1. Johnny Postle

    How did Sir Gary Sobers learn to bat? How did Viv Richards learn how to bat. Was Lara a real prodigy of cricket or was his genius nurtured. What was the key to Macolm Marshalls, Curtley Ambrose, Courtney Walshs and other bowling greats of the past bowling geniuses? What made the three W’s so great? What made West Indies cricket of the past so successful and what is making their cricket of the present so weak and vulnerable. Why is it that all of the cricketing nations who have gone through changes still maintain very strong teams with their new inclusions and West Indies changes has made no difference to team performance. I believe that we know the answers to these questions and many more. Now if we know the answers to these questions then we have a start by which we could correct the fundamental problems in the West Indies team. And the first thing that we must seek to correct is the image notion that the we only need to do that much to get the West Indies back to greatness when we need to do alot more. I got some suggestions but I know alot of the educated and cricketing gurus would say I talking nonsense if I suggest something like returning to cart road cricket and tape ball cricket on uneven surfaces. This is one way of teaching our batmens how to bat in any conditions. I await the pundits.

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  3. Responder

    From the time there was a cap placed on the amount of our cricketers playing county cricket in England some years ago, professionalism went through the door. Our cricket i believe has suffered for it.

  4. Sunny Knight

    @ The nonplussed nom de plume: Boss, this post was uninspired. I’m a girl. Not that that matters. You might be one too. But what is this rigmarole all about? Maybe, the boys should have gone girly sooner. In what traditionally has been touted as a ‘gentlemen’s game’, female cricket has shown its potential as the real audience grabber. It is an understated component, but at least the ‘out of touch’ plays; the lethargy; the lack of ‘feeling’ which have become the hallmarks of the Windies men’s game are not attributable to the ladies.


    The West Cricket Board keep recycling old cricketers that have failed in the past, and not giving the younger ones a chance. If a young cricketer fails the first time they drop him like a hot potato, recycle an old one who do no better; and they keep picking Sarwan what has he given to West Indies Cricket lately, just look at the score sheet, same mistake over and over again. It is pathetic.

  6. WICB, WIPA and players who care more about money than West Indian pride are currently to blame for whats going on in West Indies cricket. However I find no fault in the hiring of Dr Webster to assist the team. Webster played a part guiding our world champion teams under Lloyd if I’m not mistaken.

    Nothing girly about helping players to deal with their insecurities or find focus. Other teams are using guys like him why cant we?

  7. I say put a tracer on Allen Stanford’s ankle and let him work off his debt by continuing to handle T20, he had the right idea – massive incentives, if a player is sick then therapy or rest with a Dr’s cert… Like a real job, no begging BS&T or whoever for time off to play Cricket? This is your JOB!! Stanford was doing good for Cricket, a viable alternative to WIPA & WICB – the world was shocked a Yank could do a better job for Cricket than Asia, UK or WI… SMDH, instead of being amazed at a foreigner appreciating and doing better? Use his expertise and improve a tired old game!

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  9. Weston

    Nice idea Ian except we need to find someone who does’t use stolen money!

  10. HM

    @ Responder
    I agree with you.

    There is also too much politics involved. The rot is at all levels – not just the players.

    The West Indies act as if they are happy to be losers as long as they get some money.

    The teams of years gone by were a source of pride to West Indians the world over – particularly in the context of West Indians living in Europe & North America who were having to fight for their rights and fight against racism.

    The team faced comments such as ‘they would be made to grovel’. How did the West Indies of the past respond to comments like this? They made their opponents grovel instead. They MADE their opponents treat them with respect.

    It has all gone by the wayside now. The respect has gone and they are looked on as fools by their opponents.

    Maybe they need to study the Jamaican athletics programme and look at what Jamaica is doing to produce people who want to be WINNERS.

  11. 203

    we need to get rid of those ass-idiots that are on the WICB who are running our cricket into the ground. Get rid of all of them, and run the cricket like a business, as it is done in other places.

  12. Winslow Jacobs

    I personally think that West Indies cricket will rise again with the coach we have presently. In terms of Chris Gayle, undoubtedly he is a great player but it would have been better he was a great player for the West Indies team. Chris performs where the big dollar flows. Players like him, Pollard and Bravo will never play for my team again since they place their strongest interest in foreign teams and not of their own. No great player of any other team gives up playing for their country to play for another. The team needs more of Darren Sammy spirit, not so much of his performance, but to have that determination to win.
    However, some of them needs to put their ego aside and don’t runaway with the idea that they are too big for the game, especially or senior players. Lets back this West Indies side and we will see them prevail.