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Was this destruction really necessary?

UPDATED: October 8, 2011

The story of Boarded Hall Green is back in the news with Barbados National Trust President Karl Watson saying he’s had enough of the destruction.

“With ground now being broken at the new multi-million dollar Boarded Hall Green gated community, due for completion in 2013, BNT President Karl Watson said the felling of an estimated 40 trees at the location of the project month ago warrants answers and action.

But one of the men behind the housing initiative, chartered accountant Tony Hoyos, today brushed off suggestions the housing venture being marketed as an eco-friendly community, was actually an enemy to the environment since it would occupy a location previously occupied by several trees.”

Read the whole story at Barbados Today: National Trust fed up!

BFP’s original post June 25, 2011…

These beautiful large and old trees are gone forever

by CondoMan

Can someone please explain why these many trees were cut down near the new roundabout at Boarded Hall house? About 40 trees were cut down.

I understand that news condos will be built on the site, but surely they could have saved some trees, integrated them into the plan and worked around them during the building.

These beautiful large and old trees are gone forever.

I found this website that says the new Boarded Hall Green is an “eco-friendly designed gated Condominium Community.”

How “eco-friendly” does the above photo look?

Boarded Hall Green is a new eco-friendly designed gated Condominium Community. It is situated to the immediate north-west of the new roundabout at the intersection of Boarded Hall, Carmichael and Frere Pilgrim. BHG provides modern,architect-designed living for its occupants, and comprises 8 studios, 40 one-bedroom and 14 two-bedroom apartments. There is also a communal pool, washer/ dryer facilities for heavy-duty laundry and an on-site property management office.


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