Barbados Free Press down and up: WordPress says “Oops. Sorry!”

Glitch at WordPress takes down Barbados Free Press for hours

Well, that was exciting! We were down for hours – although it felt like weeks. Readers arriving at Barbados Free Press from the wee hours of Wednesday morning until about 10am were greeted with a notice from WordPress that BFP had been suspended and taken down for violations of WordPress policy.


Over a hundred readers from all over the world sent emails wondering where we were and offering condolences, support and advice. One reader invited us to a big birthday celebration happening this Friday, but, alas, we cannot come.

We tried to contact WordPress to straighten the situation out but they be in California and well, you know California! Besides being several hours behind us, they’re always stoned or clubbing. Hey… we’ve seen the movies from the 1980’s so we know wats fuh true!

The phones started ringing in Grape Hall at about 3:10am and the messages of support from BFP readers tell the story. Here’s parts of the messages left on the BFP confidential phone number by our fans…


“Marcus. HA! Got you, you Negrocrat! You wild boy! Let this be a lesson to you not to F*CK wid me, Owen Arthur! When I am YOUR PRIME MINISTER AGAIN your ass is one sorry creature… When I… damn. Honey! Spill my libation. Bring me another will you love? Where was I? Marcus, your ass is one sorry…”


“Did you think you could get away with it forever? Putting me in a dress wid TITS! I will get you if it is the last thing I do.”


“Hee, hee, hee. Ha Ha Ha. Ho, Ho, Ho! Ya Wankers!


“Hi Marcus,

Anthony here from WordPress. Our apologies. The system should not have done that. We have removed the warning in your dashboard and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.

It was all Matt’s fault. That’s right. It’s always Matt Mullenweg’s fault. He’s a wanker! What can you expect from a guy who uses a Dvorak keyboard?”

BFP’s Marcus replies to WordPress…

No problem, Anthony. We think Matt’s a great guy. His vision and commitment to freedom of speech and providing a voice for the ordinary person makes him a giant and a righteous man. If the WordPress code has a little ghost in the machine, it’s a small matter.


Marcus, Shona, George, Robert, Cliverton, Nevermind Kurt and Auntie Moses


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17 responses to “Barbados Free Press down and up: WordPress says “Oops. Sorry!”

  1. J. Payne

    Wuhloss in true…. For a moment I did thinking Freundel must have ‘said something’….

    Welcome back though…
    I did getting-ready to go Independence Square and march…….

  2. anonymous

    Glad to see you back BFP. Are you suggesting that you are read EVERYWHERE, even above and below, after death?

    “Did you think you could get away with it forever? Putting me in a dress wid TITS! I will get you if it is the last thing I do.”

    Is not that message from a former P.M. whose face you wickedly superimposed on the body of Rihanna featuring exposed mammary?

  3. So Nevermind Kurt is now Staff?


    1. The reference to the man in the dress is not the late PM, but the former Chief Justice.

    2. We talked about voting NMK in but never voted. It looks like Marcus made the decision his self. Poor show. Too many peoples with passwords right now. Dount need one more.

    3. Marcus said he would put some photos in the storie hours ago about the calls. Where are they Marcus?



  6. Jay

    Stop putting lipstick on the pig BFP,lol.

  7. anonymous

    RE :June 22, 2011 at 8:55 pm
    1. The reference to the man in the dress is not the late PM, but the former Chief Justice.

    Whatever Cliverton! You still depicted David Thompson’s face on Rihanna’s half-naked body with her tits exposed. That’s the one that reasonated – Our Global Cultural Youth Ambasador and her unwise appointer.

    I also remember when you tried really hard to discredit the Honourable former Chief Justice, and the “discussion” attracted only a meagre 3 or 4 comments, all coming from yourselves.

    As for the mysterious threat, “I will get you if it is the last thing I do” don’t worry Cliverton. Getting you won’t be the last thing he did or will do.

  8. Just Like a Virgin

    The “Just Like a Virgin “( Madonna ) reference and cartoon of the CJ encapsulating the charade of changing from a long time political position to a judicial protector of everyones legal rights in six months had to be one of the best and and funniest analogies BFP ever put on this blog.

    Painful but true

  9. Re-virginated

    Chief Justice David Simmons Wanted To Be…

    Attorney General David Simmons wanted to leave his first love: Politics, for a new love: the Office Of The Chief Justice Of Barbados.

    But David knew that his relationship with Politics had forever tainted his reputation. How could his new love ever accept a man who had gone out with Politics?

    If David was to win his new love, the Office Of The Chief Justice Of Barbados, he would have to become pure again – like he was before he met Politics.

    His new love needed purity, so the rest of the family of Barbados could look upon the new Office Of The Chief Justice and say “We have a pure and uncorrupted Chief Justice. No one will ever challenge the integrity of the Office of our Chief Justice!”

    So David thought and thought – and decided…

    “I know!” said David. “I’ll walk away from Politics – to cleanse myself from my old love. After I have been away from Politics for even a few months, everyone will forget about my old love. Then, I shall put on new Judicial Robes and not be involved with Politics any longer. I shall become like new – cleansed and pure – as is fitting for my new love, Office Of The Chief Justice.

    David thought and thought and said, “YES! That’s it! I want to be pure. I want to be. I WILL be…


  10. sam cooke and duppy

    lol i am glad you guys are back though, over at the blp it is a different story however, just take a look at this comment thread and see

  11. Father Cries

    After 50 years in politricks David Simmons is no more a virgin than Mia Mottley is.


    On second thought, I might need a better comparison. 🙂

  12. anonymous 79

    Cliverton, I think I smacked you so hard, you retaliated by re-publishing your cartoons of Mr. Arthur with a whiskey bottle (however insulting it is, we are happy he’s alive and well) and you have also republished your equally insulting cartoon of the distinguished.former Chief Justice.

    Now, at least be balanced even in your disgraceful parade of cartoons. I challenge you to re-publish the one of David Thompson with Rihanna’s body and tits, but add many bottles of vodka and a hearse, and put a joint in his mouth.

  13. sam cooke and duppy

    anonymous sounds like a bitter BLP termite, alot of them have been coming out of the wood work recently

  14. Colin L Beadon

    Well I’m glad I understand politics as much as I don’t understand Facebook. Both of them seem to dither about, getting very little done of any value.

  15. live with it and laugh along

    David is not an untainted virgin and Owen is a known drunken bully

    the cartoons are clever, accurate and funny.

    Live with it!

  16. anonymous 104

    I won’t deny that I get a laugh at the cartoons, but i think we could get an even bigger laugh if we laugh at ALL of them.

    I am cool guys, don’t get yourselves in a tizzy. Balance is good. Don’t give people the wrong impression that the opposition is the devil’s camp, and a band of angels reside on the government side.

  17. just want to know

    why did you leave out St.James central. and St. Phillip M.P’s, not just one but two of them. One of them so like their Gin. When you are doing and saying these things put both sides in.